When and How to Tip Movers in Denver if You’re Happy With Their Service

One of the more awkward situations when you’re just about to finish your relocation process is figuring out how to tip movers. Don’t worry though, if you managed to find a new home to relocate to and the right Denver movers to help you do it, this tiny weird step will be no trouble at all. Besides, we are here to guide you through it and tell you all about tipping movers when you’re happy with the work they did.

Figuring Out How to Tip Movers Can Be Difficult

Truth be told, money is a sensitive topic. You might not even know how much your partner makes, let alone know how much do you tip a packing crew in comparison to others. While it might be an awkward question to pose, it’s actually not a difficult one to answer if you have enough cash in your relocation expenses checklist. There are a few routes you can take, and we’ll list all of them out. One thing’s for sure – if you are happy with the provided packing, moving, and storage services, you should reward those who worked so hard to make that possible.

How to Decide Whether to Tip a Mover in Denver or Not?

First thing’s first – tipping a mover in Denver is not obligatory, but it is welcome. It is something you should do if you feel as if a reward is in order. For example, if you think that the movers moved you efficiently, did everything on time, and were generally pleasant, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t reward them if you can afford it. However, there are definitely times when it is completely valid not to spend any extra money on workers.

Take the Difficulty of a Service and Working Conditions Into Consideration

Different relocation services require different types of effort from workers. For example, moving large items can be difficult because of their size and weight. However, packing fragile items is hard because it requires the mover to be extremely careful with valuable, breakable objects. Exactly because packing to move in a hurry is no walk in the best Denver park is why you hired professionals.

Additionally, you should take working conditions, such as the weather into consideration. If the workers helped you change your address during snowy, rainy, or extremely hot days, take it into account. So, if they gave you peace of mind and you could enjoy Denver nightlife without experiencing relocation stress, a few extra bucks their way wouldn’t be a waste.

You Don’t Have to Reward a Crew That Provided Moving Services in Denver if You Are Not Happy With the Work They Did

Did you know that the Better Business Bureau gets 13,000 complaints on average each year on account of services they got? Indeed, some of those customers had a negative experience in the broader sense, some, unfortunately, experienced relocation scams. If you, for whatever reason, end up feeling like leaving a negative review at the end of your local move, you might want to skip on rewarding the workers.

An Apartment Guide survey showed that 71% of questioned customers ended up providing bonuses for the workers. So what about the 29% – why did they choose not to? Well, in some of the following cases, you might decide to spend the initially allocated funds to take yourself out for a drink to one of Denver breweries:

  • A mover didn’t act professionally, e.g., was rude or even violent at their Denver job,
  • They came late, didn’t show up, or have shown up without notice,
  • They damaged your items in any way,
  • They lost or stole your things,
  • The process lasted much longer than agreed upon for no apparent reason.

What to Tip Movers?

Once you know in what cases you should, and in which you shouldn’t reward workers, it’s time to answer the next one: how much to tip local movers? Well, of course – it all depends. You can provide different fees and pay them out via different methods. While we’ll get to that in a second, we do think that cash is the easiest and best way of providing a fee. However, it will all ultimately depend on what kind of tip you decide upon.

Some Denver Moving Companies Have a Tipping Policy Stated on Their Website

Before you go around placing bonuses like you are in a downtown Denver restaurant, we suggest that you go to the website of the company you plan on hiring to see if they already have a recommended policy on tipping their workers. Maybe there is a preferred protocol, a preferred method of payment, or even an account number you might send money to. If not, you could always call their customer support and consult with them on what the best options might be.

Around One-Quarter of Customer Provide Workers With Flat Tips

A flat rate is one of the ways to reward workers. Basically, it means you decide on a daily or an hourly rate, based on how much you enjoyed the service. This is a great way to avoid needless calculation because you already know how much you’ll give them. Additionally, it allows you to set aside money in advance and give each worker their own envelope.

A local move most often doesn’t last longer than a day. If your move is a whole day one and involves packing, taking to storage, and relocating complex and fragile items, you should provide each mover with $40 to $60. If the move is half the length and the complexity, you can also halve the fee to $20. If you decide on an hourly rate, $4-$5 should do the trick.

Calculating a Fee As a Percentage of the Entire Cost Is One of the Most Common Ways to Reward Movers

Most people actually decide to calculate the bonus as a percentage of the entire relocation cost. Around 40% of customers decide on a 10% fee, while around 22% double the percentage to 20%. In this case, you would use the same method as in the best restaurant in Capitol Hill if you really liked the service. If you aren’t too blown away or don’t have much money to spend, you might lower the percentage to 5%.

Who Do You Need to Give the Money to?

We cut into this question a bit previously, but it is a question that deserves the attention of its own. While, again, nothing is set in stone, and a lot depends on what type of bonus you decide upon, the general rule of thumb is that you should give each person their share of money and that you should do it in person.

Another option is to give one person the entire bonus and give them the opportunity to share it among themselves. While this might be slightly less awkward because you won’t have to go up to each person and hand them an envelope, the chosen method has its downsides as well. Basically, you won’t ever be able to know for sure if the workers equally split the cash or if one of them just decides to take all the cash and go out to eat the best Denver burger.

Do You Tip Movers When They Load or Unload?

Usually, you want to leave tipping as a thing you do after moving. There is a simple reason for this. In case you decide that tipping is a thing you’ll surely have on your to-do list and that you might as well do it before the relocation is done, you might jump the gun. We are not saying you have to motivate the workers with cash, but you should watch out for any big mistakes they might make while relocating you to the up-and-coming neighborhood in Denver you decided on. Only when you are certain the job went as previously agreed upon should you provide them with a bonus for work well done.

Are There Other Ways to Reward Cheap Movers in Denver Besides Cash?

Maybe your bank account took a blow when you decided on living in Downtown Denver, and now you are wondering whether there are different ways to show the appreciation that don’t necessarily include cash. If you are not working for one of the best Denver companies and could do with a better paycheck, don’t worry. As we already said, a cash bonus is not obligatory, and yes – there are other ways to show your appreciation.

Provide the Crew With Some Food and Refreshments While They’re Moving You

Even if you plan on leaving a bonus, you should keep in mind that a whole working day of packing furniture and moving it to the storage, your new home, or somewhere else is not an easy working day. So, ensure that the workers are not hungry nor thirsty. You don’t have to make some extravagant dishes and drinks, but some coffee, tea or water would surely be much appreciated. Additionally, if you can, offer them a sandwich or something similar.

Leaving a Good Review Is a Great Free Way to Show Your Appreciation

Maybe the best way to show your gratitude, without it costing you anything, is to write up a good review. Reviews help spread the word about a company and help them get more customers, thus a greater influx of money. So, even if you can’t pay them more, ensure somebody else does by recommending them a service you were pleased with. Really, there is nothing easier!

Hire One of the Best Moving Companies in Denver Whose Workers You’ll Want to Reward at the End of the Day

Now that you know how to go about providing bonuses, it’s time to decide who you’ll provide them to. We have to say that our team is one you will want to give all of your cash to – but don’t worry, we won’t take it. Not only do we provide the best packing services and can pack your computer in a blink of an eye, but we are fair and transparent too. So, we recommend you contact us today for a free quote. And maybe even to book the best residential moving service in town with the workers who always give 110%.

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