How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Expensive Chinese tea sets, finely detailed wine glasses, a couple of sleek whiskey tumblers, or a fancy dining set are all beautiful additions to your dishware, but they can be a nightmare to move. If you don’t know how to pack glasses for moving, one mistake could break your nice expensive flutes. Here is a detailed guide with a few extra tips to help you pack your glassware like a pro.

Prepare The Best Packing Materials

If you’re relocating locally and packing glass objects, you’re going to need the right supplies to make sure you pack correctly. Box your glassware separately, and depending on how many dishes you have, you might need to buy more materials than you need. It’s important to remember that your glasses need lots of padding and support.

Items You’ll Need

The basic supplies you should have before you begin working include:

  • Packing tape
  • Regular tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving boxes
  • Markers

Stock Up on Boxes

When moving glassware, you can never have too many boxes. You’ll need several small boxes to pack your belongings in, and the last thing you want is to overstuff anything. So be sure to buy a lot of them. Get residential moving services from a relocation company near you, and they will bring plenty of materials and take care of your moving needs if you’re looking to save time and money.

Properly Wrap Your Glassware

Wrapping glassware is a lot more than just throwing some bubble wrap around it and putting it in a box. That won’t protect it when traveling through Denver traffic, so you need to make sure you cover it correctly. To start, you need to have packing paper and wrap each glass one by one, making sure to cover it with a few layers. The next step is to stuff each glass with newspaper. For added support, you can also add a layer of bubble wrap around them and tape it firmly to hold everything together.

Alternatives For Packing Paper

If you find yourself running out or can’t find any place that sells paper, you have plenty of alternative options:

  • Plastic wrap is excellent for keeping your belongings well wrapped. It clings to most surfaces and is flexible so you can pack more than one glass.
  • Newspaper is just as thin as packing paper, and you can buy it in large quantities.
  • Magazine pages work almost as well as newspaper and can be used to stuff your glasses, but you’ll need a lot of them since the pages are much smaller.

Carefully Pack Your Glasses

Once you’ve successfully wrapped everything, it’s time for the next step: getting packed. Placing easily breakable things inside a box at random may seem quick and easy, but they will quickly get cracked or broken. Try using different methods to pack your fragile items so that there’s no chance anything will break.

A Simple Method For Packing Glasses

You have to think in terms of weight and size. For example, you wouldn’t want your plates on top of glasses. A simple method to start with is to place some wrapping paper or bubble wrap at the bottom of the box for extra padding. Then place your larger glassware, like plates, at the bottom first. Be sure to add a layer in between each dish. You can place lighter and more delicate items on top. Fill in any gaps with extra paper. This method may take some time, but it’s useful and will keep your glass safe. If you have a lot to pack and fall behind schedule, you can always hire a packing service. Movers will come with high-quality supplies and properly pack your stuff.

Reinforce Your Box

Are you having some issues with a box or two? Glass is delicate, but can get heavy when relocating. To keep your boxes from tearing open at the bottom, be sure to use packing tape to reinforce them. Add a few extra layers of tape on the bottom opening. You can tape around the lower side of the box as well to make it more durable.

Be Cautious When Loading

When loading your truck, it’s important to remember how and where to place boxes in the truck, unless you’ve hired a labor service where movers take care of it. Putting your boxes anywhere they’ll fit could put them at risk of getting smashed during travel. The best places to put your glassware should be in a secure spot where there won’t be a lot of movement.

Tips for Loading Glass

You should have a plan when loading glass or any fragile items on a truck. There are already many things that need to be loaded, and placing your stuff just anywhere isn’t safe. Here are some general tips you should follow when loading your fragile items:

  • Put easily breakable items in last. You don’t want any large furniture to put any pressure or crush anything.
  • Use them to fill in any gaps underneath tables or chairs, so they don’t move around.
  • Place them on top of heavy furniture, and be sure to use a few layers of plastic wrap to hold them down.
  • Make sure that they are easily accessible. When unloading, your fragile belongings will be the first to come off, so it should be easy to grab them.

Final Thoughts

In case you are having problems, you can always contact Denver Pro Movers, and they can take care of everything for you. We are one of the most reliable moving companies in the Denver area with top-quality moving services. Give us a call to get a free quote.