How to Pack Shoes for Moving Locally – 5 Quick Tips

When you plan to move, you typically spend much of your time worrying about how to move larger pieces of furniture and tools. However, understanding how to pack shoes for moving locally and other smaller belongings can be vital, as wrong methods can destroy your favorite pair. So, how do you pack shoes? Let’s take a look at some quick and helpful tips on how to pack shoes for a move.

Prepare Your Shoe Pairs on Time

How long before moving should you start packing? You should begin at least a couple of weeks before the relocation date, or even months. The first phase in this process is to make sure you have all supplies you need and precisely understand how to do this. You should organize well and make a moving to-do list in order not to make any mistakes.

One of the Most Important Tips: Sort Your Collection

Once you decide what footwear you want to keep, throw, or donate, divide it all into a few groups. You should organize them based on fabrics because every pair has its own storage needs. You can’t apply the same approach for storing leather boots and sneakers. Sorting your shoe collection properly would encourage you to do your packing on time. Also, you can put aside some pairs if you want to donate clothes in Denver.

Use the Right Packing Materials

Based on the number of footwear you own, a certain amount of storage and supplies would be needed. Although you may choose to save money by using inexpensive products such as a newspaper or tissue paper, these materials may leave stains and potentially destroy your favorite model. It’s safer to get new wrapping materials. Often boxes are required, as they provide more security for more fragile objects. You will also need some tape and a marker for labeling the boxes.

5 Easy Tips on How to Pack Shoes for Moving Day

Since footwear certainly does not fall under the category of items movers won’t move, you should start preparing them for transportation on time. Here are five easy and quick tips that will help you protect your footwear and store them adequately.

#1 First, Clean the Shoes

What’s the best way to pack shoes when moving? Cleaning shoes first, because this is an essential step. The last thing you want when you unpack is to have a bunch of dusty footwear scattered around your home. Once they have been washed and wiped, make sure each one is fully dry. If some liquids get into the box, it could quickly turn into mold.

If any of them give an undesirable smell, that can be eliminated by freezing them, placing a tea bag inside, or using the lemon peel. Once you’re done with cleaning, the packing procedure should go smooth with the supplies you obtained beforehand. The best way to pack shoes for moving is to follow the recommendations below.

#2 Stuff Them With Paper

It’s important to fill the footwear with some things to preserve their original form and shape and to help them avoid being crushed when they’re on the move. You may insert crumpled paper or other wrapping materials. It’s also a smart idea to stuff them with rolled-up socks or bubble wrap. Socks are certainly a decent choice because they will be mixed with footwear, which is practical while unpacking. Besides, you wouldn’t have to worry about where to place them.

#3 The Best Would Be to Pack Your Footwear in Original Boxes

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer you would be to use the original shoe boxes. If you kept the ones you received when you purchased your pairs, they’d be perfect. They are ideally designed to accommodate the size of certain footwear. Otherwise, do your best to locate boxes of equivalent scale. You may also ask your nearest department stores if they have some to give you.

#4 Wrap Them Up Individually

As mentioned before, stuff them with some kind of paper or rolled-up socks, and then wrap each shoe individually with packing paper. You may want to store them in pairs to prevent spending time attempting to locate the other one. Most pairs don’t need a lot of planning. However, if you own any pricey heels or boots, you may want to include an extra layer of packing material inside and out. Watch the video below to see how to wrap your sneakers properly.

#5 Prepare the Boxes for Moving or Storage

If you store your things in a storage space until the relocation to your new home, there are some extra precautions you should take to secure your favorite sneakers or boots. Because most boxes are made of cardboard, they’re not technically waterproof. That’s why you should wrap them in plastic wrap or place them in plastic containers to keep them safe before you are ready to take them to your new place.

How Do You Pack Shoes Without a Box?

Simply use a closet door organizer. This method for transporting your footwear is very convenient because it is easy to use and unpack when they reach your new residence. This is a perfect option for flats, flip flops, sneakers, and other canvas models.

Hire Our Movers in Denver If You Need Help With Packing Shoes for Moving Locally

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