How to Organize A Local Move

Organizing a local move when you’ve never done it before can be very daunting at first glance. Even if you’ve been down the road a few times and know all the best moving tips, it can still be an overwhelming and exhausting project at hand. Moving by itself isn’t the most complicated process in the world, but our lives don’t just pause while we are packing and moving furniture. 

Along with planning and preparing everything for the venture, you need to coordinate your personal life, professional life, and your future life and take care of all the tasks before the big day. Add the fact that you might not have enough time for this in the first place, and you’re looking at some stressful evenings throwing things into boxes.

In order to keep everything organized, smooth and easy for everyone involved, we have come up with the best moving tips for you to follow while you are organizing your upcoming relocating project. Take the time to give it some thought and make the entire moving experience ahead of you a much more enjoyable process.

calendar with glasses on a table

Pre-Move Prep

Grab a calendar

Putting everything you need to do before your move in a calendar can not only save you a lot of time you would otherwise waste worrying about unimportant details, but a lot of stress during the entire moving process. You will know exactly where you are, progress wise, and you will know how much needs to still be completed. Preparing your move little by little is what will result in a pleasant, smooth moving experience.

Think about your budget

Being reasonable about your budget is very important when planning your move. Hiring movers or not – you still need a lot of money to move. Remember, there are truck rental fees, gas, packing supplies, tools and equipment you need to acquire before you start moving anything. That can all add up and cost a lot more money than you’ve thought. Sit down and construct a detailed moving budget.

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Where to cut corners

If you are on a tight budget, think about where you can cut corners and save up. Whether you will declutter your entire home and sell unwanted items for money, use makeshift moving supplies or try to score them for free, or simply use the best moving tips you can find and get creative with your costs!

Moving needs

Constructing a detailed map of your moving needs and expectations is going to be very important when looking for professional movers to hire. You will know exactly what you are looking for and what the moving company is supposed to deliver. Are you looking for any special services? Is it a specific date you are looking to move on? Or is the cost going to be a dealbreaker?

person leaning on cardboard boxes

Check for utility shut off dates 

Shutting down and setting up your utilities on time is very important, on both ends. Check exactly when you need to schedule the shut off time for your utilities, and to do the same at your new home. 

Address change

Another very important task to complete before you make the move, changing your address absolutely everywhere is something a lot of people forget to do until they realize their package is two weeks late. Change your address before you move to avoid any complications and unnecessary delays.

person writing on an envelope

Hire a sitter

Hire a babysitter or pet sitter for your move – it will make the world of a difference. Make sure to do this ahead of time, so you can find someone whose schedule collides with yours and again – there are no unpleasant surprises on the day of the move, when no one needs any added stress.

Purchase door stoppers

They will definitely come in handy on the day of the move. Think about it – your movers will be going in and out of your home constantly to load up and unload the truck. Imagine how much time and nerves would be saved by having a door stopper enabling them to simply get in and out of your home on both ends. Simple, but effective. 

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Moving Company Tasks

Check online for licensed companies 

Never hire movers that are not fully licensed. You are looking at a potential scam, stolen or damaged goods, and an overall disastrous experience you probably don’t wish upon  anyone. Always hire verified, licensed and insured movers with a positive track record.

Previous customer reviews

They will tell you a lot more about a company than a company itself. Check how they fix their issues, handle their customers, and conduct their business. Are they respectable? Professional? You need to get the best possible impression of them to see if they are even worth giving a call.

Get more than one quote

Getting more than one quote is crucial even if it might seem tempting to go with the first choice. You don’t know where the grass might be greener. 

person talking on the phone writing on paper

Schedule movers ahead of time 

Moving companies are quite busy, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Make sure to call ahead of time to secure your wanted date and time for your movers to show up and complete your relocation.

Ask for a written confirmation 

Once you’ve put it on the books, ask your moving company (if they haven’t already) to send you a written confirmation of your reservation. This confirmation should include all the information regarding the services you will receive on the day of the move, so read it carefully and thoroughly.

Confirm your move

A day before your scheduled date (or two) your moving company might contact you via email or over the phone to confirm your reservation. Make sure to check in with them and let them know that everything is good to go.

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Packing Phase 

Purchase moving supplies 

Make a descriptive, detailed list of moving supplies you need to purchase to pack up for the big day. Visit the hardware store and try your best to complete it all in one trip – so you don’t have to go more than once.

More is more 

Purchasing a few extra boxes will be a much better idea than having less than you need. Always have extra supplies on hand, as it is better to be safe than sorry.

girl with boxes

Get markers and colorful labels

Not only will this motivate you to get creative and pack up quickly, but it will also come in handy when you are labeling your boxes in detail. Comprehensive, descriptive labels are very important to keep everything organized during your upcoming move.

Create a packing station

Instead of having your supplies around the entire house, designate one space or room to a packing station and keep all of your supplies in one spot. It will be easier to locate everything you need, and you will have much more sense of organization when everything is where it belongs.

couple packing in a room

Pack room by room 

Instead of being hectic and packing which room you like the most that day, try packing room by room and staying as organized as possible. Start with the rooms you use the least and progress in that manner throughout your entire home. 

Label your boxes and it’s contents 

The more detailed you are with your boxes and the contents packed inside, the easier it will be for you to unpack at the destination address.

couple labeling boxes

Create a list of items 

As you are packing, create a detailed list of items that you are moving so you can check them on and off the truck at both locations and ensure nothing gets left behind or stolen.

Don’t overfill or leave empty spaces 

This might seem contradictory, but it is actually simple. Every box should be easily carried by someone who isn’t a mover. So, keep them under 50 pounds – hence the “don’t overfill” part. Heavy items = small boxes. Light items = big boxes.

Leaving empty spaces in your box, meaning not filling them with padding material like packing peanuts or newspaper – can result in your box contents breaking due to shifting inside the box. Keep your items secure and padded generously. 

Always wrap breakables 

Before you pack something fragile in the box – give it some generous wrapping. You will thank yourself later when it arrives in one piece.

items wrapped in wrapping paper

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