Things You Forget to Do When You Move From One Denver Neighborhood to Another

A move is a grand process that can be exciting, stressful, and complicated all at the same time. Unfortunately, its stirring nature makes it easy to lose sight of your obligations and tasks. And there are many things you forget to do when you move, especially if you’ve never relocated before. As one of the best moving companies in Denver, we can help you with this undertaking in many ways. Underlining commonly forgotten stuff is just one of them.

Denver Has So Many Great Neighborhoods That Picking and Choosing a New One Can Be a Task Itself

When it comes to the best Denver neighborhoods to live in, there is so much to choose from. The capital of Colorado has 78 official neighborhoods and many more unofficial whose boundaries were tailored by the locals. Whatever your reason to move to a new place might be, you can be confident that you’ll find what you are looking for.

When it comes to neighborhoods for young professionals, the city is full of places to live in close to numerous companies to work for in Denver. And if you wish to move to a neighborhood perfect for family life, you’ll surely find a great one with many amazing parks. In case you picture yourself living a white-picket-fence life in one of the best suburbs for families, there is also an array of affordable Denver suburbs you won’t even need a car for.

We Can’t Help You Choose a Neighborhood, But We Can Surely Guide You Through a Move

With so many options suited to your and your household members’ needs (including pets you are relocating with), it can be hard to choose the best suburb or neighborhood for your local move. The overwhelming number of choices can already create a dent in your energy levels, even before relocation stress kicks in. However, if you start looking for the right up-and-coming neighborhood in a timely manner, you can be sure the rest will be smooth sailing. And it is because we are here to help guide you through the process so that there are no things you forget to pack or do before the big move.

Creating a Checklist Weeks in Advance Is Something You Shouldn’t Forget About

Ask any mover in Denver, and they’ll tell you that organization is half the move. When you make a moving to-do list promptly, with all your tasks and obligations, there will be fewer chances of losing sight of what you need to remember to do when moving out. Order in some amazing Denver takeout, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get to writing. This is one of the most crucial relocation tips you’ll get, trust us. We encourage you to write your checklist five or four weeks before the move. This will give you enough time to check each box from it.

What Should a Moving Checklist Entail?

Well, a list like this should have each task, item, and obligation you want to take care of before you relocate. That means anything from changing your address, visiting the DMV, informing your friends, or finding a helping hand to help you in relocating large items. Trust us, if you are planning to move a piano or a similar tricky item – you’ll want the task on your list. However, do not ignore the smaller mundane tasks, such as packing shoes and the like. You’d be surprised how easily these can slip your mind.

One of our favorite tips when it comes to writing up a list is to write it in a notepad you can carry with you day and night or even on a Notes application on your smartphone. If you do this, you’ll be able to update it the moment you think of something, whether you’re hanging out in city breweries or working your nine to five Denver job.

Another List to Write Down Is an Expenses Checklist

Don’t think that you can just wing a relocation expenses checklist. While that might work for a Denver nightlife outing, it won’t do the job when you’re planning an efficient move. It is not a moving hack to skip planning your budget, but just a thing that will cost you money and nerves down the path. You want to know how much money you have access to before you start spending it. Besides, there are always unforeseen expenses, but the more detailed the budget is at first, the fewer expenses will come up later on. In case you’re trying to save some cash, check out a list of fun, free things to do in Denver.

Don’t Forget to Declutter Items You No Longer Need

Speaking of checklists, another important one is that of objects you’ll want to pack. Besides figuring out how to pack clothes, you should figure out how to get rid of some of them. You should remember that there are four main ways to declutter anything you’ll no longer need in your new place, and we are not talking about clothes only:

  • Sell objects online or via a yard sale – The great thing about selling stuff you no longer need is that they’ll become a monetary resource for the rest of your move. So remember to sell the stuff you no longer want in your house on time. If you choose to make a yard sale, keep in mind that people who live in Denver can throw one garage sale lasting up to 72 hours every six months by Denver laws.
  • Donating your stuff is a great choice – There are many places where you can donate clothes in Denver, as well as various other household items. Local charities and nonprofits will surely appreciate stuff you no longer need, and you will be helping create a greener world by reducing waste.
  • Gift your loved ones stuff they like – Throwing a going-away party is always a fun idea, and if you make it declutter-themed, it can also be a very helpful one. As you’ll soon be moving away, your favorite people might want to have something of yours to remember the period of your life you shared with them in your apartment. So turn your party into more than the best happy hour in Denver by giving your loved ones a chance to breathe in new life to your old objects.
  • Throw away what is left – Finally, when all else fails, you can always throw away stuff you do not want to or can’t keep. Besides, there are always items movers won’t move, so you might even have to throw away objects like perishable food. However, keep in mind that residents of Denver recycle only 63% of recyclable waste, and try to give your two cents for the environment. You can leave your recyclables at the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-Off near the intersection of S. Quebec St. and E. Cherry Creek South Drive.

Remember to Obtain Enough Packing Supplies on Time

If you decide not to employ Denver movers, you’ll have to get your own packaging supplies and new equipment. To pack fragile items, you’ll require boxes, wrapping materials, and tape. Packaging is crucial to move, but too often, people forget to obtain enough supplies to do so. If you don’t want to run to the store last minute, or ask neighbors for more supplies, get them in a timely manner and in a sufficient supply.

Look for Free New Materials or Find Alternatives in Your Home

Additional packing materials such as packing paper and bubble wrap you require for packing glasses aren’t cheap, so remember to find packaging alternatives for boxing up your dishes promptly. At a local bookstore, you’ll get more than just items for boxing up books. Bookstore employees can provide you with free boxes. Additionally, scout your home for free alternatives like newspapers, kitchen cloths, and towels. This is one of our favorite tips when it comes to saving up on the moving process, so do not sleep on it.

Documents Are the Most Common Things People Forget to Pack

It’s no wonder people often fail to remember to organize their documents at home. Bureaucracy is a tedious task nobody enjoys dealing with. However, it can cause many problems if you neglect it for too long. Here is a list of documents and bureaucratic tasks you should keep in mind before you move:

  • Pack up all your personal documents. This includes IDs, driver’s licenses, passports, marriage, death and birth certificates, and the like.
  • Medical records will be well needed (as well as medical records of your furry companion). Even if you are just moving to a safe neighborhood around the corner and plan on going to the same rooftop bars, there is still a chance you and your household members might change your doctor.
  • Tell your employer about the move on time, if you are to change your job. They should be aware in case you have to sign some papers or documents.
  • Financial documentation needs to be updated. Your credit card providers and the bank could send your bills to the wrong address if you do not change them in a timely manner.

Don’t Let the Change of Address Be One of the Things You Forget to Do When You Move

It is not uncommon that, when a person is relocating down the block to a different street or a close neighborhood, they lose the sense that they are actually changing their location. Just because you are not changing states or continents that does not mean you are not relocating. So, when you are to move, know that it’s crucial to change your address with the USPS. This should be done at least two weeks before you move. There are many cool places in Denver, but you won’t get to explore them if you have to be getting around town to collect all your misaddressed mail.

Remember to Cancel Your Membership Subscriptions Before It Is Too Late

Life is more than just obligations. And that goes for your magazine subscriptions, gym membership, yearly Denver museum card, and the like. You do not want to neglect these and then lose all your favorite hobbies. Cancel or update your address with your membership subscriptions promptly, so you do not waste money, or even worse, lose your favorite food magazine that tells you where to eat the best burgers in Denver or which or the restaurants in Capitol Hill are worth checking out. For tips and tricks on how to best be on top of bureaucracy, and organize your files, check out the following video:

Inform Your Friends and Family that You Are Moving

It’s not just the USPS and your employer you have to inform of the move. While your loved ones you see daily will be aware of the significant change in your life, many in your family, especially those who live abroad or even old high school friends, will surely want to celebrate your move. Thankfully, today’s technology allows you to inform people of significant life events in just one moment. So, we hope you managed to pack your electronics because you’ll be needing them to log into social media and create a post.

Do Not Leave Any Loose Tails of Tasks and Obligations Behind

You would be surprised how easy it is to leave tasks and obligations halfway done when you are going through a relocation frenzy. Did you pick up your dry cleaning? That dress you left at the tailor’s to get resized, is it still there? Have you returned the books to the library? No matter how near or far you are relocating to, you will probably find new, more convenient places that’ll provide a service you use regularly. However, before you start paying for a service at a new place, ensure you are not leaving any loose tails behind.

Return Any Item You Borrowed From a Neighbor, And Take Back Those You Lent Others

One of the more important things to remember to do when moving, which otherwise might seem trivial, is to return anything you might’ve borrowed from your neighbors to them. You’ll no longer be seeing these people on a daily basis, so you should give them their belongings back as soon as possible. A book, a CD, a drill, or a hammer, return those that do not belong to you, and of course, take each item you’ve lent someone back.

Ironically There Is a Higher Chance You’ll Fail to Remember Stuff You Utilize Daily

When it comes to boxing up, the peculiar thing is that the chances are higher that you’ll fail to remember something you use and require daily than things you use rarely. You want to make sure that keys, chargers, jewelry, and medicine are by your side. These objects tend to become a part of our routine so much that we don’t register them anymore. Not to mention that they are so tiny and fragile, making them even easier to fall out of sight.

Some Household Objects Are Too Easy to Overlook

There are numerous objects in your place you might see as an integral part of the house. This especially goes for the kitchen space – you wouldn’t believe how often people fail to take their microwave and coffee machine with them. No matter how long you’ve stayed at the house and are used to the way it is organized, ensure you take everything you own with you. That being said, one of our final tips is that it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and thus to just double-check your home before you exit it once and for all.

Double Check Your Home Before You Leave It

It might seem obvious, but it’s actually a thing that can easily slip one’s mind, and that is to check your soon-to-be former home one last time before you exit it. Make sure you went through the attic, the basement, the yard and inspected each nook and cranny. If you create a list with everything you need, the chances you’ll forget anything will be lower, but it’s never a bad idea to double-check. It will take you only around fifteen minutes to do so, and you won’t have to use your RTD app later on to run back and forth to your former address.

Don’t Forget to Hire the Denver Professional Movers for a Stress-Free Relocation

If you want to make sure that you won’t fail to remember anything and that your entire moving process will be smooth sailing, we propose hiring professional movers to assist you with the move. From helping you to pack plates and other breakables via our packing services to relocating your home in its entirety with residential relocation services, there is nothing our Denver movers can’t do. And in case you want to move your office through our commercial relocation services or just require some manpower to help in carrying your load to a truck, we have labor-only services available.

Not only are our cheap movers in Denver the best at what they do, but they are super affordable and have stellar reviews other companies can only dream off. Don’t believe us? Well, contact us today to obtain your free quote on any of our moving services in Denver. We are available by phone or e-mail and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. So hesitate no longer. We are waiting for you.