How to Pack Pots and Pans – Packing Tips for Moving Your Kitchen

Most people are worried about how they are going to move a ton of clothes or books when relocating, but there is something even more challenging. If you didn’t even think about how to pack pots and pans, it is not all lost, we know some tips and tricks that can help you do it efficiently.

Although these are probably not the first on your to-do list, you will still have to take care of them at some point. If you think packing pots and pans for moving is an impossible mission, you are wrong. To avoid stress and save time, we will show you how to make the packaging of pots and pans as fast and easy as possible. Read the text below and learn how to move your cookware efficiently.

How Many Pots and Pans Do You Really Need?

Although our kitchen shelves are full of various cookware, we often prepare meals in only a few of them. We received some of them as a gift, the other ones we bought just because they were on sale. That is why it often happens that most of them we don’t use even once a year. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? So, how much cookware do we need?

It depends on many factors, and above all, how big our family is and how much time we spend preparing meals. If we cook every day and enjoy preparing appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, we will need quite a lot of them. However, if we prefer meals in downtown Denver restaurants, we should reduce their number to a minimum. The same goes for if we enjoy fast food takeout nearby.

Now Is the Right Time to Declutter

The truth is, we all have much more than we need and become aware of it only when we have to move all of them somehow. Relocation is the right time to get rid of everything redundant. Whether you’re relocating to the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals or your new home is in one of the best Denver suburbs for families, you don’t need useless cookware. The same goes for everything you don’t need anymore. You can even donate clothes in Denver and save a place in the closet for something else.

Packing Supplies You’ll Need for This Task

No matter what’s your reason to move, relocation requires good organization. To pack the cookware for moving, you have to get some basic supplies. Some of them you probably already have, and the other ones, like different sized boxes, you should buy in your local store. Here are some supplies you should get on time:

  • Bubble wrap,
  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Duct tape,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Scissors,
  • Packing papers or old newspapers,
  • Dish towels or linen,
  • Permanent marker,
  • Label.

Save Some Money by Getting Free Supplies

If you have a smaller budget, try to get free supplies. You can rely on the  Freecycle platform for this purpose. Maybe your local grocery shop has some old boxes you can use. If you strengthen them with tape, they will be functional and ready for reuse. Reusing cardboard saves money and contributes to preserving the environment, which is equally important.

If you are tired of searching for moving supplies, our packing service is here to speed the process. Movers in Denver will provide you all the necessary packing supplies. We are here to advise you, explain the whole procedure, and make sure everything goes smoothly.

How Do You Pack Pots and Pans to Move?

No matter how many you have, the easiest way to pack pans and pots is to follow these few simple steps. Take all kitchen utensils out of cabinets and find a free space where you can put them. Think about how many of them you’ll actually use. Everything you haven’t used for more than a year shouldn’t take up space in your new home. Keep only those that you really need. Give others to friends or donate them and then start preparing them for transportation.

Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide and Learn How to Pack Pots and Pans

You are only four steps away from perfectly packed cookware. For each step, you should take some time. So, how to pack pots and pans for moving? Follow these actions: prepare-wrap-pack-label. Keep in mind that it might take a couple of days to get the job done.

Sort Pots and Pans Before You Pack Them

Start by sorting cookware by size. Everything with one long handle goes on one pile and everything else on another. Place glass lids and everything fragile on one side. The biggest problem with packing a pan is that it has that one long handle. Although they are not too bulky, organizing them in boxes is sometimes a real challenge. To prevent your cookware from taking up too many packages, follow our instructions.

Before Packing, Clean Everything First

To prevent mold, ensure everything is clean and dry. Grease can damage cardboard and stain other dishes, so be sure you wash everything correctly. Don’t forget to dry cookware after cleaning. Then stack them, one on top of the other. Place the heaviest pan at the bottom, and nest smaller inside larger ones. Make groups of at least three. If you have something especially important to you, use bubble wrap and place it in a separate box. Take a look at this video to find out how to clean your cookware properly.

Learn How to Wrap Items for Moving by Following These Useful Tips

Take one medium-sized box and cover the bottom with crumpled paper. Paper on the bottom will provide protection and cushioning for the cookware. Put the largest pot over the paper. Then put a folded dish towel in it for better cushioning, and put a smaller one. Wrap every item individually. Direct contact during the transport can damage your cookware, so you should line the inside with dish towels or newspaper. Continue like this until the box is half full. Do not overload boxes because cookware is heavy, and cardboard can fall apart easily.

Fill the gaps with lighter plastic items, towels, napkins, bags of flour, and similar things. You should immobilize everything in the box and lock them in place. Wrap the glass lids and other breakable things separately in bubble wrap so that they do not break during transport. For the same purpose, you can also use dish towels or old newspapers. When you have packed everything you want, tape the cardboard to seal it and reinforce it. Finally, label the container, and if there is something fragile, mark it accordingly. Additional tip: write in which room Denver movers should leave it.

Think About the Weight

If you have many pans, arrange them in several containers because their weight can tear the cardboard. After you load boxes with your cookware, they will be much heavier than your average package. Plenty of cushioning will protect your cookware during relocation. That’s the best way to reduce vibration and impact shock. If you move only a few miles away, you can also transfer them in heavy-duty garbage bags.

They are more practical for packing and unpacking but don’t forget to tape corners, just in case. Make sure you always put crumpled papers or a towel between the two pots. One scratch will make your new pan unusable. If you move locally, you can probably transport them in your car. If you protect items accordingly, they will arrive in your new home undamaged. When you relocate, fold all garbage bags and reuse them later for trash.

How Do You Pack Pots and Pans for Storage?

If you intend to keep things in storage space for a while, you must protect them well. Moisture, dirt, and dust can destroy your dishes, so protect them properly. Tape the box with duct tape and stick a label on it. It is best to write where movers should bring it. This way you will avoid confusion when you enter your new house. Good organization will save you time and nerves, and moving hacks will save you from searching for what you’re looking for.

How Do You Pack Kitchen Items?

After you finish with cookware, move on to packing other things in the kitchen. Pay attention to other fragile items. If you don’t protect them well, your cups and plates can turn into a pile of unusable glass and ceramic. If you are not sure how to pack dishes, we will give you a lot of helpful information. Keep in mind that you should be extra careful.

We all have many of them, and to avoid breaking them during transport, they should be appropriately packed. Everybody can learn how to pack glasses for relocation, but we are here for you if you want assistance. Things are more complicated when it comes to relocating large items, like a refrigerator or an oven. When it comes to other things to transfer, make sure you don’t have items movers won’t move.

Don’t Forget to Choose a Reputable Moving Company

Now that you know the exact process of packing the kitchen’s most used items, think about which moving company to choose. It is best to entrust this delicate job to those who are already recognizable for their professionalism. We are one of the best moving companies in Denver, and we are always at your disposal. Need a to-do list? Wonder what are the most commonly forgotten things to pack? Give us a call, and we will answer all your questions. Even if moving stress doesn’t bother you now, things can change during the relocation process.

We know how to move efficiently, and our relocation tips can help you. Take a deep breath, and relax. Relocation can be a pleasant experience. Leave it to us, and enjoy the things you love. Luckily, there are many free things to do in Denver, so ensure you have enough time for some of them. Keep in mind that we are one of the Denver moving companies that provide commercial relocation and residential relocation services, so whatever you’re relocating, we have the right services that fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us.