Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Denver

For many young professionals, small families, or just anybody wanting to move locally to any of the up and coming neighborhoods in Denver, now is a great time to do so. Colorado’s capital is considered one of the best places to live in, and there are so many opportunities to find somewhere new and exciting. Here is a list of neighborhoods worth checking out.

Where to Find Up and Coming Neighborhoods in Denver

You know the saying “seek and ye shall find,” right? That’s precisely the case when searching for a new community. You have to know what you need to look in the right areas. Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction:

  • Are you looking to rent or own? Both options are achievable but have different processes and requirements. Make sure you have all the information and specifications for renting or owning property;
  • Have a set budget for your local move. Many housing websites have the filter option for pricing. Though you might not get the exact price you set, having one will help you find the right place;
  • Do you have any specific criteria? Are you active and like to go out and explore, or are you more of a homebody and you looking for someplace quiet? What you’re looking for in a neighborhood is a significant factor in finding the right place;
  • What towns do local movers cover? A big question when moving locally, because when you succeed in finding a place, having movers makes a world of difference. For instance, you can contact Denver Professional Movers. We cover a wide range of neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, and we offer a high-quality residential moving service to help you relocate.

North Park Hill

North Park Hill is currently listed as the #1 place to buy a house in 2020. It’s home to a diverse community of over 9,000 residents, both renting and owning, though there is a considerable margin between the two. Currently, 89% of the residents there own property, which is a good sign considering the median home value being $410,000 and rent being $1,600. Aside from the economic and ethnic diversity, the neighborhood is located only 5 miles east of downtown to make for a short trip if need be. It also has many attractions, bars, and restaurants, and it’s next to the local city zoo. Given its proximity to so much, it’s an excellent place for all types of people to relocate locally.

Once Known as “Park Hill”… Minus the North

Both North and South Park Hill are both still a part of one neighborhood known as Park Hill. First established in 1887, the land included 32 acres and was designed by Baron Allois Gullaume Engine von Winckler. It soon became filled with settlers from around the world, including Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, and a decent African American population. It was gradually divided into two separate neighborhoods over several decades and has been a thriving community in the metropolitan area.

Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is considered to be the best place to live in Colorado’s Douglas county. It’s also very diverse, with plenty of outdoor activities and schools for kids, and it is great for raising a family. There are plenty of parks and coffee shops for a more regal and quiet life. There are over 100,000 residents in the neighborhood, and 80% are property owners, while the remaining 20% are renting. The median home value for Highlands Ranch is $442,000, and rent comes out to $1,900.

The Best Neighborhood for All Types of Buyers

Currently, Highlands Ranch is filled with opportunities to purchase housing at fair prices. You will also have great options if you decide to rent, but since the purchase-to-rental ratio has such a huge gap, it might be wiser to buy at this time. Along with all of the great housing options, Highlands Ranch has something for everybody. For young professionals, new families, and retirees, there isn’t much that this community can’t offer.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill has parks, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and is only a six-minute drive away from downtown. The neighborhood is perfect for young professionals and an exceptional place to raise a small family with plenty of affordable homes. Currently, there is a population of 15,000 residents living in the area. Roughly 80% of the residents rent instead of owning property. The median home value sits at $264,000, and rent is $1,100, which is exceptionally affordable for either choice.

Home of Millionaire’s Row

In the late 19th century, banker Charles Kountze and railroad financier David Moffat both sold their mansions, moving closer to downtown. Many of their neighbors decided to follow them. Capitol Hill landowner and resident John Wesley Smith oversaw the construction of a ditch that would bring in water, which resulted in the growth of lush greenery throughout the area. Pretty soon, the wealthiest families moved in the city, creating what was known as Millionaire’s Row. As time went on and transportation became more advanced, families began to move further out to different areas. Over a few decades, much of the land was sold off and demolished. Now, there are still a few houses and remnants of the historic Millionaires Row in Capitol Hill.

All About Capitol Hill

City Park West

City Park West is very modern and progressive, with nearly 5,000 residents. There are bars, restaurants, and parks, and a straight ride down east 18th avenue to downtown – another one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals looking to get an urban feel for really affordable homes. The current median home value is $477,000, and rent is $900, rent being far more affordable than many of the neighboring communities. Currently, 72% of the residents rent a property, and who can blame them? It’s also great for small families that don’t mind the hustle and bustle of the city, and there are a total of 55 public schools throughout the entire area. Another plus for families is the vicinity to a few attractions like the Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo.

Most Modern Hospital

Though Saint Joseph Hospital is considered the most modern hospital for finishing its construction in 2014, it has a profound past. During Denver’s early development, a group of sisters, who were a part of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Healthcare System, moved from Kansas to Colorado to care for the poor and ill. At first, they used a small cottage to serve the people. Over time, they began running out of space as more staff and patients starting coming in. Through many donations and another relocation, they were able to establish what is known today as Saint Joseph’s Hospital.

Hiring Denver Professional Movers

If you still haven’t decided on which neighborhood to move to locally, we hope that this list somewhat helped you figure out where to start looking. The options are abundant if you’re looking for a new and progressive part of the city. Once you choose, be sure to give Denver Professional Movers a call for moving services to help you out with all of your moving needs.