Most Helpful Local Moving Tips

There are some things you should consider before you start doing anything related to your upcoming move. For example, there are a few tips that you can follow to make sure that the entire experience is all the more pleasant for everyone involved in the process. When you find out it is time to move, it is very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of “this is impossible” and “this is extremely stressful”.

And while it is stressful, and at times seemingly impossible, that is why the moving industry exists. We have created some of the best moving solutions for our clients in and around Denver, and with tens of thousands of successful moves under our belts, we are completely positive that we have what it takes to make your move an easy and enjoyable experience. Check out our favorite local moving tips and stay tuned for more!

Planning Tips 

Get A Calendar 

Having a calendar by your side and writing everything important down in it will help you stay on track during every step of the way. Have your calendar in someplace where you can see it in all times, and remember that there is no task too insignificant that should not be placed on the calendar. It exists to remind you of things.

Create A To-Do List

A daily to do list is extremely important if you want to remain organized during the entire packing and prepping phase of your move. A killer to-do list can be half of the effort, so make sure to sit down and come up with all the little tasks you need to make sure are handled before your professional Denver movers arrive at your doorstep.

coffee and a to-do list

Create A Supply List 

Creating an extensive supply list that you can follow while you are taking only one trip to the hardware store is important – as you don’t want to waste time doing this ever again. Compile all of the supplies you are going to need, and go for some extras just in case. Most people tend to underestimate how much stuff they have to pack and move until it’s time to do just that. 

Plan Out Your Expenses 

Having your budget set and thoroughly planned out beforehand will give you a clear idea of how much you can spend on each phase of your move. Take the time to calculate how much money you should invest in every stage of the process, including hiring movers, purchasing packing materials, etc. 

girl with money and notebook creating a budget

Where And When To Start Packing 

Give yourself some time to plan out where and when to start filling up all those cardboard boxes you’ve bought for this. Start early and give yourself a lot of time in order to avoid packing under stress and potentially making a mistake that will be much more costly. Start with your least used rooms and move forward in the same manner. 

General Packing Tips 

Purchase Quality Supplies

Purchasing quality supplies that are made for moving specifically will ensure that your items receive the best form of protection during every part of the move. Using worn boxes means that they are prone to breakage, and with the added weight of your items, it is extremely difficult to keep it in one piece. Buy real boxes and better be safe than sorry.

Never Overfill Your Boxes

Keeping your boxes light but aplenty is better than having 5 boxes that cannot be moved an inch. Take the time to think which items will go in which box size and remember that the heaviest items always go on the bottom. You don’t want them crushing the rest of your contents. Keep boxes light at all times.

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Keep Heavy Items In Small Boxes

Heavy items always go in small boxes and vice versa. Breakables should also be packed into smaller boxes and cushioned with a lot of padding like bubble wrap or newspaper. You will be happy that you took the extra time and effort to prepare your belongings for the trip.

couple packing

Fill Empty Spaces

If there is some leftover spacing in your boxes, fill it up with something – anything, really. Packing peanuts, clothing and towels are great suggestions for wrapping or filling up empty spaces in your boxes. Get creative with your supplies!

Wrap Your Fragile Items 

Before you pack something like a plate inside a box, give it some generous wrapping and padding before you place it inside. You don’t want any parts of your items exposed as that will be its weakest point. Wrap each piece generously before bundling everything together inside the cardboard box.

Dish Packs Are A Lifesaver

If you can purchase them, definitely go for it. Dish packs are one of the best packing supplies when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. With all the dedicated compartments for your dishes to be packed into, you will surely have a much easier time with this task than not having dish packs on hand during the project.

wrapping dishes in bubble wrap

Wardrobe Boxes Too 

If your moving company does not provide them free of charge, you can purchase some wardrobe boxes either from them or from a third party. Either way, they are amazing ways of packing up your clothing without having to remove them from the hangar or risk them getting dirty during any part of the moving experience.

Label Your Boxes In Detail 

The more detailed you are with your boxes, the easier your move will be, and the simpler unpacking will be. Do yourself a favor and label those boxes by room, color or number and write a brief description of the contents for easy finding. 

labeled boxes on the table

Wrap Liquids Before Packing Them 

Take the caps off your liquids, cover with shrink wrap, and put the cap back on for safe packing of your liquids. No one wants spills and damage during their move.

Don’t Pack Your Essentials 

Pack them, but the night before your movers arrive. Your essentials are something you use every single day, so leave it unpacked until the night before or day of your move so you can pack them up and take them with you.

Hiring Movers Tips 

Research Different Companies

Not every moving company offers the same level of service at a good price. Some moving companies might not even have a valid license. Do your research and only hire verified, licensed moving companies that offer insurance as a part of their standard moving rates.

Call At Least Three Companies

You never know where the grass is greener, so take the time to inquire about at least 3 different quotes. You will have something to compare these companies to and you will be happy that you did.

Reserve Your Movers Ahead Of Time 

Moving companies get booked up very quickly, especially during the summertime. Take the time to call up your movers 3-4 weeks before your moving date to reserve them for a specific time. 

over with a dolly

Before You Move Tips 

Contact Your Utility Service Provider 

Find out exactly when you need to shut off and turn on your utilities at both addresses. You don’t want to be paying anyone else’s bills – or have someone do the same for you.

Change Your Address

How could you forget to change your address? A lot of people do. It’s such an important yet small task that a lot of people simply forget to do it. Transfer all of your records to your new address.

mailbox with house number

Find A Babysitter

Hire a babysitter or a pet sitter for the day of the move. You don’t want them getting in the way, getting injured or slowing down the move on the special day, so make sure to arrange everything at least a month in advance to ensure everyone is on the same page and available on that specific date. 

Disassemble and Wrap Everything 

You don’t have to, but will be saving money if you do – disassembling your bed, coffee table and shelving and wrapping everything up will save at least one hour of the movers trying to do the same for you. This will result in a much cheaper move for you in the end due to the less time required to complete it.

Move Your Boxes Close To The Door

It also speeds up the moving process and saves you money, so that can be a win in everyone’s book. 

boxes near the door

Enjoy The Ride 

Your movers are there to make your entire experience pleasant and easy. Sit back and take advantage of that. 

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