RTD App – The Most Important Apps to Have in Denver

Just like any other central metropolitan area, navigating through the city of Denver can be tricky, even for a local. That’s why the city has the Regional Transportation District public transit system. For further convenience, there is an RTD app that you can download – in fact, there’s more than one. Here are some new and essential applications that will make the city’s transportation experience a lot easier and help you figure out your commute after moving to another Denver area.

Does RTD Have an App?

For the unaware, there is an RTD Denver mobile app that helps with many aspects of the public transportation system. It was first launched in the fall of 2017 with Masabi, a London-based tech company that has made several phone-based ticketing applications. Together they have made public transportation in the city much easier for citizens and tourists alike.

RTD Mobile Apps Available

Since the first launch of the app in 2017, other applications have made PT simpler, safer, and more accessible for all types of passengers. Citizens have possibilities to purchase tickets easily, keep track of bus and rail arrivals and departures, make reports during travel to keep others informed, and much more.

All of these apps have been integrated into many up and coming neighborhoods in Denver and are available for purchase and download. In other words, no matter which one of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver you choose, you can count on this software to help you settle down. And if you need help getting there, you can rely on our moving company in Denver.

Next Ride App – A New Way to Predict Public Transit

If you work in the city or find yourself downtown a lot, it can be tough getting to your bus or train. The best solution is to download the Next Ride application to schedule the commute to your destination. No more having to rush to your stop to catch the next bus and no more waiting on what seems like an eternity for the next one, either.

An Application That Makes it Easy to Schedule a Trip

The Next Ride RTD Denver app will use real-time data and information to predict when travel schedules. It has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to look at bus and train locations. It also uses live GPS-based vehicle positioning to predict speed and traffic conditions. You’ll have the most convenient trip planner available in the palm of your hand.

How Do I Buy RTD Tickets: The Mobile Tickets App

The mobile tickets application allows you to purchase bus and rail tickets from anywhere. You’ll have access to tickets without having to buy them with cash or change. There are several types of tickets you can purchase for your convenience, with several features available. You can’t go wrong with this Denver RTD app.

An Easy Way to Purchase Both Local and Regional Tickets

Much like you can pay for Denver utilities from your phone or online, you can do the same with tickets. You can bypass lines and vending machines with this incredibly convenient ticket purchasing application. You won’t have to worry about loose change or paper tickets anymore. You’ll have the option to buy three-hour unlimited rides for both regional and local transit lines. There’s also a monthly pass available for purchase for regular commuting in and out of the city. All you need to do is download the application, select the ticket type to purchase, and once bought, your phone becomes your ticket.

You Can Send Information and Reviews with the Transit Watch App

Safety is a considerable concern for many passengers who board any form of public transportation, and the city does what it can to ensure safety for every citizen using public transportation. With help from the Department of Homeland Security, an RTD Denver app was created to put passengers’ safety in the hands of the citizens. People now have the power to send information directly to the transit police whenever there is cause for concern.

Helping to Keep Transit Safe for Passengers

In case of emergencies, passengers can open the application and report it to transit police and send out warnings to other passengers with the application while onboard a train or bus. It’s quick and easy to use to handle these problems quickly and without anyone getting hurt. There is even a phone number you can call or text in case you don’t have the application yet.

ParkMobile Apps and Tools

Any way you choose to look at it, parking in the city can be very frustrating. If you’re looking for things to do in downtown Denver, you have to find a spot, then you have to pay for that spot, and if you don’t get back in time to re-up on the meter, you risk having to spend more money than you did for the parking spot.

With the ParkMobile application, you can kiss all that struggle goodbye. This handy application helps you find a parking spot and pay for your phone meter. Not only that, but you’ll be able to schedule parking in case you need it. No more being late trying to find a parking spot.

Quickly Find and Pay for Parking on the Street, at the Airport, or Anywhere Else

The application menu features three types of parking like “park now”, “reserve parking”, and “event parking”. All three are meant to make city parking much more streamlined and accessible. For “park now,” you find a spot and type in the zone number. Then all you need to do is put the amount of time you want for your place. If you run out of time, all you need to do is add more time from your phone.

The “reserve parking” feature allows you to find a parking zone ahead of time and reserve it. Say you’re going to a movie or to one of the best rooftop bars in Denver. You can have a spot reserved for you upon getting there.

“Event parking” works similarly in reservations, but you’re allowed to customize the parking options based on specific needs. Say, for a large scale event like a concert or a football game. You’ll be able to get your spot reserved, and you’ll have instructions on how to redeem the parking spot.

Free Apps Made by Third-Party Developers

If you’re looking for alternative options for RTD applications for free, there are plenty of them. Many third-party developers have created applications that do the same thing and more. There are such applications like Moovit, where you can plan routes for public transportation, and keep track of transit maps and schedules.

With all of these applications available, navigating the city has never been easier. Once you’ve moved into a new home in another neighborhood, they will surely be a great aid in getting to know your new surroundings.

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