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Are you dreaming of relocating to Table Mesa, Colorado? You can employ Table Mesa movers as your local movers if this town is the right destination for you. It is a lovely and peaceful place that provides a suburban feel to its residents. The best company that can help you go through the whole process is, of course, Denver Professional Movers with its local movers in Table Mesa.

What Is It Like Living in Table Mesa, CO

This is a small community in one of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver, nestled south of Boulder’s city center. Besides Harlow Platts Park, there are several small lakes, recreational facilities, green areas, and so on. Currently this neighborhood has about 4,500 residents, and a significant number of new houses are being built each year. Sooner or later, it will probably become a part of the Boulder City area.

Good Housing Options

The community features upscale, mountain-side single-family homes and mid-rise residential buildings with tree-lined streets, similar to many Boulder neighborhoods. A wide variety of time periods and styles are represented in the houses. In general, homes are between $650,000 and $1,850,000 and have four bedrooms and one bathroom on quarter-acre lots.

Cost of Living

It is expected that Table Mesa will become part of the urban area of Boulder. The total cost of living in Boulder is 167.4, which means it is more costly than average. Renting price ranges from $1,287 per studio to $2,420 for an apartment with three bedrooms. Groceries and other things are nearly at a moderate level. Utilities, health care, and transport are more convenient, with an index around 90.

Great Parks and Excellent Areas for Recreation in Table Mesa

This neighborhood has some of the best parks in Denver and is known for its trails such as the Bear Canyon Trail and Table Mesa Trail, that offer jaw-dropping views of the Flatirons and Eldorado Canyon. The Harlow Platts Community Park also has a small lake, fitness stations, a playground, an ice hockey rink, and a disc golf course. If you are moving with pets, you will have a lot of space to walk them while you enjoy some of the best hikes in Denver.


Table Mesa Station is located on a key transit corridor between Boulder and Denver that includes rapid bus transit. The corridor itself creates a physical obstacle to accessing the station, although a pedestrian bridge connects the east and west sides.

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Suzy D. on 10-09-2020

Garden Grove, CA to Denver, CO

This was my very first time hiring movers, when moving day finally came it was an easy process! The movers were on time, super friendly, professional and were very careful with our stuff. It was so worth it to hire them and would definitely recommend to anyone moving.

Mike C. on 10-09-2020

Phoenix, AZ to Denver, CO

The movers who came to my house were extremely professional and pleasant. While the move took a little longer than anyone was anticipating, that's because I had more stuff than I originally envisioned, and multiple flights of stairs in both the house I was vacating and the one I was moving in to. I am very impressed with this company. Best move experience I've ever had.

Ben H. on 10-09-2020

Denver, CO to Denver, CO

Mike and Igor helped us move across town today. They showed up exactly on time and took great care of everything as they packed it up. Very professional, very fast, and very thoughtful (they even gave me a ride to my new house!). We'll be using them again whenever we move.

Our Local Denver Movers Are Nearby

Our movers are among Denver’s top relocation companies, and they will do their best to accommodate your needs, reduce your moving stress and save you money and time. We are more than willing to take the additional actions required to ensure that you get settled in your new home without any complications. We are committed to delivering high-quality service with the highest level of professionalism. Therefore by choosing to hire our crew, you will make the right decision.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Table Mesa Movers

We make your transfer our priority, and you can rest assured that your possessions will be correctly handled and transported to your new home. Not just that, but we make an effort to guarantee you that each of your requirements will be fulfilled and that our services are truly worth your money, and you should include us in your moving expenses checklist.

Moving Services Our Company Offers

Begin planning your move today to schedule the date of your move as soon as possible. We offer many different services for your relocation that cover each step of the process. We will tackle every task from your moving to-do list so you can have a stress free moving experience. If you choose our company, you can plan a moving away party while we do all the work.

Our Professional Crew Can Help You With Your Residential Moving

You will get a full package deal with our residential moving service, as we will be relocating your entire house for you. Without any issues, we can handle everything from wrapping and packing to loading and unloading. You won’t even have to worry about renting a truck, as this service will be offered for free. Whatever the size of your home, we’ve got you covered, from big mansions to small apartments.

Commercial Moving

It is a big deal to have to move your whole business office, it can be extremely overwhelming. But with our commercial moving service, you are not going to have any trouble. We are well experienced and prepared to transfer the entire workplace area without a hassle. While we do not take items such as laboratory and surgical instruments or dangerous chemicals, we can handle everything else, from small office supplies to big machines and everything in between.

Labor Services

Our movers got you covered with our labor service if carrying packed items is too heavy for you. We’ll help you load everything into a truck, and unload at your new house. From small boxes, electronics, and furniture, everything is included. If required, we will also disassemble and reassemble big pieces of furniture and load them properly into your transportation vehicle, or unload them.

Packing Services Are Always Helpful

We realize that packing can be a big headache for most people, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. Choose our packing services for this job, and we will have everything perfectly boxed up for you. We’re going to take great care of your delicate belongings, kitchen appliances, home decor, televisions, etc. We’ll do whatever needs to be done regarding packing.

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Do you have questions like which items movers won’t move or which moving hacks to use? Contact us for any concerns you have about our prices and offers if you are confident that our local Denver movers are the best choice for you. Our experienced customer service agents are more than willing to assist you with whatever you may need, and upon request, you will be given a free quote. For more information on our deals, ratings, and more, you can also check out our website or contact us today.

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