How to Know When Is the Right Time for Moving in With Your Girlfriend and Living Together in Denver

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Moving in with your girlfriend before the time is right will only cause unnecessary problems in the future. If you want to be completely sure about the entire thing, the signs we mentioned in this blog will tell you whether you are genuinely ready to take the relationship to the next level.

Do Relationships Change When You Move in Together?

Will moving in with my girlfriend change things? Although the short answer is yes, the situation is much more complex than that. For starters, this is one of the most significant steps you and your partner can take, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it can also affect your relationship.

Sometimes, you’ll have to compromise and do things you don’t like, which is why many men and even some women hesitate to make this commitment. Still, those genuinely ready for this step will gain a life partner who will support them in all their future endeavors. If you need some tips on how to make the process a bit easier, check out this video below.

How Long Should You Be Dating Before You Move in Together?

Is it a good idea to move in with your girlfriend after only a few months of dating? Well, according to the recent Stanford University survey, about 25% of couples decide to live together after just four months. However, the same data suggests that people are also comfortable waiting a bit longer, as 50% of couples do it after a year of dating.

After two years have passed, 70% have moved in, which goes to show that there’s no ideal time to start living together with your partner. Still, if you are wondering, “Should I move in with my girlfriend?” there are several clear signs that tell whether you are truly ready to make this big step.

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You Had All the Important Discussions

First things first, did you have all the crucial discussions with your girl? Planning to move in together goes beyond making a to-do list and simple tasks such as packing dishes, so go over all the most important details to determine whether this is a good step for you. Many people go into the thing unprepared, which is one of the main reasons why 40% of couples break up after just a year of living together.

Thinking things through before deciding to move in will reduce the amount of relocation stress you both experience and help avoid a lot of potential problems later down the road. More importantly, it shows you are serious about the commitment, which will only strengthen your relationship.

You Are Not Afraid to Talk About Your Finances Openly

Money or the lack of it easily causes even the best of couples to break up, which immediately makes it one of the most important topics to talk about with your gf. While discussing your financial troubles with your sweetheart might be uncomfortable, try to be honest about your current situation as much as possible.

You shouldn’t feel inadequate just because you can’t afford to take her to the best restaurants in Capitol Hill every week. If she genuinely loves you, she won’t mind even if you only visit rooftop bars during the happy hour. Talking about this stuff will give you a much better idea of your financial capabilities, so try to get used to it. After all, you will be sharing the same space soon enough. If you are not sure what needs to be discussed, make sure to mention:

  • Existing debts and mortgages – Mention any financial hurdles that could prevent you from getting the place you wanted. Buying a large apartment in Downtown Denver won’t be possible if your income is already burdened with debt, so be prepared to look for a new home in one of the city’s more affordable suburbs.
  • Living expenses – Real estate aside, you will also have to discuss how you’re going to pay rent, Denver utilities, and all other costs. This also includes traveling costs and gas bills for those getting around Denver in a car. While you might be tempted to cover everything, don’t be afraid to split some of these expenses proportionally to your income, or even 50/50.
  • Relocation costs – Decide whether you’ll look for Denver moving companies together or separately. Cheap movers in Denver get booked pretty quickly, so you’ll want to arrange a move as soon as possible. If you’re afraid of large relocation expenses, know that there’s more than one way to save money to move.

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You Already Looked for a Potential New Home

Looking for potential homes before you even decide to move in is another thing that shows you are ready for this big step. While it might be tempting to ask your girl to move in at your current place, it’s much better to find a new home that suits both of you. Considering men usually don’t have a lot of preferences, try to cater a bit more to what she wants.

While you should certainly weigh in your opinion regarding location, the condition, and the size of the place, let her pick the house or apartment she likes the most. After all, you want to do everything you can to keep your lady happy and satisfied.

You Took Time to Figure Out Your Life Goals and Relationship Expectations

The most important thing that you need to discuss is your plans for the future. It’s no secret that women usually like it when their partner is determined and knows what he wants from life. You just need to be completely sure you’re both on the same page on all crucial matters before taking the relationship to the next step. That’s why talking about adopting a pet, prospects of marriage, and children is often a good sign you are ready to move in together.

Knowing each other’s stance on all these topics could also affect where you end up relocating. If everything is going so well you are already considering children, choosing to live in one of the better neighborhoods for families will put you right next to the best schools in Denver. On the other hand, if you are not planning anything for now, simply move to one of the city’s up-and-coming neighborhoods.

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You Are Ready to Share the Responsibilities

While women might have been traditionally responsible for keeping the house tidy, your gf shouldn’t be the only person doing the chores around the space you both inhabit. Just because there is someone else to do all the work doesn’t mean you can neglect your share of the responsibilities. Although being 50/50 on everything is going to be difficult, it’s much more important that you show a willingness to help out with any task she can’t do.

For example, if your girl made dinner but didn’t wash all the pots and pans she used, assist her by tidying up the kitchen. If your Denver job keeps you from doing much at home, at least you can clean up after yourself. Remember that she is neither your mother nor a servant, meaning she doesn’t have to go after you every time you make a mess.

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You Know to Communicate How You Feel

If you are afraid to speak freely about your feelings, what exactly do you think will happen once you start living with your girlfriend? For starters, women can quickly notice when something is not right, so your gf will only believe that you’re hiding stuff from her. If the miscommunication continues, it could potentially cause a rift between the two of you, eventually ending up in a breakup.

This is precisely why knowing how to communicate your emotions is the key to a successful relationship. Expressing your feelings freely is a sign of emotional maturity that shows you’ll be ready to handle any situation in a calm and peaceful manner. After all, you two should be like best friends, and they tell each other everything.

You Never Let a Bad Argument Get to You

Relationships are hard, and even the best couples will sometimes argue, particularly about the less important stuff. If you had a heated discussion where sparks were flying left and right, do not let it ruin everything you two built so far. Before you go back at it again, try to cool down with some detox activities. These can be anything from listening to music and reading a book to having a drink or going out for a walk at the local Denver park.

Once you blow off some steam, try to apologize and own up to your mistakes. It does neither of you any good if both of you are stubborn and refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Considering one of you will always be better at handling these situations, don’t hesitate to be the person who made the first move. You’ll probably even laugh it off together once the storm has passed.

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You Are Ready to Leave Behind Some of Your Bad Habits

We already mentioned that relationships require compromises, and considering you’ll be sharing the same living space, some of your bad habits will have to go. For starters, anything that disrupts your girlfriend’s daily routine should be either adjusted or completely left behind. Avoid doing anything that makes a lot of noise late into the night, like playing an instrument or listening to loud music on the speakers. Showing the willingness to change and adapt to the new situation is certainly a good sign for the future, as it will help you align your schedules and routines much more quickly.

Be aware that you will probably also have to cut down the time for some of your hobbies, like playing video games or even reading. Instead of packing electronics that are only going to collect dust, it might be better just to get rid of anything you won’t need. Also, while you might enjoy having a drink at your favorite local Denver brewery almost every other day, try to find new cool places that you and your sweetheart can experience together.

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Moving in With Your Girlfriend Takes a Lot of Planning, So You’ll Want to Hire Good Local Denver Movers to Assist You

As you can see, wanting to move in with your girl and actually being ready for it are two entirely different things. While some might be comfortable with the thought of sharing a life with someone after only a few months, others take a year or more to make this big step. Whatever you prefer, remember that there’s a lot of planning ahead of you. While you might be able to iron out all the details with one another, you can’t move efficiently without getting some professional moving services in Denver.

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