How to Move a Piano Like a True Professional

The question of how to move a piano is a strenuous and potentially dangerous task best left to professional Denver moving companies. Even when relocating locally just down the block, doing it on your own can result in damage to the object or, even worse, injury to yourself. We are here to guide you so you can avoid all of that, so tune in for some helpful tips.

What Is the Easiest Way to Move a Piano?

No matter if you are living in downtown Denver and relocating to some of the best Denver suburbs to raise a family or just down the block, this task will be hard. Not only do pianos weigh from 300 to 1000 pounds – but they also have around 10,000 parts in each key. So, can you move a piano by yourself? Sure, but the easiest and the best way to move a piano is to hire a mover in Denver for the job. But, if you want to cut expenses on your moving expenses checklist and put this task on your moving to-do list – worry not – we come bearing tips so you can do it safely and successfully.

A Quick Guide to Things to Do Before You Start

You can’t simply get on with this task. Some organization and planning are necessary beforehand, much like you need to sort out your Denver utilities and plan a moving-away party before you move. So, grab a beer from one of your favorite Denver breweries, sit back, relax, and take notes.

Get the Equipment You’ll Need for Moving a Piano

In order to move your instrument safely like professional movers in Denver, you will need to attain the right kind of equipment, so here are some essentials needed for the task:

  • A dolly is a must for moving an upright piano,
  • A board of the appropriate size helps when moving a grand piano,
  • Blankets and tape for both kinds of pianos to protect your instrument and the floors from scratches,
  • Straps and a screwdriver.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Friends to Help – You Can’t Make It on Your Own

DIY doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself. Offer friends and neighbors the best takeout in Denver for help. It would be good if you could assemble a group of strong people who have already had experience with carrying heavy objects. They should be wearing appropriate clothes, gloves, and sneakers with good traction.

Plan the Route to the Truck

Before you even think about starting – measure everything. And we mean everything. The instrument, the door, any stairways on the way, and the path to the truck, and the same in your new home. You should also measure the place you plan to put it in your new home. That’s one of the most commonly forgotten moving hacks, but you don’t want to be stuck halfway through and to have to move the heavy object around, do you?

How to Move a Piano: Moving Upright vs. Grand Piano

There are different strategies and approaches to take when dealing with upright and grand pianos, particularly due to the difference in size. But, worry not as we come bringing tips and guidance for both.

How to Move an Upright Piano?

Wrap the whole instrument, from key to pedals and all sides, with a thick blanket. Tape the blanket to secure it. Put the four-wheel dolly close to it, and then carefully hoist it onto the dolly with your helpers. If you are lucky, you won’t have stairs on your way; if you do – tread carefully. There should be at least two people positioned on the lower part of the stairs, as they will be the ones carrying most of the weight. The person or people on top will be directing the way.

How to Move a Grand Piano?

Lower the lid and disassemble the pedals and legal with a screwdriver. While you are doing it, make sure your people are in place to hold the instrument when the legs get removed. Wrap the instrument on all sides with a blanket, then secure the blanket with tape. After you’ve disassembled the instrument, you and your crew should carefully tilt it on the board and secure it with straps. You can navigate the stairs with the help of a ramp, and once you’ve successfully moved the instrument, assemble it again and re-tune it. Take a look at how this YouTuber managed to move his instrument, follow his steps, but don’t do it alone.

If Possible, Call Denver Professional Movers for Help

Pianos are among the hardest and most complex things to move. There are even moving companies in Denver that specialize only in this task. So, it’s best to actually call professionals and let them handle it and get away from all the moving stress. How much does it typically cost to move a piano professionally? Between $500 and $1,500, depending on the size and whether you choose insurance. Denver Professional Movers offer residential moves but also packing services. We are great at what we do, and our rates are affordable. If you want our services – you can contact us and request a quote, but if you decide to do it on your own – we hope we’ve helped with these tips, and good luck!