Moving From Denver, CO To Denver, CO With Denver Professional Movers

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Meredith P. on 10-09-2020

Denver, CO to Denver, CO

They were efficient, cordial, and fast! The two men assigned to my move were Said and Vadim, and while my place was small it was no easy task to move my stuff from an old carriage house to my new condo. They had to contend with moving many things from my cellar in addition to the furniture (including a new Peloton bike with a fragile oversized touch screen) and boxes located on the main floor. They carefully wrapped, and removed and wrapped my cabinets, and shelving to ensure it would arrive at my new place with no damage. Additionally they were spot on for the amount of time my move would take when they quoted me onsite. It took approximately 5 hours from start to finish (they had to contend with the cellar where many large items were stored didn’t allow for the speedier use of a dolly. My last move was a bit overwhelming and this move was much smoother and worth every penny. I would use them again, but hopefully I won’t have to move for awhile.