Moving From Denver, CO To Denver, CO With Denver Professional Movers

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Teri K. on 10-09-2020

Denver, CO to Denver, CO

John’s team with Denver Professional Movers was great. They gave a 30 mins heads up of when they would arrive at the old house. (It was right in the middle of the estimated 1 hour arrival time) They were very fast and efficient. They provide wardrobe boxes to put all your clothes in. They started with all the boxes first, then moved to furniture. Some of it needs to be broken down, ie a dining room, any office furniture (I have a glass top that suctions on, so it’s removed and put into a blanket) Then any last minute items they were still able to fit in the van ie my grill and my patio furniture. They do bring their own tape, blankets and plastic wrap – to protect any of the higher value furniture. I had a 1300 sq ft, 1 bedroom with two offices, washer and dryer (30″ size) and everything else. They were able to pack everything up in 2 hrs and unpack everything in about 2.75 hrs. If you choose not to pack your house up yourself, they can bring an extra person to specifically pack up your belongings. I didn’t choose this one, since its easier for me to go through what I have an purge/donate anything I haven’t used in a while. It’s cheaper if you pay in cash of course, but they will take credit cards as well.