Moving From Honolulu, HI To Denver, CO With Denver Professional Movers

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Kelly S. on 10-09-2020

Honolulu, HI to Denver, CO

In my profession and with children away in college moving each year, I have hired quite a few moving companies. Regretfully, many of them are a bit shady in their business practice. I have had my share of ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? moments. Don’t you hate it when they move soooo slow, carry one thing at a time, damage your things and say it was already like that??? This time it was a TOTALLY different experience, so I really need to give them a shout out. Denver Professional Movers assisted me to move my daughter out of her college place in Boulder to her new place in Denver. From the very start, it was incredible. My movers were Eric and Malik, courteous, gracious, positive and skilled. As they drove up the driveway, they noticed that the top of their large truck would possibly clip the branches of the trees in the driveway. So Eric slowly backed in while Malik hung from the truck moving each of the branches out of the way. Once at the property they quickly got to work and EFFICIENTLY packed up everything. At the new location, they beat me there and were already set-up ready to go. It was a little chaotic because there were 3 moving companies sharing the one freight elevator but they graciously worked through the situation and got everything moved in. I will definitely request the same team of Eric and Malik when I need movers again.