How to Pack a Computer for Moving: Everything You Should Know

Relocating everything from your home can be a challenge since not all items are easy to prepare for transport. We often worry about our stuff getting damaged, especially valuable things such as electronics. You must be wondering how to pack a computer for moving, but it’s not as complicated as it may sound. We will explain how to move a desktop computer in a few simple steps.

You should know how to transport a PC properly, so you don’t end up with some real damage. Could it be worse than unpacking peacefully in your new residence and then realizing that your monitor has been broken during the ride on the truck? We assume you don’t want to experience this scenario, so stay with us and find out how to pack a desktop computer for moving like a professional mover in Denver.

Is It Bad to Move a Desktop Computer on Your Own?

If it’s done correctly and with all the necessary preparations, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t move a desktop computer. Of course, hiring one of the best moving companies in Denver to relocate your belongings is the safest way to do this. However, if you’re on a tight budget and your expenses checklist can take that hit, there is a way to do this on your own. The DIY approach may add some more relocation stress, but if you’re still determined to go that way, let’s make sure you do it right.

How to Prepare Your Device for a Relocation?

You should get the materials you need for all the parts of a PC and additional devices. We know that is the key to relocating efficiently, but before you get to use them for wrapping, you have few other things to take care of, and the preparation is the step you should never skip, trust us.

Make Sure to Back Up Your Data Before Moving – This Step Is Essential

We all know how expensive electronic devices can be. However, if your PC gets damaged during a move, money will be the least of your problems. You can buy a new piece of tech, but what about the information you lost with the old computer? That might be harder to get back. To secure your data, you should back up anything of value on your computer (or laptop, naturally). Add this task to your to-do list immediately, so you don’t forget. One of the most useful computer-related relocating tips is this – back your data twice, on cloud storage and external drive. If you don’t know how to do this, you can find a guide to a PC backup online. It may seem a bit too much, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Measure the PC and Disconnect All the Cables

Why should you measure the tower and the monitor? Knowing their sizes will help you decide what size of boxes you should use. Too large boxes will allow the PC to tumble around inside the package during the transport, and it could get plenty of damage that way. Naturally, you won’t be able to move anything with countless cables still plugged in. Before you unplug them, take a photo. It will be helpful once you get to unpacking in your new home in one of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver. Additionally, you can label the cords to make sure you re-plug them in the right place. This will save you plenty of time and nerves.

One More Essential Step Before Packing Is Gathering the Right Supplies

Adequate supplies are essential when packing electronic devices. There are plenty of options. We will list them all, so you can decide which works best for you. Here’s what you can use to protect your computer:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Moving blankets,
  • Tape and markers,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper or foam sheets,
  • Twist ties and plastic bags.

Additional Tips – What Else Should You Have When Packing?

If you still have the original packaging for your PC, that’s excellent – you don’t have to bother finding suitable boxes. Besides, the original one will be the perfect fit for your computer. Take a look around your home and see if you can find the product manual. You never know when it could come in handy, so it’s better to have it by your side, just in case.

How to Pack a Computer for Moving Like a Pro

How do you safely pack a computer? Well, one thing is for sure – disassembling it is not the answer. Not only is it more complicated than just wrapping the whole tower, but it’s also possible that you won’t know how to assemble it back. You could be tempted to do this because relocating large items such as a tower is tricky, but don’t even consider it. However, if you have some sensitive data and you don’t want to risk anyone gaining access to it, you can remove the hard drive and keep it with you.

Tips on How to Pack a Computer for Shipping

Even if you’re relocating in a hurry, you should pay attention when wrapping electronics. This doesn’t apply only to computers. Packing a TV can also be challenging. Generally, electronics are considered fragile items and should be treated as such. So, let’s get to the essential question – how do I pack my computer to move?

  • Use a plastic bag to store cables – Gather the cables you previously unplugged and secure them with twist ties, so they don’t tangle. Put them in a bag and tape it, then place the bag in the box where you plan to keep peripheral devices such as keyboard and mouse.
  • Wrap the tower – Put it in wrapping paper and secure it with tape. The next layer will be bubble wrap – it doesn’t go directly on the surface of the device as it can damage it. Of course, taping it so nothing moves during transport is a must-do.
  • Protect the monitor – You should remove the stand if possible and store it in the same way as the screen. For the screen, the first layer is paper, of course. After that, it’s time for bubble wrap. We suggest you put two layers of it, or even three if you are extra concerned about your screen.
  • Peripheral devices need the same protection – Keep them together in the same packaging to avoid losing some of them in the chaos of the relocation.
  • Place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box – This will serve as additional protection from bumps on the road. Here’s a pro tip – If you haven’t gotten around to wrapping clothes yet, you can put them as a protective layer as well.

Put the wrapped screen and tower in the box – Of course, tape the plastic sheets before putting the screen inside the package. Not so complicated, don’t you think? It’s likely easier than wrapping plates for moving. Don’t forget to add extra material to fill any residual space. Once everything is safely wrapped and taped, that is it you’re done

How to Safely Transport a PC? Here Are Our Tips

Once every box is taped and ready to head to the new home in one of the best Denver suburbs, you will be relieved, but don’t forget to label them, like you would when relocating dishes. Write FRAGILE ITEMS, or HANDLE CAREFULLY. Additionally, it would be good to write which side of the package is up so that the movers (or you, if you’re relocating items on your own) will know. You can simply draw an arrow to signal which side is the upper one. So, how do you transport a desktop computer? Naturally, we don’t need to tell you that this task is better left to the professionals. Professional movers in Denver won’t have an issue with this, but you need to know that you must be careful with the packages containing electronics if you’re doing this by yourself.

Crucial Tips for Taking Care of Packages That Contain Electronics

Never throw them – always put them down as gently as possible. Also, never put other packages on top of them, especially not the heavy ones. Preferably, the transportation time should be as short as possible since high temperatures in the truck can damage electronics. Luckily for you, the local relocation doesn’t take much time. You’ll be home in no time, and your PC will be in perfect condition. To celebrate, you can order the best takeout in Denver, or maybe treat yourself and your family to the best burger in Denver. You deserved it.

What Is the Best Way for Packing a Laptop?

Good news for you if you have a laptop instead of a desktop computer – laptops are really easy to transport. If you own a laptop bag, you can simply put the device in it. It can’t get any easier than packing a laptop. Chances are you can carry the bag with you, so it won’t be any harder than getting around Denver with the laptop on your way to one of the best companies to work for. In the unlikely case that you don’t have the laptop bag (but why wouldn’t you, though?), you can always apply the same principle as you did when wrapping a desktop computer. If you’re out of cardboard packages, you can place the laptop in the suitcase or a package with clothes or anything soft (blankets, towels).

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