Safest Neighborhoods in Denver in 2020

Like most other cities, Denver has nice areas and areas you should try and avoid. So, what are the safest neighborhoods in Denver? That can be a tough question to answer if you aren’t familiar with every town. So, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a shortlist of marked, safe cities. Here we’ll give you all you need to know about what towns are the most reliable to relocate to.

What To Know Before You Move

Though Colorado’s capital is considered a relatively safe and progressive place to live, there are still places you probably don’t want to end up relocating to. You should also know the costs associated with the towns you’re considering. Lastly, you should consider hiring local movers in your area like Denver Professional Movers. We offer many different services, specifically residential moving services, and we cover a majority of the Denver metropolitan area.

Buying Property in Denver

In most cities, neighborhoods are divided by the market value of an area. Say, for example, an area with houses that fit into a higher tax bracket tends to be more desirable, and those are usually communities and towns with less crime. As for housing costs, the current median home value can fall anywhere between $300,000 to over $500,000, for which you are required to pay a 20% downpayment – a price that not too many middle-class households have sitting in their back pocket.

Renting Property

To this day, Denver maintains a strong housing market with plenty of options. But, for both seasoned and new renters, it’s good to have a firm knowledge about the rental housing market, as it isn’t for the faint of heart. You should also know where to look for renting as well as the requirements such as meeting with your landlord or property owner, passing a background/credit check, completing an application form, and a screening process. Not to mention having to pay a security deposit and first month’s rent. The median rent value sits at $1,200. So be prepared to pay at least $2,400 before you move into your new apartment.

Research Crime Statistics

Before you decide where you want to move, you should also consider the crime stats of that neighborhood. Property value is also directly tied to offenses in the area. The lower down the tax bracket you go, the lower the safety is for that area. Though Colorado’s capital is considered to be a stable place to live, there is still a certain number of crimes in certain parts of the metropolitan area. So make sure you do research on which places to avoid and stay safe. For reference, the Denver Post lists data for each area. There are a total of 78 communities, and the crime rate ranks each; the higher the number, the lower the crime rate.

Another thing to think about is that there are different types of crimes as well. Each community has a general average of offenses in total, but it can also be broken down by type of offense. There are two main types of offenses: violent and property. Colorado’s capital, in general, has fewer violent crimes than it does the latter. Understanding this can help you navigate which areas are safe for you and your family.

South Park Hill: One of The Best Places in Denver

Now, if you’re looking for safety, excellent schools, great nightlife, a good job market, and plenty of outdoor activities, look no further. This community has just about everything you need to lead a good life. Just a fifteen-minute ride east of downtown, there are 8,600 residents, 67 public schools, a university, and plenty of bars and clubs. The median home value is $588,000, and rent is at $1,130.

The #1 Ranked of All Neighborhoods

In 2017, South Park Hill was labeled as the best neighborhood to live in. More than 100 years of cultivation went into making this place what it is today—known for having a friendly and welcoming community and being quiet enough to raise a family. Another significant thing is that it’s relatively close to other great areas and many great attractions, like the local City Zoo. Apart from it’s residential and economic diversity, the biggest question is: how safe is it? According to the Post, this town places 58 out of 78 areas for safety.

The Neighborhoods of Washington and Congress Park

Washington and Congress Park are great communities only 10 minutes apart from each other and bordering Cherry Creek and Belcaro. Both are considered very safe with plenty of parks, trails, shopping centers, and lots of dogs. They are great for raising a family and have plenty of public schools to send kids to. Either one would be an excellent choice for your local move. This year Washington Park is ranked 52 out of 78 cities for crime. Congress Park is ranked 61.

Washington Park

Initially, this was a part of a much larger neighborhood that was founded between 1899 and 1908. Not long after, it started to bloom as more and more residents moved in. In 1972, the broader neighborhood was split in two. Now, Washington Park is home to just under 7,000 residents. It is excellent for all types of potential residents and has something for everybody. There are plenty of places for fitness buffs, and you’re likely to see people running, hiking, riding their bicycles, or walking there dogs. It’s great for retirees as it’s close to downtown, but far enough away so there isn’t so much noise. It’s also one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals and has plenty of galleries, bars, restaurants, and high-end boutiques and shopping centers. The median home value is $700,000, and rent is $2,000.

Get to Know the Community

Congress Park

This place has to be the most exciting neighborhood on this list. It is an excellent area specifically for young professionals and filled with many things to do, but it also has a deep and fascinating history. Initially founded by a Military General and his son in 1859, It was meant to be a massive cemetery called Mount Prospect. It wasn’t until 1890 that congress passed an act to turn it into the community it is today. In the following years, houses began to fill the streets, and now in 2020, it is home to over 10,000 residents. The area is very diverse and has a relatively young population with lots of beautiful parks and trails running, cycling, or walking your dog. It’s also an excellent place to raise a family and is near 58 public schools for your kids. The median home value is $534,000, and rent is $1,300.

Wellshire is One of The Safest Neighborhoods in Denver

Founded in 1926, Wellshire is a small town with only 3,000 residents. Though it’s population may be lower than most, Wellshire has maintained a high level of safety within the community. Not only that, but it is considered to be one of the wealthiest places in the entire metropolitan area. It’s perfect for those who want plenty of space and an ideal getaway from all of the city noise. The streets are often empty at night, so residents have little to worry about regarding their safety. The median home value is $620,500, and rent is just under $2,000, making this neighborhood a bit more upscale. But, if you don’t mind the price, it’s an excellent location for retirees and families looking for a quiet and peaceful life.

Almost No Reported Crimes This Year

If you’re doing your best to move to the safest place in Denver altogether, then look no further. On average, Willshire has far fewer crimes than in many other communities in the area and hardly any compared to the national average. According to the Denver Post, there are virtually no violent offenses in the community. This is likely due to the majority of the population being retirees. According to the post, Wellshire places 77th out of 78, just short of beating Country Club.

Living in West Highland

West Highland, not to be confused with Highland, is a decently sized community with over 8,000 residents. Though the cost of living is cheaper than most other entries on this list, it’s still a relatively safe area. The number of crimes here falls below the national average. This is the right place for young professionals and families, which makes up the majority of the population. There are lots of bars, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops to enjoy. Though it is a booming community with many young residents, it manages to stay relatively quiet. The median home value is $470,000, and the rent value is $1,400 – not a bad price to enjoy the nightlife while staying safe. West highland places 75th of 78 for safety.

Don’t Miss Out on Cherry Creek

Our final neighborhood on the list is the most lively and artistic one. There are plenty of bars, cafes, boutiques, shops, galleries, salons, and the Cherry Creek Mall. On top of that, there are many festivals and events. The year’s biggest event is the annual Arts Festival, which brings artists and musicians from around the world. It’s home to over 12,000 residents and a surprisingly low offense rate. For everything that it offers and the location being next to practically everything, the median home value is $600,000, and rent is $1,500. The town is relatively safe and places 57th of 78 regarding the offense rate. If you’re looking for a lively place to live, with lots to do and see, then Cherry Creek is the right place for you.

Knowing What The Safest Neighborhoods In Denver Are

Now that you know which locations are a safe bet for moving, we’ll leave it to you to choose which area of the city best fits you and your needs. Hopefully, you also have a good idea of how to navigate through each town listed and avoid those less desirable ones. A good tip for your search is to ask around about what current residents have to say about the community you’re researching. For your local move, you can always contact Denver Professional Movers for a free estimate to cover your moving needs. We cover most towns, so you won’t have to worry about any further logistics.