Packing and Moving Hacks

Relocations can take a lot of time to organize and prepare. Before you start wrapping up all your belongings, read up on some moving hacks. These will enable you to save some money on materials and supplies and make the whole process simpler. Here are the 20 most important hack you should know about.

Make the Necessary Preparations

Before you even start with the packing, there are many things you can do to avoid moving stress and make the relocation easier. Check out these next few moving tips and hacks:

  • #1 The first thing you should do is create a moving to-do list. This will enable you to keep track of the whole relocation process easily. If you want to go all out, you can even create a color-coded binder. Leave a few days on your calendar empty, just in case you remember last-minute that you haven’t included something important.
  • #2 Set your budget by keeping a moving expenses checklist. Trust us, you’ll avoid some unpleasant surprises. The general rule of thumb is to always set aside a few hundred more than you think you’ll need.
  • #3 Cancel all of your Denver utilities at your current home and set them up at your new one ahead of time. This is one of the easiest things to forget, so notify the companies as soon as you lock in your future home.
  • #4 Eat up any moving away party leftovers you might have in your fridge. Throwing out unexpired food would be wasteful, so you should donate any canned goods that you won’t use anytime soon.
  • #5 If you’re moving with pets or children, it’s best to arrange for a family member or a friend to take care of them until your move is done. If your kids are old enough, you can recruit them to help you label things.

#6 How Can You Acquire Some Packing Supplies for Free

You can save some money if you’re on a budget. Ask your friends and family if they have some leftover supplies or look for some free materials in recycling centers and some stores. While free goods are a great way to save some money, know that you’ll still get the best packing materials from Denver moving companies when you use their packing service.

#7 If You Want a Smooth Moving Experience, You Need to Declutter

Decluttering is a smart choice. Anything that you don’t need that’s still usable should be donated to a local charity. You can donate clothes in Denver, as well as furniture, or recycle any items that are no longer usable. If you’re not sure what to sell, donate, or throw out, check out the tips in the video below.

You Can Use Other Things for Packing Besides Paper and Boxes

There are numerous packing hacks for moving. Follow these next few tips to save a lot of storage space as well as money on materials:

  • #8 Fill the dresser drawers with clothes and smaller items. Secure the drawers with duct tape or by wrapping them up with a plastic wrap.
  • #9 Use towels, linens, and socks as cushions to secure your fragile belongings. Knives and other sharp objects should be wrapped in dish towels and secured with a rubber band.
  • #10 You’ll save a ton of space if you fill pots with small items like gadgets and small kitchen items.
  • #11 Toiletries and anything that might spill should be secured with plastic wrap.
  • #12 Put clothes directly in trash bags without taking them off of hangers. You can also save up a lot of space if you roll your clothes instead of folding.
  • #13 Use a suitcase to pack up anything that might be too heavy for boxes. If you were wondering how to pack books for moving, this is the way to go.
  • #14 To avoid tangling your cords and cables, secure them with rubber bands or binder clips.

#15 To Make a Perfect Labeling System, You Need Some Colored Stickers

A good labeling system saves you a lot of time. The easiest way would be to get different colored stickers, with each color corresponding to a single room. This way, you’ll quickly identify what thing goes where without having to use the marker. You can also take a picture of each filled container to get a general idea of what you can find in a specific box.

#16 Tips on How to Pack Dishes and Glassware for Moving

China and glassware are likely to suffer some damage if you don’t properly secure them for transport. If you aren’t sure how to pack dishes for moving, there are a few things you can do.

Protect the plates by placing them vertically in the boxes and filling out the space between individual pieces. For this, you can use plastic or paper plates. Glassware and other cylindrical objects need to be stuffed first with either crumpled up paper or some linen cloth.

#17 Pack a Separate Bag for Moving Day

A Moving Day bag is one of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Even when relocating locally, you want to put all the essentials in a separate bag. This may include medication, important documents, cell phone chargers, some basic toiletries, and some water. The whole point of this is to have everything you may need within arm’s reach.

Moving Hacks That Will Help You Unpack Quickly

There are still some things that need to be done once you arrive at your new house. Some people tend to procrastinate and leave unopened boxes lying around for months on end. Here are a couple of tips to help you start unpacking right away.

#18 Start with the kitchen, as it tends to be the most time-consuming. The longer you wait, the more stressed you’ll become. After finishing some major sections, unpack slowly, little by little, devoting about fifteen minutes at a time. Remove or recycle all materials after you finish each box. This acts as a clear indicator of your progress and will free up a lot of space in your new home.

#19 There is no time limit with unpacking. Create a deadline by arranging a casual meetup or a housewarming party. This will incentivize you to finish everything quickly.

#20 Hire One of the Best Moving Companies in Denver

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