Living in Downtown Denver – Everything You Should Know

If you’re planning on moving locally from another neighborhood or suburb to the center of Mile High City, you’re probably wondering what it is like living in Downtown Denver. It’s crucial that you learn all about what it is like to set up a new home there. Knowing the safety levels, cost of living, and all the opportunities the area has to offer will prepare you for your upcoming local relocation.

Is Downtown Denver Safe?

In general, the capital of Colorado is quite safe for a metropolis of its size. However, much like any major community, there are areas that are safer than the others. When it comes to the Downtown Denver area, it is important to practice caution, especially when walking at night. As long as you stick to areas that are well-lit and avoid any dark street or alley, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. As far as crime goes, most are non-violent offenses such as mugging.

Where to Live in the City Center

The area encompasses a number of urban neighborhoods to choose from. Some of them include Auraria, Uptown, LoDo, and Highland. But which ones are the top choices for a living? Let’s take a closer look at some of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver.

A Quick Guide to the Top Neighborhoods

Capitol Hill is an artistic and quirky neighborhood with lots of Downtown Denver restaurants, bars, and cafes. It’s no wonder Capitol Hill is considered one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals. However, if this is where you’re planning to move, you should know that it is not one of the safest neighborhoods in Denver. Although it is far from being too unsafe to live in, it is known for its drug activity.

Uptown, also known as North Capitol Hill, has a diverse population, and you’ll be near all the amenities you might need. There are plenty of cool places in Denver here that you simply have to visit, even as a local. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably be able to find the best burger in Denver here, in one of the locals’ favorite restaurants, D Bar.

Central Business District is a residential-commercial community with lots of big employers and apartments. Since the District doesn’t have a vivid nightlife and is on the more expensive side, it is probably better suited for seasoned professionals with established careers.

LoDo is the go-to spot for nightlife. Some of the most popular Denver breweries are located here, too. During the day, it is mostly business-oriented. Most locals who live here are young professionals and recent graduates.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in Downtown Denver?

Choosing the exact neighborhood for your new home will likely depend on the cost of living there. The numbers vary by neighborhood, but overall, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a reasonably-priced place.

Average Apartment Rent and Other Expenses

According to AreaVibes, Capitol Hill has an overall cost of living index of 104, which is only a little high when compared to the national average of 100 and lower than the city average of 114. The median home value slightly exceeds $290,000, while you can expect to pay slightly over $1,000 for rent for apartments.

On the other hand, LoDo is slightly more expensive, with an overall index of 134. The biggest factor in this is housing, which is over double the national average. Apartments here go for a median of over $1,300. This can especially be a shock if you’re relocating from one of the affordable Denver suburbs.

What is a Good Salary in Denver?

The livable salary for you will depend on your lifestyle and location to a high degree. A great way to calculate how much you’ll need to earn is by multiplying your rent by three. That way, you will have enough leftover money to cover your bills for Denver utilities, groceries, and miscellaneous. For example, if you’re renting a place for $1,500, you should ideally earn around $4,500 to maintain a healthy and manageable lifestyle.

Transportation and Other Amenities

One of the greatest perks about Downtown Denver living is the easy access to pretty much anything you need. The city’s public transportation system is very well developed, which is important since driving in the area can be quite nerve-racking. The network mostly consists of buses and trains which can get you to pretty much anywhere. If you’re not familiar with public transit, the RTD App can be of a lot of help.

Things to Do and What to See in Downtown Denver

Once you’ve seen your Downtown Denver movers through the door, you’ll surely want to go out and have some fun. Much like any other metropolis, the Mile-High City is rich in attractions and activities. From the best hikes near Denver to the best rooftop bars in Denver, there’s something for everyone. Some of our recommendations include:

Tips on How to Have a Fun Day for Free in Denver, CO

If your moving expenses checklist doesn’t allow you to splurge on leisure time activities in or near your new place, you’ll still have free options to choose from. Check out the video below for some ideas.

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