10 Quick Tips on How to Move Efficiently

Are you considering a local move, and you are curious about how to move efficiently? You’ll find many useful tips and hacks in the following text and master every key factor for an effective relocation. If you do not have the expertise and resources to do this by yourself, you can still get support from one of the Denver moving companies. Denver Professional Movers will make your relocation seem effortless while you focus on other tasks. Now let’s take a look at some tips on how to efficiently pack to move.

#1 Create a to-Do Checklist

How can I make moving easier? If you are wondering this right now, you are in the right place. The first step is to compose a detailed moving to-do list in advance. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always ask friends and family who have already gone through some sort of local relocation for help. Whether you are living in Downtown Denver and looking to move to some of the best Denver suburbs for families, or vice versa, staying organized should be your top priority.

Making a Moving Expenses Checklist Is Also Useful

How can I make moving less stressful? Creating a proper moving expenses checklist is really helpful if you don’t want to spend too much money on your relocation, you’re on a budget, or you’re relocating to some affordable Denver suburbs. Try to remain economical and meet the spending limits that you calculated in this checklist. If unforeseen expenditures are encountered, consider lowering the expenses for some other phase in your to-do list. Of course, if you are not sure how to adequately allocate your budget, you can always turn to some of the local Denver moving companies for help. Remember that you’ll also need some money for your moving away party.

#2 Sort All the Items and Declutter

Transporting your heavy belongings from one location to another can be challenging. Therefore, the smartest thing you can do is to get rid of the objects you no longer need in your new home. Go through all parts of the house and see if there is any stuff that you no longer use or that is damaged, and start sorting them. Create three stacks:

  • The first one should be for the items that you are bringing to a new location,
  • The second one should be for clothes to donate in Denver or sell,
  • The third stack should be the things that you intend to throw out.

#3 Tips for Getting the Right Boxes

It is imperative that you pack your belongings in adequate boxes. It would be best to get new containers of different sizes, which are durable and not damaged. Of course, in case you can find some for free, it would be an excellent thing for your budget. Visit local stores and ask the owners if they might have some boxes that are in good condition that they no longer need. If you have some original containers, they are best for protecting some things like shoes and electronic devices. Also, do not forget to mark them with labels or stickers.

Pack Different Groups of Shoes in Separate Boxes

If you do not have the original shoebox, try to find one of a similar size. Do not forget to remove the dust before wrapping the shoes and putting them in boxes. Also, arrange them into groups by type, season, or material. Cover the shoes with wrapping papers and put them in different packages.

Use Original Boxes for Electronics and Secure Them Well

Using original boxes for delicate appliances is the best choice. Specific devices are complicated to pack, so do not leave them for the last minute, but think about how you’ll adequately protect them in advance. Be sure to cover the appliance with bubble wrap, blankets, or papers in case you have to put it in a box that’s not original. Wrap the bottom of the container with tape and put padding inside.

Protect Fragile Items With Padding Materials

When wondering how to pack dishes or what’s the easiest way for packing glasses for relocating, one of the basic guidelines you should obey when packing fragile items is to cover each object with bubble wrap individually. Place heavy items on the bottom and stuff empty space with padding. Do not forget to tape the bottom of your container, and consider leaving some space on the top, which you can stuff in with more padding materials. Take a look at this video for more advice on protecting fragile items.

Color-Coding Labels

Every time you seal a box, you should label it. That way, you are always going to know which box is in which location. You could use color-coding to label your containers. Apply colored markers or labels to visible places, and you won’t have any problems unpacking everything in your new house. Match color coding with numbers if you want to be even more organized. Write everything down as you place objects in the container, and then allocate a number to the package. That way, the color shows you the location in which your containers will be placed, and the number will show you exactly what objects are in it.

#4 Get Additional Packing Materials

If you buy the correct packing supplies, you can be sure that even the most delicate objects will be protected in all this clutter from boxes and heavy furniture. Start preparing and add the following supplies to your packing budget:

  • Blankets for relocation,
  • Wrapping paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Trash bags,
  • Duct tape,
  • Markers,
  • Newspapers,
  • Padding.

#5 Start Packing on Time

How do you move efficiently? Good organization is the best approach. Sure, this is far more feasible if you have sufficient time for planning ahead and begin with the preparations. Just because you think that you have a lot of time, you shouldn’t procrastinate. Also, you are going to avoid the chaos and be more in control.

Do One Room at the Time

Going room by room is the most convenient way to prepare for a relocation. Also, when you have help, this will go much faster. Each individual can be in control of a separate space, no matter whether you employ skilled Denver movers or ask your family for assistance. This way, you’re going to avoid the crowd in the hallway and stay more coordinated and constructive.

Start With Packing Things From Storage Space First

If you have a special storage space, garage, or basement where you store belongings you occasionally use, it’s a great idea to prepare them first, particularly if you have time to prepare in advance. Begin from things you don’t use daily, pack books and seasonal clothes for starters. That way, you can prevent moving stress and have more time for other essential things. A pro tip is to take a look at some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack in advance and take care of them first. Also, don’t forget to check which items movers won’t move.

#6 Take Pictures Before the Move-Out Day

Another useful idea is to take photographs of box contents, so once you begin unpacking, it will be easier to track what is where. If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled, you can also take pictures, so you do not have to put those tiny parts. The same goes for electronic devices and cables. You can also take pictures of your old home interior design arrangements, in case you want to try and do something similar in your future home.

#7 Pack a Bag With Essentials

While you are organizing everything, you might not remember to prepare an essentials bag for the first day in your new place. Since you are probably not going to unpack everything as soon as you arrive, having your bag ready can save you the problems of trying to dig through stuff and look for pajamas or toothpaste. Pack chargers, personal documents, clothing, personal hygiene products, and towels in a special bag with you. This will enable you to enjoy your first night in a new home without additional stress.

#8 Keep Clothes Inside of Drawers

This is one of the great moving hacks that will save you a lot of time. You do not have to pull the clothes out of the drawers and place them in the crate individually. You should leave them inside the drawers and secure the entire dresser with tape. This can save you plenty of space and resources. When you arrive at your location, you can unpack the whole dresser and put it anywhere you want.

#9 Put Large Furniture First in the Truck

What should you move first when moving? When you start loading a truck used for relocation services, you need to load it with heavy items first. They require the most storage space, and you can simply stack the containers around them.

Disassemble Large Pieces if Possible

If any parts of furniture can be dismantled, it’s always safer to do this before transportation. It’s going to be better for you and your assistants to lift these parts and load them into the vehicle. The crucial part when you disassemble the furniture is to keep a record of all the little parts like screws and put them together in smaller zip lock bags. Do not forget to put labels on every bag, because these little parts can get lost easily.

#10 Don’t Forget to Clean Everything

Once all the packages are loaded into the truck, all that’s left is to scrub the house down. To make everything easier, remember to set aside a mop, towels, old rags, trash bags, and cleaning supplies. When all the furniture is gone, you’re going to be able to access the surfaces you haven’t been able to clean before. If you are relocating at the last minute and forgot about the cleaning supplies, you can use some of the household products from your kitchen. For instance, you can use baking soda for cleaning just about everything in the house.

Clean Your New Home Too

There won’t be a better opportunity to thoroughly clean your future home than before the best moving company in Denver arrives to unload all of your household items. So use that time wisely to clean everything, but if you think space requires a bit of painting or remodeling, do that on time, because once you begin unpacking, it will be much more complicated.

Hire Professional Moving Company in Denver, and They Will Teach You How to Move Efficiently

How do I move like a pro? Well, we have shown you some relocation tips and hacks you can use to move efficiently. But the ultimate tip is to hire the best moving company in Denver. Our local moving services in Denver provide residential moves and commercial relocations, as well as packing services. All you need to do is to contact us and pick the most suitable date for your local move. You should spend your time finding the best hikes in Denver and the best parks in Denver if you are moving with pets, or try some of the free things to do in Denver while our Denver movers take care of everything for you.