The Ugly Truth About Move-Out Cleaning Revealed – Denverite’s Guide to Dealing With the Most Tedious Part Of Moving

To be frank, no one enjoys move-out cleaning. It’s tedious and requires effort you probably lack once you finish packing up and clearing out the apartment. Besides, it will make you deal with all those corners you’ve neglected for years. However, while it might be boring, it’s a crucial task that doesn’t require much time and provides great benefits. So, to help you out, we have an all-encompassing guide to turn this dreaded chore into an easy one.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip House Move-Out Cleaning?

If you ever moved, you know how challenging the process can get at times. Living and breathing a relocation for a month or more can induce relocation stress, leaving you burnt out once the time comes for house cleaning after moving out. However, to get back the deposit from your previous home and leave it ready for the new tenants, you’ll have to leave the place as clean as possible on your way out.

While a deep cleanse might be time-consuming, it’s not something you should avoid. To experience an efficient move to the best Denver suburbs in the true sense of the word, you will have to dedicate yourself to a few housework tasks. And in order to organize your relocation thoroughly, hire one of the best moving companies in Denver and circumvent the dreaded process of packing to move in a hurry when the day for dusting, sweeping, and mopping comes. Additionally, we recommend combining hiring a professional company and our cleaning move-out tips for the ultimate cleaning outcome.

What’s the Best Way to Deep-Clean Your Place?

A deep clean basically means you want to do more than just wiping off the visible surfaces. Rather, you’ll have to complete each and every possible housework task and get into every nook and cranny with your mop and vacuum. This sounds like a lot of work, and to be fair, it’s not something you’ll get done in five minutes.

On the other hand, as the expert Marie Kondo preaches, a thorough declutter and a cleanse of space can be relaxing both as a process and as an outcome. They can reduce anxiety and depression, which are common negative consequences of a move. So don’t be afraid of this process. If you shift your mindset, it might do more good than you can imagine. For more motivation from the expert herself, check out the following video:

The Best Way to Clean the Home Is to Go Room by Room

Don’t start the cleanse before you take out everything from the apartment. There’s no use in dusting and mopping before you move large items around your place as they block surfaces and will leave dust behind once you take them out either way. So, once you manage to pack furniture and Denver movers place all your boxes in a truck, that is when you’ll start the process. Once the place is empty, the best tactic you can employ is to tackle room per room. This way, you won’t forget any important housekeeping tasks and will be done in no time.

Use the Top to Bottom Strategy to Ensure You Get Everything Done at Once

There are a lot of strategies you can employ to clean your space depending on your preferences and timetable. As a mover in Denver, we’ve witnessed people with all kinds of reasons to move, move out of a place, and from where we stand, the quickest and most efficient strategy is to clean the space from its top to bottom.

As your former house in affordable Denver suburbs will be pretty much void of any objects, you’ll want to start by dusting off the highest remaining surfaces, such as curtain rods, window tops, and any leftover shelves. Next, you’ll move to wipe lower surfaces, such as tables, cabinets, and kitchen islands, and lastly, you’ll proceed to mop up the floors and tiles. As the name of the strategy – ”top to bottom” suggests, you’ll move step by step to ensure you don’t have to revisit any corner twice. And voila, you’ll be done in the blink of an eye.

The Ultimate Checklist of Apartment Move-Out Cleaning Tasks: What’s Included in a Move-Out Clean?

As we said, on your way out of a place, you want it looking flawless and every nook and cranny free of spider webs and dust. So, make sure your relocation to-do list has a move-out house cleaning as its final bullet point. We present you with the ultimate checklist of tasks that’ll have the place shining as bright as the day you moved in:

  • Gathering supplies and equipment,
  • Wiping away each remaining surface,
  • Having your furniture and carpets deeply cleaned,
  • Leaving the walls empty and fresh,
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors,
  • Ensuring your sinks, faucets, and toilets are sparkling.

What Cleaning Supplies Should You Gather for the Final Cleanse?

Before you begin, you’ll need to gather supplies and equipment to get the place shining and sparkling. We recommend you visit the Certified Cleaning Supplies and Equipment shop on 11280 Kalamath St in Denver to get all you require. They’ve been around since 1910, so if anyone has all the tools you need, it’s going to be them. Here is a checklist of everything you should spend cash off of your relocation expenses checklist to impress your former landlord:

  • Multi-surface concentrate,
  • Disinfectant,
  • Feather duster and a vacuum cleaner,
  • Glass cleaner,
  • Microfibre cloths and sponges,
  • A fresh mop and a bucket,
  • Rubber gloves,
  • Oven cleaner and stain remover,
  • Furniture polish.

Harsh Products and Dust Can Cause Irritations So Make Sure You Protect Yourself

If you ever did, a deep home cleanse, you might’ve noticed you are experiencing symptoms similar to those induced by an allergy. Even packing books for a move might get you sneezing non-stop. Immunologists warn that while home sanitization can reduce allergens, the process of housework can trigger allergy-like symptoms, such as sneezing, watery eyes, asthma, and skin rashes.

To avoid such an outcome, especially if you are someone who commonly suffers from allergies, get yourself a surgical mask. In case there is no one in your household who doesn’t suffer from allergies that can take up the work, try finding some alternatives to supplies that contain a lot of chemicals. These include things like vinegar, salt, baking soda, and lemon juice. Now that you know what supplies are needed and are familiar with the best strategies to get the space shining, let us guide you through the cleanse of each room.

How to Best Cleanse Your Kitchen?

The first step is always figuring out how to pack dishes, learning how to pack pots and pans, and ensuring your kitchen is as empty as it can be. Only after you are physically unable to eat anything but the best Denver takeout, the time has come to mop the cookery up and dust it off. As recommended, start with the hard-to-reach surfaces, like cabinets and the fridge top. Use a cloth and some hot soapy water to wipe them up. After that, open each cabinet and appliance and wipe it off as well. The cookery is a space that stores many items movers won’t move, such as perishable foods, so it’s important to empty your fridge promptly.

Make sure your fridge, oven, and microwave are free of any stains. Multi-surface sprays and oven cleaners will do the trick. Lastly, wipe down the taps and faucets, as well as the sink. Use a product for such metal surfaces, spray it on, and leave it for a few minutes before wiping it away. End the process with a good old dry microfiber swipe for a sparkling finish. The cherry on top will, of course, be the vacuuming and mopping of the tiles. After that, you can seal this space away.

Tips for Wiping Down the Living Room and Bedrooms

Rooms such as the bedroom and living room contain a lot of furniture and personal things and are some of the most commonly used spaces in a home. You would be surprised how much dirt, dust, and grime are stored in their nooks and corners, especially in carpets and rugs. While you are packing up these rooms, ensure you take your carpets to a specialized carpet cleansing service to have them thoroughly cleaned and ready for your new apartment in one of the up-and-coming Denver neighborhoods.

How Does a Person Clean the Furniture Before a Move-Out?

To properly wipe off the numerous furniture items and ensure they’re free of any smells and stains, start by vacuuming the objects. Especially if you are about to move with a pet and your objects are covered with dog hair, you have to vacuum particularly well. Afterward, use a dry-wash product to wash the furniture thoroughly, and maybe even take a steam liner for any stains and smells that won’t go away otherwise. For wooden furniture, ensure you check for scratches once you wipe the objects down. And in case you notice any damage, take furniture polish to ensure it’s looking new.

You’ll Want to Leave the Walls in Perfect Shape

If you are someone who enjoys art and interior design, there is a chance that while you were living in downtown Denver, you decorated the walls of your rooms with paintings, posters, fairy lights, and the like. In case you didn’t use sticky gum, you might have to remove any nails and leftover tape. Be aware that these can create problems in getting your deposit back.

Carefully remove any tape and nails to avoid additional damage. If there are any holes, fill them up with filler. Wipe the walls, door frames, doors, and handles with a damp cloth as well. Consider repainting the walls if there is any discoloration due to smoke or adhesives. If you run into a moldy patch, don’t try to hide it away, but inform the landlord at once. This is a problem they’ll take care of.

Don’t Forget to Wipe Down Any Glass Windows and Doors

Don’t forget about glass surfaces like windows, doors, and mirrors. Take a product intended for glass and a microfiber cloth for the job. If left dirty, such large glass surfaces might overshadow all the work you’ve done so far. You shouldn’t lose your deposit over nothing when it’s so easy to ensure all remaining glass is as shiny as can be.

Do a Thorough Bathroom Cleanse

A toilet is one of those spaces that contain the largest quantity of germs, so take cleansing it seriously. You’ll want to take some concentrate and disinfectant and get to work. Spray the concentrate on surfaces and leave it there for a few minutes before scrubbing it away with a sponge. Ensure you scrub all the sinks, showers, toilets, and tub. In case the toilet seat and brush are worn off, change them up before you move out. Finally, vacuum the tails of any hairs and mop them up thoroughly.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Whole House Cleaned by a Professional Service?

If wiping and dusting off are not your strong suits, you’re probably exhausted from learning relocation hacks and just want to celebrate the move with a proper going-away party, then you might want to consider hiring professional services to do the final polish for you.

In Colorado, hiring a professional service will cost you an average of $18,75 per hour, while on the outskirts of Denver, you’ll pay around $16,75 as an hourly rate. We recommend you contact one of the following Denver companies that’ll provide you with the services you need: Alpine Maids, Zisty, Ecohappymaids, or Broom. Each aforementioned company is great at its job and will provide you with the help you require in the final relocation stages.

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