A Checklist of Things to Do Before Moving to a New Denver Neighborhood

Did you know that the relocation process starts a lot before you start packing and relocating stuff from your old home to a new one? There are many things to do before moving, so this short guide might be very convenient and help you not skip some important steps and mess up everything. Follow our tips and save yourself the trouble.

What Do I Need to Do Before I Move? Good Organization Is the Key

One of the first things to do before the relocation is to curate a comprehensive to-do list. There you should include all steps you have to take in order to have a successful and stress-free move. If you make a good plan and follow it carefully, the chances are high your relocation will be smooth sailing. So grab a pen and paper and write down all the tasks mentioned in this article.

For starters, you should book professional movers in Denver and decide which belongings you want to relocate. You should also call your employee to make sure you’ll have a few days off, book a babysitter if needed, and ask your friends to take care of your dog if you’re relocating with pets. The packing process, cleaning, repairs, and other things should be done later, so make sure to follow this checklist carefully and not miss out on something important.

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

First things first – consider hiring professional help. Moving companies in Denver can offer you convenient assistance in this challenging moment. Your relocation process can be much easier with their help – there is no need to bother yourself with relocating large items on your own or packing furniture without appropriate lifting skills.

Professionals who are trained for this can help you move a piano and many other objects from your apartment that you probably can’t handle on your own. If you try pulling it off by yourself, you might even get injured, so don’t put yourself at risk and book experienced Denver movers as soon as you find a suitable place in one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for families.

Request a Few Days Off and Organize Everything

Request some days off at work to ensure you can control the process at least a few days before the big day. If you have a cat or a dog, your going-away party might be an excellent opportunity to ask your friends to take care of your pets on the relocation day, so they don’t disturb you and your helpers while carrying boxes and furniture around the home. If you are relocating with kids, make sure you find some good schools around your neighborhood and transfer their files.

Update Your Address

Also, once you know where exactly you are going to live in Denver, make sure to change your address on time. You can make this change online on the USPS official website in a few simple steps. This is also essential for transferring utilities in Denver. You should also check if your monthly public transportation plan covers the area you are relocating to if this is your preferred way of getting around Denver.

Declutter and Decide Which Items You’re Going to Relocate to Your New Home

Once you set up all the dates and make all the necessary phone calls, you should go through your household inventory and write a list of things you want to relocate. If you have some storage belongings you don’t use anymore, you can even organize a garage sale and earn some extra money you can later use for different moving services in Denver.

Donating old clothes and furniture is also an option. Armchair Samaritan, for example, offers a free pickup, so you don’t have to bother about driving your furniture to them. Once you declutter your household inventory and figure out what you are going to relocate, you can contact a professional moving company in Denver to calculate your free quote.

What Should I Do 3 Weeks Before Moving to a New Place?

As time passes and your relocation approaches, you should decide how you are going to pack your belongings. This process might be the most challenging part, and it requires a lot of time and patience. You’ll have to get suitable supplies and learn how to use them in order to provide the best protection for your fragile belongings. Packing a computer and other electronics also requires following some general rules and using special materials, so leaving this process to professionals is something you should consider as well.

Packing Materials You Should Get

To save some extra money, ask for free boxes at local liquor and grocery stores in your neighborhood. Even a local bookstore might offer you some quality boxes if you wonder how to pack books. If you want to buy some new supplies, apart from boxes, you are also going to need:

  • Paper,
  • Plastic and bubble wrap,
  • Labels,
  • Cushioning,
  • Tape.

These are some of the basics, and it’s almost impossible to pack fragile or any other items without most of these materials. If you don’t know how to pack dishes or feel uncertain about packing glasses on your own, hiring professional movers in Denver and investing in their packing service might be a brilliant idea. If you want to ensure you’ll stay within the budget, making a relocation expenses checklist might be one of the excellent relocation tips.

What Should I Do 2 Weeks Before Moving? Pack Storage Inventory First

In the following weeks, once you gather all the necessary equipment, you can slowly start wrapping up your household goods. Some of the belongings you should pack first are those you don’t use daily. These can be your Xmas decorations, picnic equipment, tools, seasonal clothing, and so on.

Just don’t forget to label those boxes so once your chosen moving company delivers them, you know what is where. Be aware that some of these items, such as fireworks and something potentially flammable you might have in your garage, are among items movers won’t move, so you’ll have to decide what to do and how to relocate them on your own or dispose of them safely.

Last Week Is Reserved for Cleaning Your Home

If you followed everything previously mentioned in this guide, this week shouldn’t be very stressful. Just to ensure there won’t be any last-minute changes, contact everyone you asked for help – babysitter, professional Denver movers, and friends to see if they are still on for everything you previously talked about.

At this point, most of your furniture should be packed already, so you can start cleaning your home thoroughly top to bottom and do some minor repairs. If you can afford it, you can even hire professional cleaners to do it for you while you relax in downtown breweries. After cleaning, ensure you get rid of flammable chemicals appropriately – don’t take any risks by taking them with you. Also, this is the time when you should check if all of the most commonly forgotten things to bring are packed as well.

Packing a Box With Moving Day Essentials Should Also Be on Your Checklist

Did you know that one of the coolest relocation hacks is to prepare a box with essentials? If you do this, you won’t have to open up dozens of boxes to find one specific item you might need immediately. This box should contain all bare necessities, such as toiletries, clean clothes, towels, medication, and chargers. If you know that you have this prepared, you’ll be relaxed and ready to go out for a walk around local parks without worrying about where your toothbrush is. This video might give you some ideas on stuff you should include in your essentials box.

Relocation Day Responsibilities

When the final day arrives, your anxiety level might rise, but there won’t be any need for that. This is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and everything you previously did. Ensure you check all the paths around your home, stairways, and the front yard for any potential road obstacles and clear everything out. This step is crucial if the weather conditions are bad and some paths might get slippery and potentially dangerous.

Give your helpers instructions on what should be done and follow them to ensure everything goes as planned, but also don’t forget to provide some refreshing drinks and snacks. Regardless of the amount of stuff you have, the move will probably take a few hours, so it is better to have a small station with sandwiches and water prepared.

Denver movers handling heavy furniture

One of the Best Things to Do Before Moving Is to Hire Denver Professional Movers to Help You

Once you choose one of the cool places in Denver for your new neighborhood and find enough reasons to relocate, you should hire one of the highest-rated Denver moving companies. Our trustworthy company can offer you excellent terms, affordable prices, and an experienced crew who will relocate you efficiently in no time. We offer many outstanding services – beginning with residential relocation, which is one of the best options for relocating your home around the up-and-coming neighborhoods in the city. If you want to relocate your business office, commercial relocation is probably the wisest choice – no pressure of tight deadlines and risk of messing up your business responsibilities.

If you have to relocate some bulky inventory but lack the workforce, our cheap movers in Denver can also offer you labor-only relocation service at an affordable price. Want to find out how much some of these services are going to cost you? You can get a free quote on our website in a few simple clicks, or you can contact us to get this information. There are no risks if you move with us, so call us right away and let’s start planning your relocation together now.