Avoid Living in Chaos and Learn How to Unpack After Moving to Your New Denver Home

Most people think that packing for relocation is the hardest part, but learning how to unpack after moving can be challenging as hell. This is the period when you start relaxing from all the stress you experienced during the preparations, but you aren’t even aware that more challenging situations are waiting for you. Don’t worry – this doesn’t have to be torture if you learn all the convenient tips and hacks mentioned in this article.

How Long Should It Take to Unpack After Moving to a New Home?

People have the tendency to measure everything in time and money. This process is not all about the time – it is something that you could and should enjoy. You had enough reasons to move, went through a lot of relocation stress, packed for days, finally relocated to one of the best neighborhoods in Denver, and now this long-awaited chapter of your life finally begins. You should take your chance to enjoy it, with all of its ups and downs.

Unpacking after a move isn’t exactly the most enjoyable and exciting experience of your life, but let us help you change that. There are some tips that can help you make this process much more interesting while being more productive. There is absolutely no reason and no excuse to procrastinate this – the more you wait, the harder it gets.

How Do I Unpack Fast After Moving?

Being fast isn’t the same as being productive. If you start opening boxes randomly and trying to unbox everything in a hurry, you can make an even bigger mess with all the stuff around your place. The unpacking process begins long before your Denver movers unload those boxes. It begins while you’re packing, so if you have followed all the packing hacks, you’ll have a much easier and efficient relocation.

How? If you organized these boxes carefully, had a good plan where to put what, used quality supplies to protect all of your belongings, and so on, it would be ten times easier to unbox all the boxes after relocating. This might sound complicated, but it’s really not that hard. Let us guide you through all the necessary steps, and the whole thing will be much easier. One of the best motivational hacks is to treat yourself after every successfully achieved goal.

Have a Positive Mindset

Depending on the size of your move, the process might take more or less time. If you start thinking that this will be boring and exhausting, you’ll start with negative emotions and probably make everything much worse than it is. You have to change your mindset – this is your fabulous new home in one of the best neighborhoods in the city, and you have a chance to decorate it in the way you like and enjoy it the second you unbox everything. You probably had some interesting decorating ideas that you picked up from magazines but never had the chance to turn them into reality. Now is the right moment to do it.

Have a Plan and Follow the Schedule

If you want to be efficient, you need to have a good plan – a to-do list is also one of the first things you should do. Make a plan of activities – for example, you can schedule to unbox one room per day. Keep in mind that some parts of your home will take more time and energy – for example, your kitchen or your closet. You can leave those areas for the weekend when you’ll have more energy to deal with it. Unbox only necessary items from these rooms so you can function and leave the rest for better times.

After finishing with one part of your unboxing undertaking, you can schedule something fun that will help you relax and treat yourself after successfully achieving a goal. For example, go visit some cool places in Denver or enjoy one of many fun and free things to do around this city. Keep in mind that unboxing isn’t the only thing to do after relocating. You’ll also have to change your address and organize important documents, so nothing gets lost.

If Everything Is Labeled Properly, the First Step Is to Leave Every Box in the Corresponding Room

Learning how to unpack after a move won’t be that hard if you labeled all the boxes appropriately once you packed them. Every box should be named after a room where it goes or by random belongings’ categories of your choice. For example, you can name kitchen inventory: glasses, mugs, appliances, and so on. If you have everything properly labeled, you should immediately arrange all containers around according to the room they belong.

If you hire professional Denver movers for assistance, you can tell them where to put each container once they all get to your home. They can follow your labeling system and instructions to sort everything in the right order. Once they leave your place, half of the work will be already done. If you want to clean everything before you start unboxing, you can choose a room or a corner where you’ll store most of the smaller cartons.

You Can Unpack Boxes With Moving Essentials as Soon as You Get to Your New Home

One of the first things you should do as soon as you get to your new home is to unpack the bag with essentials. These should be the most used and necessary items you can’t function without. For example, every bag with essentials should contain a toothbrush, chargers, medication, a set of clothes, towels, and food for your dog if you’re relocating with pets. Basically, this is something that will help you go through that first day or two without having to unbox every single cardboard container in your home to find some essential items. This will keep you motivated because you’ll have enough energy to do something fun first – for example, visit a local park or have a drink at popular places for happy hour in your area.

Start by Unpacking Your Kitchen and Bathroom Boxes

What’s worse: packing or unpacking? When it comes to the kitchen, it is definitely the packing part, especially if you don’t know how to protect fragile items. You’ll need coffee and snacks to stay productive during the unboxing. You should make smaller coffee breaks frequently, so begin by unpacking kitchen appliances such as the coffee maker. Continue with your favorite mugs and a set of plates you’ll use at the very beginning. You can leave unboxing china and silverware for the very end – guessing you won’t be throwing a gala gathering in the first few days.

You’ll also need to unpack your bathroom as soon as you get there since this is the place you’ll have to use since day one. You’ll probably want to shower after a long day or take a long warm bubble bath. Unbox the bathroom essentials first – towels, shower gels, soap bars, toothbrushes, and all those things you use daily. You can organize your makeup collection later on when you’re done with these bare necessities.

Continue With the Next Essential Space – The Bedroom

Another thing you’ll need to put on your checklist is unboxing bedroom belongings. These are all the sheets, pillowcases, maybe an alarm clock, pajamas, and so on. Follow the same rule you did with other rooms – prioritize. There is no need to unbox every single container with clothes as soon as you get there. You can rearrange your closet multiple times later on. It will take a lot of time and energy because you’ll have to fold everything again, and you’re already exhausted from other responsibilities. Check out this video for closet organization tips to help you save space and keep everything easily accessible.

You Can Always Change the Furniture Arrangement in Your Living Room Later on

Yes, your relocation crew should put heavy items where they are going to stay. You probably won’t be able to adjust the position of the piano that you moved later on your own. So, these large items should be positioned as close as possible to the place where you plan to keep them. The same thing goes for the sofa, wardrobe, table, and so on. However, don’t obsess over that because once you start decorating and adding more details, you might want to rearrange some things. Maybe you’re used to the furniture arrangement of your old place, but let your new space surprise you and experiment a little with the setting. You don’t have to have two exact same living arrangements.

Don’t Forget to Recycle Some of the Leftovers Packing Supplies

Another important thing to consider is recycling. You’ll probably have a lot of waste once you finish the process. Your place will be overcrowded with leftovers such as cardboard and plastic wraps that should be recycled or reused. Check out some of the places near your home where you can recycle these materials and do something important for the environment. Some of the popular places in Denver where you drop off these things are:

  • Cherry Creek Recycling Drop Off,
  • Can Land Recycling Center,
  • Denver Metal Recycling.

If You Hire Professional Movers in Denver to Help You Relocate, You’ll Have More Time to Learn How to Unpack After Moving

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