How to Save Money to Move Out – 7 Tips That Will Help You Save Enough to Relocate in Denver

If you are wondering how big of a budget you need to relocate in Denver and how to save money to move, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled the ultimate tips and tricks to assist you turn your move as least costly as possible, without losing on the quality of the relocation and everything it entails.

How Much Money Should You Save Up Before Moving?

An average American citizen will spend around $1,170 just on moving from one up-and-coming neighborhood to another. Besides the relocation costs and fees, a move entails other expenses to consider when planning a relocation expenses checklist. A relocation budget should, of course, cover things such as a Denver movers fee, as well as expenses of deposit and rent for your new home in one of the affordable Denver suburbs. We present to you a checklist of expenses you’ll need to cover if you want to relocate within Denver without experiencing moving stress:

  • Enough cash for the deposit and first month’s rent, which in Denver is typically around $1,530 for a one-bedroom apartment,
  • Funds to cover the estimated bills for Denver utilities,
  • Renters insurance, which in Denver will cost on average between $10 to $30 a month,
  • Denver moving companies’ fee for a residential move,
  • An emergency fund of at least $1,000 for any unforeseen situations,
  • Enough cash to live comfortably, meaning to afford yourself the best burger in town once in a while, as well as a monthly visit to Denver museums or a cinema ticket.

Have Your Debts Under Control Before You Move Out

Additionally, before you move out, ensure you have debts, such as student loans, under control. This means that the ratio of debt to income for you should be somewhere below 36% – the lower the percentage, the better. This way, you won’t have to worry about each dollar you spend once you move.

In case our checklist of expenses doesn’t seem attainable yet, it might be time to read up our guide on how to save money on moving. With a few tips and a relocation hack or two, you’ll surely be able to afford living in Downtown Denver.

#1 Tip: A Thorough Declutter Will Help You Economize Your Move

Let’s be honest: most of us are hoarders in one way or another. Unless you are a dedicated minimalist, there is a chance you have a soft spot for either clothes, shoes, or mugs. Whatever your reason to move might be, know that it is a perfect opportunity to work on your bad habits, and vow that you’ll leave your hoarding days behind in that apartment in a Denver neighborhood for young professionals you are moving out of.

Before you start packing, go through your inventory and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. A declutter is important because it’ll bring up more affordable moving options, as the people you hire for labor services won’t have as many things to relocate. Additionally, if you are relocating to a smaller place, it will get you to avoid paying for a storage facility. And last but not least, it will get you to earn cash. A move is a costly venture, but if you play your cards right, it can actually become a way to make a few bucks too.

Sell Items You Don’t Need or Use Through a Garage Sale

Hosting a garage sale should be on top of your relocation to-do list. By Denver laws, you are allowed to host a garage sale that doesn’t exceed a period of two days in a row, twice a year. Advertise your sale on the Garage Sale Finder website, so all those lovers of yard sales know where to find you. A pro relocation tip is to find out early which items movers won’t move and see if you have any of those you can sell in your yard. All those things like clothing and accessories you are unable to sell, consider donating to one of many places for clothes donation in Denver. Try to avoid throwing things away, and do it only if you are unable to sell, recycle or donate them.

#2 Tip: Track Your Spendings and Make Some Living Adjustments

A few months prior to your move, make some effort to track your spendings. Even if you have a fair paycheck at your Denver job, employing small and constant savings will get you to lay aside more cash than you’d think. Create a spreadsheet of your daily expenses, and see which of your habits are too expensive to be upheld at this moment in time. Additionally, check out our list of fun and free things to do in Denver while you are lowering your spendings.

Split the Rent and Bills With a Roommate

The ultimate way for saving money to move is to find someone to split the bills with. There are many pros to having a roommate. When you are about to change your address for the first time, you are entering a future full of new tasks and obligations you never came across before. How do you set up a new internet provider? What do you do if you keep getting mail for previous residents? Having someone go with you through all these motions and bureaucratic instances is so helpful you couldn’t even imagine.

While a roommate might be a good financial choice and even amazing emotional support, be wary of whom you choose to live with. Someone can share your love for Denver nightlife or want to accompany you to the best hikes in town but fall short where it really matters when it comes to sharing a living space. Living with someone is about more than going together to Capitol Hill bars – you’ll have to share housework and make financial decisions together, so find someone who shares your views on responsibility and cleanliness rather than someone with the same hobbies. If you are unsure if you should live with a roommate or not, the following video might help you decide:

#3 Tip: Exchange Eating in Restaurants for Good Old Meal-Prep

Maybe you realize a lot of your cash goes to downtown Denver restaurants or even to the best takeout in town. While we understand that both you and the pet you’ll move with enjoy eating in great Denver dog-friendly restaurants, maybe now isn’t the time to base your eating habits on downtown delivery and evening dining. Your cash and time would be better spent by learning a few easy recipes and making home-cooked meals. Your wallet and your stomach will be thankful, and even better – you’ll be able to show off your new cooking skills at your incoming going-away party. It’ll be the ultimate party trick!

#4 Tip: Public Transportation Will Serve You Well to Reduce Spendings

If you like taking Ubers and Taxis, now might be the time to stop. While it might be convenient, especially if you need a car in Denver, it is the most expensive way to travel in the city. And actually, getting around Denver via public transportation isn’t hard, as the city has very developed transit.

Different parts of the town are well connected, and if you are unsure how to get from one point to another, you can always use the RTD app. Furthermore, if you live on the route from the Civic Center Station to Union Station, you can hop on a free bus route from the 16th Street Mall. Buses run every few minutes, so you really shouldn’t have any trouble traveling this way.

#5 Tip: Don’t Buy New Packing Supplies, Use Alternatives and Equipment You Already Have

Another pro packing tip is to use alternative or free packaging to reduce the cost of boxing up. Truth be told, new packing equipment is quite costly, and you probably have things that would work just fine as substitutes lying around your place. If you don’t think that is the case, consider going to your favorite bookshop, comic store, or even a liquor store to get some boxes. Cool places like these always have some extra boxes they could give you at no charge if you ask nicely.

Free Packing Materials Are All Around You – If You Know Where to Look

As we said, whether you know it or not, you already have packaging supplies at your disposal. We are here just to shed light on them. Here is our list of top alternatives to expensive pro equipment:

  • A great substitute for packaging paper is newspaper sheets. If you want to pack up plates or need to box up other fragile items, you’ll need cushioning for the job. Newspaper sheets can be used crumpled for wrapping or cushioning. Just make sure that if you are to pack up dishes, you dry them properly, so the ink doesn’t transfer.
  • Wrap objects with cotton clothes, towels, and kitchen cloths – Using old shirts and similar soft fabrics can be a great wrapping and padding material. Additionally, they’ll get you to reduce space when you get to box up clothes.
  • Take boxes you already have – Check your home for reusable boxes – whether it’s old ice cream containers or even old shoe boxes, you’ll surely find some that will get you out of a trip to the store and ease up the boxing up of electronics.
  • Pack things other than clothes in your suitcase – A secret hack any mover in Denver can tell you is that it’s actually better to use suitcases to pack items other than clothes when you move. Since they are soft inside, easy to handle, and solid, you can get them to carry books, magazines, and all those important documents you organized at home.

Get What You Can at the Dollar Store

For all those materials and equipment you’ll have to end up buying, ensure you don’t end up overspending. On the contrary, take the cheapest route wherever you can, as long as it doesn’t mean your items are poorly boxed up. An easy way to do this is to visit your local Dollar Store. There, you’ll be able to buy cheap scissors, tape, markers for labeling, and the like. Whether you are working for a living wage or work for one of the best companies in Denver, there’s no reason you should spend more than needed on these essentials. After all, you can pack up your pots and pans using $1 scissors just the same as with $10 ones, right?

#6 Tip: Cut Down Your Relocation Expenses by Getting Your Friends to Help You Pack

If you were wondering what’s the least expensive way to move, we have an answer for you. The ultimate way to reduce your relocation costs is to do what you can on your own and with assistance from your loved ones. To reduce how much you’ll spend on professional relocation fees, you’ll have to be realistic about tasks you can do on your own. While it might be hard to pack your furniture without expert knowledge, activities like figuring out how to pack books and finding the best way to pack your shoes can be done just with the assistance of your peers.

One of our pro tips is to exchange socializing with your friends in Denver breweries and parties at the best rooftop bars in town for some wholesome bonding overpacking. It will be good for your relationship, as well as good for your wallets. So if you want to move efficiently or have to pack to move in a hurry, turn your home into the best happy hour in Denver and get to boxing up. Your friends are just a phone call away.

Choose to Move During an Off-Season Period

Did you know that if you hire professional movers, the relocation costs might vary according to which time of the year it is? Summer is generally known to be the peak season for relocation companies, as most people move while the weather is nice. While rain and snow might turn a move more difficult, you’ll definitely be able to retain some cash if you choose to pack your computer and move it in the fall.

Contact Multiple Moving Services in Denver and Compare Movers’ Quotes

A great way to ensure you didn’t overpay for relocation services is to compare the pricing of the best moving companies in Denver. If you call up multiple ones for a free quote, you’ll be able to find the one whose fee will match your budget and get the optimal service. Additionally, it will help you avoid relocation scams, as you’ll become familiar with how companies operate. If you are afraid, you’ll get scammed while you move, turn to online reviews and former customers for more information on the company. Thorough research will ensure you get the best quality of service for an affordable price.

#7 Tip: Don’t Rush With Shopping Decorative Items and Search for an Apartment That Is Already Furnished

When looking for apartments, we recommend you don’t go around chasing the areas known as the best neighborhoods to live in, but rather look for those that suit your needs and budget. That means that, rather than choose your first home on account of its view over the best Denver parks, you should choose a residence according to how much you have to invest in it after you move. Finding a furnished place will help you tons, even if you’ll have to pay the rent a few dollars more.

It’ll allow you to skip the cost of relocating large items, and even more importantly, spending cash on new chairs, beds, and cabinets. We know that the opportunity to decorate and furnish a new place from scratch might seem tempting, but try sticking to your budget. First things first, wait to unpack and feel the atmosphere of your new home, then start thinking about adding details and decoration.

Now When You Know How to Save Money to Move, All That’s Left Is to Find Reliable and Cheap Movers in Denver

When it all comes to a draw, hiring cheap movers in Denver might end up as the least costly option. First off, paying for each part of the move separately will cost more than paying for one all-encompassing service. Secondly, if you take on tasks such as figuring out how to pack a TV, and it ends up damaged because of poor packaging, you’ll spend more on fixing it than you would on a packing service. As a company specializing in commercial relocation services that entail packaging and relocating office equipment, we can assure you that won’t happen if you hire us.

That’s why we recommend you employ Denver Professional Movers. Not only are we the best when it comes to relocating apartments, houses, and all they store, but we do it at a fair price. Contact us today via phone or email to obtain your free quote. Our friendly customer service will gladly provide you with a consultation and answer any questions you may have. Hesitate no longer – we are the right people for the job!