A Comprehensive List of Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack

For many, packing is the most difficult part of a local relocation. There are so many things do in a limited amount of time, and there’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you’ve forgotten something after it’s too late. It can be hard to tell what you might have forgotten, but the most commonly forgotten things to pack are always the last items you think of. So we’re going to give you a list of items that are hard to remember and ways to stop you from forgetting them.

What Are The Most Commonly Forgotten Things To Pack

Have you ever realized you forgot something right when you need it? Well, you’re not alone – people often forget their items right before they move. It’s usually these items we use most often that are the first to get left behind.

Important Documents and Items

You’re always going to use your wallet, ID cards, credit cards, and other important documents wherever you go. It’s best not to leave them sitting around while moving, so you should put them where you’ll always remember to look. A good place can be a carrying bag or backpack so you don’t lose them.

Daily Appliances

On-hand appliances like your phone, laptop, tablet, and chargers are constantly with us, but while you’re moving, they can sometimes be the last thing you’re thinking about. Place these items in a bag that’s easy to get to so you don’t lose them. You’ll know where to look in case you need them.

Don’t Forget Your Toiletries

Bathroom essentials are easy to forget because you will most likely use them on moving day. You have to shower, brush your teeth, and get ready for the day ahead, so they might be the last items you think of. Having a small container or bag for your toiletries is very convenient and the best way to keep you from losing anything.

Get Snacks For The Day

Food may be the last thing that you’re thinking about, but when you think about it you’ll wish you had it. Traveling for relocation can take a lot of energy out of you, even if it’s only local, and being tired and hungry will make you irritable, sluggish, and forgetful. So don’t be afraid to take a trip to the store before you start to pack and get some food to keep your strength up.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Plan for Packing Essentials

You have a lot to go through and you don’t want to start grabbing your stuff at random or you might miss something. Before you crack open those packing supplies you might want to take a second to think about what to bring beforehand. This is the best way to keep your process nice and organized and keep you from forgetting anything when moving in the Denver area.

Tips On Making A List For Your Trip

  • Create a list of each room in your home
  • Go room to room and take inventory of items
  • Prioritize your belongings from most to least important
  • Dedicate a certain amount of packing supplies for each room
  • Set a schedule for each room to be finished

Having a written and organized list will not only help you get finished faster, but it can also help you keep track of everything that you moved.

Don’t Waste Time On Unnecessary Things

While you’re moving, it’s easy to get mentally exhausted. Pretty soon, your focus starts to wander and you start looking for distractions. A good word of advice: avoid any distractions. They can be as simple as checking your phone too much or thinking of last-minute things you want to get. There’s a time and place for everything, and paying attention to distractions can cause you to forget what’s important.

Make A Full Day Schedule

Setting up a schedule for moving day will make moving go by like clockwork. It’s easy to follow and you can keep track of your progress. Another perk of having a schedule is that you have total freedom of how you want to organize it, so you can pencil in a couple of breaks if you plan well enough.

How To Pack for Moving Before You Travel

Now that the planning is out of the way, you can finally get to the hard part: the actual packing. It might seem a lot more intimidating and you’ll feel like you want to rush and get it over with. But it’s not a race, and rushing can have you at your most forgetful. Being mindful about how you pack will help you keep track of what goes where. A few tips to help you are:

Manage The Space You Have At Home

Utilizing the space you have is important so that everything can be stored and fit in boxes, bags, and suitcases nice and easy. A simple start is to move all of your belongings to one area so you can sit with your packing supplies and categorize each item by size or use. Knowing where each item goes will make it hard to forget where each item went.

“Dummy Checks” Are A Big Deal

So you’re just about done and you couldn’t have possibly forgotten anything, right? Don’t be so sure about that just yet. More often than not, there’s that one thing that you don’t think of until you need it. To keep this from happening, it’s smart to do what some call a “dummy check.” Simply go room to room and double-check to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind before you set out on your trip.

Have A First Aid Kit On Hand

Being on the road doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt. Whether you like it or not accidents happen, either at home or on the road, and you’ll have to take care of it. Having a first aid kit should be on the top of your list of things to bring when relocating, even locally.

Hire Professional Local Movers in Denver

Moving locally can be a tough job, and you want to do your best at making sure you don’t forget anything. Relying on just winging it won’t help you, and you’ll most likely end up missing some stuff. Having a plan, a schedule, and being mindful of what can easily be forgotten will keep you on track with nothing to worry about. What’s more, you can always contact Denver Professional Movers and find out more about all the local moving services we offer. We can even do the packing for you!