How to Make a Packing List for Moving to Your New Denver Home

What’s more important for a successful relocation than a good packing list? It’s the essence of every well-organized and planned relocation. We’ll guide you through the most important parts of it and provide you with a substantial packing guide, so there won’t be anything to forget about during the process.

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Making a Packing List Can Save You So Much Time and Energy

You probably already have many reasons to move and look for a suitable house or apartment around the best Denver neighborhoods. Once you decide which one of these up-and-coming neighborhoods is perfect for you or decide to transfer to an area where you can get a good job, the only thing left is organizing the move. This process doesn’t have to be complicated if you have good organizing skills, but even if you do not, there are some convenient relocation tips that can help. In the following article, we’ll guide you through everything this list needs to consist of and show you how to optimize it depending on your situation.

Begin as Soon as You Can

Probably the most important advice you can get when it comes to organizing your move is to start on time. This can be even months in advance if you’re not in a hurry, so as soon as you find your dream house around the best neighborhoods and know that relocation is definitely happening. This is when you should also contact a Denver moving company to book needed assistance and start organizing your household inventory by categories we’ll describe further on in the article.

Make More Lists to Avoid Forgetting Other Important Tasks

Relocating for the first time can be challenging if you do not know where to begin with the process. There are many responsibilities you have to think about – changing your address and learning how to organize important documents, throwing a memorable going-away party, and planning a move-out cleaning are just some parts of the process. That’s why it might be good to make a separate packing checklist for each room or category of items and make this complicated system more simple.

You should also look for a reliable moving company in Denver, but you must be aware of potential relocation scams that might lead to big moving stress. All of this can feel overwhelming – that’s why hiring our trustworthy company can be your number one solution. Denver Professional Movers can handle all the tasks from your moving to-do list while you have enough time for everything else.

First Things First – Declutter Before You Begin

Before you start organizing the list, you should get rid of things you do not need and do not want to relocate to your new house. These can be old furniture pieces or clothes you do not wear, basically anything lying around your house without any use. You can do different things with these belongings – sell, donate or throw them away, for example. If you have enough time, you can organize a garage sale orsell them online.

You can also donate clothes at nearby donation centers. The same thing applies to perishable food – give it to those in need instead of throwing it away. If you don’t want to relocate particular large objects, such as mattresses, you should know that there is a specific procedure if you’re going to throw them away – in Denver, you’ll have to set a pick-up date with the chosen junk removal service.

Get the Proper Supplies and Materials That Will Help You Pack and Protect Your Belongings

There is no way to move efficiently without the appropriate supplies, so what are the essentials for packing? You need to have materials that will help you protect delicate pieces and secure them for transportation. Keep in mind that there will probably be some fragile objects you have to be extra careful with. Your relocation expenses checklist should definitely include the basics:

  • Moving boxes,
  • Plastic tape,
  • Cushioning,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Labeling materials.

You can find most of these materials at your local stores – once you get them, you can move on to the next step.

Use Some Alternative Packing Materials You Already Have

One of the coolest moving hacks you can rely on is finding alternative protection methods and using belongings you already have in your house for protection. For example, you can wrap plates in T-shirts or towels and use socks to stuff glasses. Oven mitt can serve for covering kitchen knives and large blankets for TVs and monitors. You can easily find a new purpose for pretty much everything if you think creatively.

Begin With Wrapping Storage Items and Things You Don’t Use Frequently

Where to begin with the process? It’s recommended to start with non-essential items, for example, storage belongings and heavy furniture you don’t really have to use. You can also pack your books or Christmas decorations. Whatever you think you won’t be using soon – at least not before you relocate, falls under this category. Also, think about the most commonly forgotten things to pack – these can be some belongings you keep close to you until the end of the process and then forget about them completely. Put it all on paper at the very beginning of your relocation and ensure you prevent forgetting about them.

Seasonal Clothes Can Be Wrapped Early on as Well

Another thing you should pack as soon as possible is seasonal clothes. Apart from that, packing shoes and boots go into this category as well, especially if you do not wear them currently and the weather is warm and sunny.

Keep All the Packed Boxes in One Place

Another thing you should do after you prepare some of the items from your list for relocation is to find a suitable location where you can keep all of these boxes until the relocation day comes. For example, one of the rooms in your home that you do not use frequently might be a good option for temporary storage.

Continue With Living Room and Electronic Devices

Another thing you have to be very careful about is protecting electronics. We hope that while you were going through the garage and other storage areas, you stumbled upon some original boxes – those are the best option. If not,try making a DIY version or getting everything you have to prepare a TV for a relocation. Once you get familiar with this procedure, computer relocation should be easier – it requires similar steps.

Protecting furniture pieces from your living room also requires some special procedures. For example, wooden objects, especially those made of delicate wood, should be protected with soft materials such as blankets as the first layer of protection and then with bubble wrap on top of it. If you use these materials the other way around, plastic might damage wooden surfaces. If you own some valuable and fragile objects that you do not know how to relocate yourself, let professional Denver movers be your right hand – they can assist you with relocating anything you might need.

Boxing Up Kitchen Inventory Will Require More Energy

Once you get to your kitchen, arm yourself with extra patience – this process might take longer than other parts of your home. Why? The kitchen is usually full of all sorts of dishes to pack, and if you do not know how to pack glasses and mugs, this can be very challenging. You will also have to learn how to pack plates and take some time for pots and pans, forks, knives, and spoons of all sizes. Do not forget the rest of the kitchen inventory, especially appliances and small gadgets.

Keep in Mind That You Need to Follow Certain Techniques to Pack Fragile Dishes Properly

In order to protect your dishes, you will have to learn some basic tricks. Also, you will need quality protective materials, so ensure that you include them in your list. Bubble wrap, cardboard dividers, tape, and labels are essential for this. You will have to secure every box from opening, even before you put dishes inside. It’s also important to use quality boxes that can hold heavy objects. Also, ensure you wash and dry every piece before placing it in cardboard containers. After carefully placing them inside the box, add more cushioning to prevent pieces from bumping into each other. Label boxes as fragile after closing and move on to the next step without any worries. Check out this video for more useful kitchen packing tips.

Last But Not Least: The Bathroom

One of the last things to do is boxing up objects from your bathroom. Why keep them on display until the very end? Toiletries are usually something you’re going to need until the last hour in your home. In fact, you’ll probably shower on the day of your relocation or the night before. You will also need some of the items from this room for a move-out cleaning, and you’ll have to use them after everything else is packed. You can, for example, pack most of your towels at the beginning, those extra soap bars, shampoos, and shower gels that you store, and all those things that are not even opened. Leave only bare essentials for the last day and the shower curtain.

Do Not Forget to Prepare a Bag With Essentials – Extra Clothes and Toiletries Are Always Needed

When preparing a bag with essentials, think about the things you’re going to do after moving. This bag should consist of things you use daily and basically can’t live without. For example, if you’re moving with pets, you’ll probably want to feed them. That’s why you should include their food in this bag too. The same thing applies to your medicines or something you take daily. Do not forget to add toiletries, clean towels, and a set of clothes. You can also add a pair of comfy shoes, so you can jump into them as soon as you get home and take a relaxing walk at some of the local parks or other best places in the city.

Hire One of the Best Moving Companies in Denver, and Let Professionals Pack Everything From Your Packing List

Once you finally decide you’re going to relocate to one of the best suburbs in Denver, the only thing left to do is to hireprofessional Denver movers. A trained team of professionals can help you get to your destination as soon as possible. One of the most recommended services for this is residential relocation. Apart from this amazing option, our company can also offer you a commercial relocation service. This option is convenient if you want to relocate your business office inventory around the city and have plenty of fragile equipment you can’t handle on your own.

We can also offer you suitable packing assistance for all the items you do not know how to protect and labor-only relocation service for heavy duties. We’ll remind you of everything you might forget about, so you do not have to worry about something getting damaged during the process. Contact us if you have any additional questions – you can also check what are the most commonly forgotten things to bring when relocating and what items movers won’t move. We can also offer you a free quote if you want to calculate how much our services will cost you in advance. Book a suitable date for your move and start your relocation with one of the best Denver moving companies right away.