Moving From Denver, CO To Denver, CO With Denver Professional Movers

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Robert M on 09-26-2020

Denver, CO to Denver, CO

Frank, Sam and Eddy did great job, moving my 3 bedroom house, for record short time. It took 7 hours to complete the job. My last move with All My Sons movers took 10 hours, so i have 3 hours money budget in pocket saved. Moving day is stressful, specially if you choose wrong movers, will turn on to disaster. But move with DPM turned on into pleasant day. They gave a call ahead of time with a E.T.A.. Were professionally looking ( uniforms, clean, polite, friendly ). Frank did explained me process of a move, from beginning till the end, so i had a clue about whole process of a move. All my furniture were wrapped in to moving blankets. Last movers did scratches on my floors, door , walls. This time everything went smooth ( no damages on both locations ). I did watch the way, how they stock inside the truck. it did remind me the game TETRIS. Movers did a great job of stocking a truck, to skip a second trip. Everything were delivered save , without any chip and dent. Thank you DPM for a great move. Will use you guys again, definitely will recommend you to my friend and family members.