The Most Fragile Items to Move And How to Pack Them

Packing as a part of the moving journey

We have all had the experience of preparing for a trip or a vacation and trying to fit all of the things we’d like to carry in the suitcase, haven’t we? And many of us can relate to the frustration of not being able to properly close it, not being able to fold all the clothes properly, or reposition everything the right way. Some of us will throw in the towel (literally), while others will seek help from their loved ones, hoping they will know the secret on how to close a suitcase of perfectly fitted stuff.

Now imagine packing your entire house, everything you’ve ever owned, into a moving truck, and moving it across the town, or even country, or even the world. It doesn’t truly matter if you are just moving boxes around Denver or moving an entire home.

Could you possibly imagine how important it would be to pack every single item you own in a way that it fits perfectly into the box, a bag, and finally a truck, while at the same time being safely isolated from any danger that might damage it? Wow, sounds like packing is a truly draining and tiring process, and the more items there are, the more tiring the process is. 

Don’t you think you could use some help with it? 

We’re pretty sure there are many packers and movers nearby who would be thrilled to help you!

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Packing isn’t just about acquiring moving boxes

Of course, the significance of a packing process for the overall success of the moving journey is almost self-explanatory. It’s not possible to be satisfied with the move you’ve just completed if you find out major damages that were caused by poor packing or poor safety proofing of your belongings.

Regardless of the exact type of the items, whether they’re your personal items, your office furniture, or house furniture pieces, one can rarely feel satisfied with the process during which his belongings were damaged or destroyed. Damaging the items after poor packing isn’t really up to the person moving, whether you’ve done it on your own or with the help of professional movers, furniture movers, office movers or apartment movers – the result will be the same. 

What do you need in order to pack and move the items properly?

It is understandable that for the successful completion of packing, the one who is packing needs to have a certain set of skills. Many among us who’ve had the experience of moving and packing, have gained a certain amount of skills during the process, especially if we’ve experienced it more than once. However, that is often still not enough to protect and secure the most fragile items we own. If it was, professional packers and movers most probably wouldn’t exist!

Hiring professional packers to take care of this part of the process is the easiest and safest way to make sure your belongings are protected and ready to go. Hiring professional packing specialists is a great help even when you’ve decided to transport the items on your own, without the professional moving help.

You might’ve decided you don’t need an extra pair of hands for moving boxes Denver located, but you might not be the best person to pack its content. The skillset, tools, and equipment professionals use allow them to do the work much more efficiently and have the same amount of work completed in much less time.

unexpected relocation

If you are in a hurry, your relocation came out unexpectedly, or you simply aren’t in the right mood to carry another responsibility on your shoulders, you should definitely consider hiring professional movers and packers nearby. This type of service is provided by many moving companies nowadays, with Denver Professional Movers being one of the best ones.

Fragile items need special attention

You might’ve thought “Well, I certainly don’t need much help packing books or clothes, do I?” while reading the previous chapter, and yes, you are completely right! Not all the items need special care and protection, even though we believe it is necessary to protect books and clothes properly as well – in case it rains during the move, for example! Still, we definitely agree there are some items that don’t require special skills or equipment to pack and move. 

But there are as well many others that do.

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Fragile items are those items that require special attention and care in order to be successfully moved. These are at a higher risk of being damaged or destroyed. Fragile items aren’t just the items that are sensitive to touch, as this is the most common association we have. Not even the best or most motivated movers will be able to save them from being damaged if they are packed poorly. When we say fragile items, we usually think of the items such as:

  • Electronic devices (TVs, laptops, computers, fridges);
  • China cabinets and the glassware;
  • Picture frames;
  • Mirrors and many similar.

Without dedicating time and effort to carefully protect these, the moving process can easily result in… Not very pleasant ways:

broken vanity mirror

What professional movers will as well see as the sensitive items are those that are a bit bulkier, thus more difficult to handle and protect, and that might not only be damaged but can cause damage to the items or property around them:

  • Pianos; 
  • Armoires;
  • Gym equipment pieces;
  • Massive furniture pieces or marble pieces;
  • Sculptures and specific art pieces.

How to pack the fragile items

We’ve noticed that people, in general, have a good sense of what the most sensitive items they will be moving are and that they often bring them into the conversation themselves when deciding on hiring movers. 

There are three most common ways people decide to take care of the sensitive items:

  • Group of people who will insist on packing them on their own, as they will accept their responsibility if something goes wrong easier than someone else’s mistake;
  • Another group who will leave the control in hands of professional packers and movers;
  • The ones who are somewhere in between – the ones who will often come up with the idea of a strategy that can be used during a move, and gladly consult with the professional movers and packers to create the best plan. 

Over the years of everyday contact with our clients, we’ve noticed that most people will have concerns about their fragile items when hiring residential movers. It is completely understandable! Our belongings carry great personal and sentimental value, and they can’t be easily replaced. That is why on their priority list is to inform the movers nearby about their items, especially if they are looking for some last minute movers, as they want to ensure they can handle them properly. 

labeling a moving box “fragile

It truly is difficult to come up with a general strategy for packing various items in various circumstances. The most common advice to take things slowly and gradually, step by step, can be truly helpful, but if you don’t have proper supplies or skills to pack a TV safely, then all the time in the world won’t do the trick, right? The best recipe for a successful packing process should be consisted of

  • Skillset;
  • Supplies and tools;
  • Time;
  • Positive attitude.

Missing one of the mentioned essentials may place the success of your packing at risk for sure, but missing more than one and insisting on packing on your own… certainly will. You might want to consider (or re-consider) hiring professional packing experts. You can do it also at any step of the way when you recognize the choice you’ve made might not really be the best one.

Most common mistakes you should try to avoid

to 'not do' list

Underrating the importance of the role of professional packers and movers in the moving process

Even though people might often think that hiring movers isn’t really that helpful, and all they will do is just provide you with the physical help with moving boxes Denver, that is not really the case.

Professional packing and moving specialists can help you with much more and can play a huge role in the organization of your move, days or even months before the actual moving day. We would say that the first mistake you should try to avoid is a misconception about the movers and packers role in your moving process.

Becoming an expert in just a couple of clicks

Believing you are a packing expert after watching a couple of video tutorials on how to pack the most fragile items is not really the best path to take. We don’t say that watching videos and learning new techniques for packing won’t help you, no – we think exactly the opposite! We can even recommend you take a look at some of the home packing tips videos!

The magic place called the internet is where you can turn to in order to find some great tips and tricks for packing items of all types, sizes, and shapes or find creative ideas for overcoming any obstacles you might encounter on the way. 

But will that be enough in order to provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge you need to have in order to pack your marble top coffee table, or your 65 inches TV, or your big hallway mirror? 

We truly doubt it.

Packing supplies can be used on various types of items

If you believe packers and movers only use different types of packing materials in order to charge you additionally, we need to tell you it’s not quite right. While there are some that can successfully replace others, some supplies simply can’t provide the same level of protection.

paper wrap

Shrink wrap is mostly used to protect your items from scratches, while paper wrap can help prevent bumping a bit more sensitive items one at another. Bubble wrap is the best in that field, as the little air bubbles prevent both mentioned incidents. No matter the size of the belongings you’re about to pack, whether it’s a TV or small items that can fit into the moving boxes Denver located, wrapping can truly improve the safety of your belongings.

We’ve been mentioning moving boxes around Denver, as it is a symbol of a small packing job – and so let’s take a look at the situation with boxes. Of course, the obvious difference can be seen in the size of boxes, but there are as well some other types – wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, TV boxes, and the regular moving boxes are the common ones.

While each specialized box provides the best level of safety, there is a possibility that a regular moving box can easily be transformed into any other box type with the help of other supplies, mostly wrapping materials. If you’re not really sure how that goes, you can always rely on professional movers and packers for help.

If still in doubt, call Denver Professional Movers! 

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