Moving From To With Denver Professional Movers

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Kurt G. on 10-09-2020


I used to be a mover, so I may be a little overcritical about this industry… And I’ve moved 7 times in the past 5 years, so I’ve seen it all. My main problem with hourly movers can be summed up in 2 words: misaligned incentives. The longer that take, the more they make. I’d rather just pay a flat rate that way everyone wants to get out of there, and if the jobs done well, it will come in the tip. Next: these guys didn’t pack their truck well… I had a two bed apartment and they weren’t able to fit it on a 20+ foot long truck. I ended up having to make a few trips back to pick up items which couldn’t fit. I’ve seen 4 bedroom homes packed in the room they had. (I’ll admit that some of our stuff wasn’t prepared and I told them to leave it, but there were several items that could have and should have been taken). Lastly, I get that there’s going to be some collateral damage in moving. But these guys just aren’t that careful. I’m not going to be super critical because their price is very reasonable… but moral of the story: you get what you pay for.