6 Things You Two Need to Discuss Before Moving in Together and Settling Down in Denver

Has the time come for you and your boo to cohabitate? There’s only one way to find out, and it’s by having a few serious conversations all the couples moving in together should have. That’s where we come in – to tell you which topics to cover, as well as how to go about having them. So, put your rose-colored glasses away and put the reading ones on – it’s time to find out what to discuss prior to hiring Denver movers.

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What to Discuss Before Moving in Together?

Many young people who’ve never shared a space with their bae find themselves wondering how do you move in together successfully with someone you deeply care about? Although no one can guarantee that after you pronounce the words ”I think we should move in together”, things will flow like streams of milk and honey, there are ways to maximize the chances your cohabitation will be a successful one. And it all starts with having a few important conversations.

Why Is Discussing Certain Issues So Important?

Communication ensures that you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to questions surrounding your living arrangements. Furthermore, the very process of communicating your feelings and thoughts increases the connection you and your significant other have. And when you are just about to move out for the first time to move in with someone you’re romantically involved with, it’s really important to feel comfortable in their presence.

So, to ensure you can move in efficiently with your boo, and have a thriving and prosperous relationship, here are some important topics to cover prior to packing your furniture and calling up cheap movers in Denver to move your large items.

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#1 What Your Ideal Home Should Look Like Is One of the First Things to Discuss Before Moving in Together

The point of relocation to an up-and-coming neighborhood with your boo is that the two of you share a space together. That being said, the space has to correspond to the needs and wants of both of you. And there are many aspects of a residence that should be taken into account when considering living in Downtown Denver. Here are just a few to cover with your bae the moment you start talking about cohabitation:

  • You’re going to have to agree on a location – This can be a difficult one, especially if both of you’re emotionally tied to different parts of town. However, it’s important to have a point of reference according to which you’ll pick and choose. It could be scouting a place where your loved ones live, or near where you work, or something else entirely.
  • Know how many rooms are optimal – Some people couldn’t imagine living in a one-bedroom apartment, while for others, this is completely fine. Have an understanding of how many rooms your place should have before you start picking and choosing. The size of an apartment is even more important if you’re planning on starting a family.
  • Communicate a set rent budget – Denver rents keep rising slowly, so it’s crucial to set a relocation expenses checklist as soon as possible and know within which limits the rent on your new affordable Denver suburbs home could be.

Having a List of Non-Negotiables for Your New Place Will Make Apartment Hunting Much Easier

If you want to make the process of apartment hunting easier, you should start the search with a list of non-negotiables. That basically means that, once you’ve discussed the aforementioned topics, it’s time to take a pen and paper, and no, it’s not for a packing list.

It’s to write down all the stuff the new home you want to live in must have: whether it’s a terrace, a parking spot, or high ceilings. Because you’ll live in this place, you have to be certain it has the features that are comfortable for you. And additionally, this list will save you time later on and make the search much easier.

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#2 It Might Be Awkward, But Finances Will Have to Be a Topic of Discussion

Money is generally a sensitive topic many people avoid discussing. However, if you’re about to share a new home with someone, it’s going to be an important one. Your financial debates will no longer be center around who will be paying for the date night bill in the best restaurant in Capitol Hill. Both of you have to be ready to talk about your income, debt, and credit scores – and hear about the other person’s as well.

And while it can get uncomfortable to lay out all your financial decisions (and maybe a mistake or two) like that, your financial capabilities will surely and directly affect how long it will take you to save money to move and what kind of a move you’ll be able to afford.

Consider Various Ways to Make the Best out of the Financial Situations of Both Partners

Although both of your budgets are going to influence your move directly, it’s important to look beyond the numbers. Because, at the end of the day, when you are a couple moving in together, it’s not just about how much money you have, but what you do with it.

So, one of our first relocation tips, as well as things to put on your to-do list, is to decide how you’ll deal with the rent and bills. There is no one right way to go about this task, and people find creative and novel routes when it comes to this question. Let’s go through some of the more common and popular ones so that you can get a clear idea of how to approach budgeting:

  • The equal split -This is probably the most common way of splitting Denver utilities, rent, and bills. It’s as simple as splitting every check down the middle and paying for your fair share of the deal. While it is a straightforward principle to deal with spending, it may not work for everyone, especially for partners with a high gap in their paychecks.
  • The paycheck-based percentage – If you wish to circumvent the aforementioned problem, you might want to take a paycheck-based percentage approach. That means that, depending on how high your income is, you would be paying a percentage of a bill that corresponds to your paycheck. For example, if you have twice as much monthly earnings as your partner, you’ll be paying twice as much for the rent. That way, no one will end up penniless at the end of the month, and you can have Denver museum dates any day of the year.
  • The merge – If you are looking for the best Denver neighborhood for families, this approach might be for you. It’s most often taken up by partners who share children because of large shared expenses. You will combine all your income into a shared budget and then use it to pay the bills.
  • The ”take it as it comes” -If you are not a big fan of pre-planning your life, you might decide just to wing it when it comes to your budget. Although this is the easiest way to take, it can bring up complications down the line. So, even if you choose to spend freely, still check in with your partner here and there to prevent any resentment from spurring up.
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#3 If You Want to Make It Work, You’ll Have to Address Expectations Early On

Expectations are like tiny flickering fireflies – you don’t notice them at first, but they easily creep up and distract you from other things. So, if you are to start living with someone, you’ll have to discuss what your reasons to move in are.

While one partner might be excited to cook together and have long weekends in bed, the other might already be making flower arrangements for the wedding ceremony in their mind. So, ensure you discuss what the future looks like in your imagination and not have any lingering questions boiling under the surface.

How Long Should You Wait to Move in Together, and Does Moving in Too Early Damage the Relationship?

Often, people wonder when is it the time to move in together. Well, the answer to that question is difficult to give because some people may feel ready after a month of dating, and for others, it may take up to a few years to make the step. And both options are good, they just have to be right for you.

Most commonly, the longer you are together, the more comfortable you feel with the other person. That also means you are more likely to discuss your feelings openly, and there is a lesser chance some expectations will remain unaccounted for. So, as long as you feel comfortable and excited about making your intentions, thoughts, and emotions known, we think you are on the right path.

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#4 There Should Be a Mutual Understanding About Throwing Parties And Inviting Guests Over

While a going-away party, or one that celebrates the relocation, are one-time affairs you’ll easily be able to make plans about, when it comes to socializing in general, there should be a consensus on inviting people over for drinks. You might feel like having a little soiree on a Tuesday, but your boo might have to wake up early because of their Denver job.

So, before you throw the best happy hour in town in your living room, you’ll have to check with your partner if they are cool with this. When you live together, you can no longer decide to prepare the best burger in Denver on a whim and call up a group of friends before discussing it with your roommate/lover. Both partners should be ready to halt their socializing if it interferes with the other’s daily routines and schedules.

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#5 You’ll Want to Know How Your Significant Other Feels About Pets

Were you wondering what to know before moving in together? Well, one of the important things is how your partner feels about pets. Maybe you couldn’t imagine your life without a cat and think there is nothing more beautiful than taking your labrador retriever for a walk and a cup of coffee to your favorite dog-friendly restaurants.

Maybe your partner never wanted to move in with pets and is allergic to cat hair or afraid of dogs. Whatever the case is, these are important questions to discuss, as they, at times, could be deal-breakers. If you don’t want your relationship to fail over conflicting opinions on animals, get ready to spend some effort on discussing the issue.

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#6 Talk About Housekeeping – It May Seem Like a Trivial Thing, But It Really Isn’t

How do you know when it’s right to move in together? The answer is simple – when you’ve talked over housekeeping tasks and duties. And yes, we are serious because, believe it or not, household tasks are the most common triggers for fights among couples. These tasks are so integral to day-to-day life it can be tough to pinpoint their importance. But that’s the exact reason why they spur out so much trouble.

So, before you move in, ensure there is a plan and a schedule of who washes the dishes, who makes the dinner, and who goes grocery shopping. Trust us, when you know who is supposed to clean the windows, your life will become easier. For expert advice on dividing household chores, check out some advice on the matter in the following video:

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Do relationships change when you move in together? Well, yes – everything is constantly changing, but it can be for the better as well. Relationships, unfortunately, do change for the worse too, but only if you let life stressors get the better of you. So, to avoid the damage caused by relocation stress, ensure you hire one of the best Denver moving companies to help you out with the grand transition that awaits you. And if you want to hire the best mover in Denver for any type of residential relocation services, or for that matter, even for commercial relocation, we are the one to contact.

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