Essential Moving Tips and Hacks Everyone Should Know

Whether you are relocating for the first time or your local relocation is a frequent need for work or other reasons, everyone needs moving tips to speed up the whole process. In case you’re wondering what is the most efficient way to move, take a look at the best tips for moving that we have prepared for you if you have decided on relocating locally in the Denver area.

Whether you are relocating to one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for families or just down the street, it is always a good idea to hire one of the local moving companies in Denver. You can get a free quote and learn some helpful moving hacks such as how to pack books or how to pack dishes. For more useful tips and tricks, keep reading.

How Can I Make Moving Easier?

Whether you are relocating regularly or preparing your suitcases for the first time ever, it’s a challenging task that even the greatest planners can fail at. Thankfully, there are several ways to pack and unpack quicker, decrease the amount of moving stress, and eventually make the transition a little bit easier than it would be otherwise.

Making a Checklist Will Help You Plan Everything on Time

Your local relocation is going to be a hundred times easier if you’re coordinated. So this is why you should create a moving to-do list of all the necessary activities before you get to the final stages of relocation. Note down every activity, from recruiting Denver movers to getting materials and supplies. The list prevents you from overlooking relevant elements, and at the same time, encourages you not to procrastinate.

Define a Budget and Remember to Stick to It

When you have made a list of to-do tasks, you should focus on the expenses checklist. If you’re relocating to some of the best Denver suburbs for families or some of the affordable Denver suburbs, you should know how much you’re going to have to spend while keeping your finances in line every inch of the process.

Sort Your Items Before You Pack Them in Boxes

What should you move first when moving? If you organize your things, the packing process will be much smoother. Based on the number of things you have, you can organize different categories. Each room can be a group of its own, and you can create piles of related objects inside. For instance, if you’re relocating in the winter, leave warm clothing at the top, and pack your tops, flip flops, and shorts first. On the other hand, if you are relocating in the summer, bulky jackets, hoodies, and boots should be organized and packed at the bottom of the boxes.

Declutter Before You Pack

Use this opportunity to get rid of the unnecessary stuff that you keep accumulating for no real cause. Find where you can donate clothes in Denver and make your load lighter while doing some good deeds along the way. If you have clothing that you haven’t used for a few years, odds are you’re never going to wear them anyway. Get rid of these things, and you will feel great relief. Put everything in piles that will be divided into what you can sell, donate, or what should be thrown away.

Create a Photo Inventory

Before you begin packing, you should take photos so that you can use them as a reference if you want to recreate the way everything was arranged in your old home, such as how the dining table was positioned or how all those TV cables and wires should be connected exactly. Remember to capture your old place in its empty phase just before leaving, as well as your future one just before you move in. This will have solid proof in the event of safe deposit disputes or property loss.

Great Hacks for Packing

It can be very difficult and pricey to buy all the materials and equipment you need. Take a look at some packing and moving tips that will undoubtedly be beneficial to you when relocating, so you do not waste more funds than you defined in your expenses checklist.

Some Items Can Be Used as Alternatives to Packing Supplies

You do not need to be a relocation specialist to know that acquiring new packing supplies can be very costly. If required, you can buy special dish packaging boxes for fragile items. Still, instead of all that pricey materials such as special containers and padding materials, there are also plenty of objects you can use from your own home, and some of them include:

  • Baskets,
  • Plastic containers,
  • Hampers,
  • Pillowcases,
  • Newspapers and magazines,
  • Old towels,
  • Blankets and sheets.

Get Boxes for Free

Instead of purchasing boxes in fancy stores, ask the nearest supermarket if they have some used ones. Plenty of totally adequate containers are recycled by retailers several days a week, and most of the managers won’t mind giving them to you. Another option is to check online on websites such as FreeCycle. Also, you can use the laundry bin, vases, duffle, and trash bags. It will save you from the need to get so many new plastic containers and cardboard boxes.

Tips for Color Coding Your Containers

Labeling loads of packages can be overwhelming and often complicated. So, why don’t you save your time by getting a set of colorful stickers? Different colors can be assigned to particular rooms, which offers you the possibility to select the right box for each item quickly. Also, searching for the marker every time you have to seal a box is sometimes annoying.

Use a Plastic Wrap to Avoid Leaks

No one wants to deal with something that may have leaked. For instance, a bleach bottle that appears securely locked outside the package might somehow magically end up on the other belongings. In order for this not to happen, hold all toiletries and drinks apart from other belongings. Also, remember to insert a layer of plastic wrap between the container and the lid.

Suitcases Can Be Used for Books

Books are heavy, and it’s not easy to get them out of the house in crates. In order not to hurt yourself when trying to move a pile of them, it would be safer to place books in suitcases that have wheels and just take them out that way. You may also try this approach for other heavy items that fit into your bags.

Keep Dresser Clothes Inside of Drawers

This is one of the popular hacks people forget about. You may not have to pull the clothes out of the drawers and place them in the bins individually. You should leave them inside the cabinets and secure the entire dresser with tape. That way, you can save a lot of time and money. When you arrive at your new home in one of the cool places in Denver, you can unpack the whole dresser or put it anywhere you want.

Moving Tips for the Move-Out Day

Relocation day itself is quite exhausting, and it’s also very stressful. You’ve got to think about so many things, and that’s why you should prepare everything in advance. Just follow these moving tips and tricks, and things will go smoothly.

Have Water Bottles and Snacks Nearby

With the large quantity of activities involved in the relocation process, it’s possible to forget basic stuff like the fact that both you and your Denver movers will need a huge amount of water on a relocation day – particularly during the summer. So we suggest that you prepare a package of bottled water and some snacks for the big day.

You Should Have a Plan for Children and Pets

If your children are too small to help you on the move-out day, the right alternative is to let them stay out with friends or relatives to ease some of your tension and protect them from harm. It’s the same for animals if you are moving with pets. If you can, make alternative arrangements for your kids and your fluffy friends, and the whole process will go by easily.

Don’t Forget to Put Together a Moving Essentials Bag

You shouldn’t move to a new place without bringing the necessities in some kind of a box or a bag. This bag is meant to have everything you may need on a relocation day and the following night. Essentials can include toothpaste, medicines, toiletries, clothes, essential papers, baby products, paper towels, cleaning spray, garbage bags, battery chargers, pet food, wallets, and footwear. For a full list of what to pack inside your essentials bag, check the video below.

Remember to Clean Out Before You Leave Your Old Home

When all the boxes are put into the transportation vehicle, the only thing left is to clean the old place. Try to set aside a broom, some towels, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies so you do not have to look for them in all that chaos. Once all the furniture is removed, you’ll be able to reach the areas that you haven’t been able to scrub before. You can use any of the household items from your kitchen if you are relocating last minute and have forgotten to set aside some cleaning supplies.

Create an Unpacking Schedule

Just as you should create a preparation plan to help you get things ready before you relocate, so you should make a checklist dedicated to activities relevant to unpacking. This will help you feel much more productive in the process.

Go Room to Room

If you are frustrated at the idea of unpacking your whole house all at once when you arrive at one of the up and coming neighborhoods in Denver, then concentrate on one room at a time. Inside each room, build a layout so that you understand where to put pieces of furniture and anything else you can bring out of the boxes in that room. First, identify the essential things and put them wherever you want them to go.

Dispose of Packing Materials as You Unpack

The disposal of each box when it is empty is a perfect tip for the organization while unpacking. Not only can it make extra storage space, but it also stops you from putting other items in them that you will have to unpack later anyway. Flatten them out and get them out of the way.

Are You Looking for Professional Movers in Denver to Help You Move?

Every relocation is tiresome because you need to deal with various items at the same time. We believe you will be motivated by these tips for moving. However, it’s often more convenient to leave it to experts to take care of your relocation to one of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver. Denver Professional Movers is a reputable Denver moving company that offers packing service and residential relocations. We can deal with all the nuances and give you an easygoing experience of relocating. Consider hiring local movers in Denver to help you get through it all with relatively little hassle if you’re relocating locally in Denver. While we are doing the job, you can enjoy the best parks in Denver and best hikes in Denver or throwing a moving away party. Just call our agents and ask them all you want to know, such as what are the most commonly forgotten things to pack or what items movers won’t move.