Why is Hiring Professional Movers Better Than A Self Move?

Have you ever moved before? Have you moved in your adult life? And have you ever been the one planning, organizing, or accommodating? In a word – have you ever been in charge of a move? Have you ever hired one of the companies hiring Denver professional movers, or have you done it on your own? Maybe your answer is ‘no’ to all of the questions, maybe just to some of them. But even if you moved before and have some experience in it, anticipating a move is never a stress-free process. 

Choosing the date, defining the budget, communicating with other parties involved, supporting your family members if you are moving your household. There are a lot of things to think about.

One of the first and most important choices to be made is whether you should hire Denver professional movers or handle the move on your own. Both options can be the right choice at times, depending on what you need and what are the circumstances. However, we find that in pretty much every situation hiring professional movers is a better option than having a DIY move. If you’ll allow us, we’d like to guide you through our thinking process and show you what our long experiences in the moving industry have taught us. We will try to answer the question ‘Why is Hiring Professional Movers Better Than a Self Move?’.

1. Budget

When we talk about the things people are most concerned about when planning such an important event the move is, budget planning is certainly one of the leading topics. In general, people consider hiring professional movers to be quite an expensive thing, but trust us when we say it doesn’t need to be that way! There are so many different options among Denver professional movers you could hire, by the price that would suit you. All you need to do is to know how to find the right option for what you exactly need!

Before starting to make any other decisions, make sure to set the limits for your budget. Even though accommodating a move on your own might sound like a cheaper option at first, there are many small expenses that once summed up, actually don’t make a small amount at all! People often say that for pretty much the same amount of money they could’ve received professional service! This is especially accurate if the move is smaller, and can be done with 2 movers and a truck, for example.

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The best way to start looking for some budget movers is to do your own little research. The simplest and fastest way to do that is to go online! All the important information can be found there. Top-notch movers will care about their public image. Public reviews are the right place to check for the word of mouth of the company’s previous customers. You can find some important information that can guide you to decide that a company is truly not what you are looking for, and you can find many red flag signs. But make sure to be careful when reading comments. Bear in mind that the fact an issue happened doesn’t mean you should give up on a certain company.

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen even with the most careful and motivated movers. Quality movers will make sure to communicate with their customers even if there were some hiccups on the way. That is why even if you see some comments about the issues, you should as well pay attention to how the company handled them. 

After you find some of the Denver professional movers you find interesting, start calling for some quotes! We always recommend you to check for more than one company, as that way you can actually compare their pricing, their terms of service and simply feel the atmosphere. Make sure to communicate freely and openly to the company’s representative as that is the only way to ensure they will truly help you with exactly what you need from this move.

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The most important thing is to get accurate information on their charges, minimum hours of charge, and any potential additional fees. Once you collect them, you will be able to compare them as well.

2. Time

It is always best to plan your move on time. That means it is best to have enough time to think about all the details and prepare with no time pressure. Of course, that is not always possible. Same-day movers are quite commonly demanded, and many people are looking for last-minute movers as well, scheduling their moves only a couple of days upfront. When this happens, it is completely expected that you find yourself under a lot of stress, especially if you don’t have any moving experiences in your adult life.


Hiring professional movers is much better than a self-move in case you do not have enough time to plan this important event the way you would like to. By hiring movers to help you on short notice, you are giving away a lot of control to the safe hands. Professional movers are trained experts in the moving industry who handle people’s belongings on a daily basis. If you need to hire residential movers, office movers, or maybe storage movers, make sure to inform the company upfront so that they can prepare and bring the necessary equipment.

The main advantage of hiring movers when you have not enough time to organize leaves you with the responsibilities and organizing details that no one but you could do – maybe some procedures and documentation needed for move accommodating. The movers are on the other hand in charge of organizing the move day, and if you hire top-notch movers, the only thing you need to think about that day is to open the door for them and check if everything was moved at the end – they can handle everything else!

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3. Skill

We are indeed the ones who know our belongings and our space best. We exactly know the features of our furniture pieces, for example, and we know which ones need special care even though they might not look that way. That is why we are often prone to believe that we are the ones who can secure them, pack them, and move them the best way. Many will think that when it comes to residential moves, there are no specific skills needed, but just physical strength. But is it truly like that?

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If the only items movers needed to move on a daily basis were books and shoe boxes – we feel quite safe to say the moving services wouldn’t ve existed. But of course, that is not the case! Even the most regular household items need special care and protection in order to avoid damages, and there are many specific hacks on securing them during transportation, as well. Imagine your dining table and chairs, for example, your TV or a chest drawer. These things seem to be pretty regular, right? But if you don’t protect and carry them properly, scratches, nicks, and dents can appear quite easily.

We won’t even start to mention the specific items that obviously need a different approach such as pianos, gym equipment pieces, or maybe a glass table. The more heavy, bulky, or fragile the item is, the more skills for its moving are needed.

taping a box

The one thing we’d really like to bring your attention to are the expectations when it comes to the damages. The main goal of every move and every serious professional moving company is to deliver your items safely and sound in a reasonable amount of time. But please bear in mind that no matter how hard movers try, damages can still happen, as accidents can still happen. There are no movers who can guarantee no scratch, and if they do, trust us, they aren’t telling the truth. Quality movers will always be honest about what they can and can’t do, and so we invite you to be open to the honesty of the movers as well – in case they assess they can’t move your double door fridge, for example, that only means they care and find the safety of your belongings their absolute priority.

4. Stress

We have already mentioned stress is one, unfortunately, in most cases inevitable part of the move. We find stress in every important life event, so why would the moves be excluded, right? Moves always mean a new life chapter, even if they are not strictly residential ones. Each change and anticipation of what is about to come bring a certain amount of stress with it as well. But could we make any differences between the stress we feel if we accommodate the move on our own in comparison to the stress we feel when we hire professional movers?

Having more responsibilities is what brings more stress. When you decide to have a self-move, it means that absolutely every single detail needs to be planned by you – from the idea to the unpacking. This process is exhausting! Just from starting to choose a date, organizing your days off, organizing the kids and their school activities, buying packing materials, making a list of items as a reminder, finding a vehicle, communicating with the HOA, finding the storage unit,

packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking… Ouch!

stressed mom

There is a lot on this plate, and we might be full even from just looking at it. Still, some people with great organization skills and help from their family members and friends manage the moves on their own very successfully, even though under pressure. But what happens if you don’t have this set of skills and you find this is overwhelming? What if you simply don’t think you can handle more stress than daily life already brings?

We think this is quite relatable, and that it is the reason why we find hiring professional movers to be way less stressful than a self-move. As we have mentioned previously, your responsibilities on executing the move are at the minimum, depending on how pleasant you feel letting the movers do the work on their own. The point is they can do it on their own completely! And if you decide to hire movers and packers the situation gets even less stressful as you don’t need to think about the packing materials, or how to pack – on that very day you could completely relax!


To conclude…

As unbelievable as it might sound at first, our long work experience has shown that having motivated movers whom you can trust affects the entire experience, feelings, and memories of such an important life event. No wonder we carry the name of Denver Professional Movers, as we have had the privilege of helping so many people in the area to relocate and have a fresh beginning. If you are looking for a move in the Denver area, and you are looking for top-notch, motivated movers with a lot of experience, you are at the right place!

We are honored to invite you to check the services we provide by checking our website or calling our kind representatives who will present you with our services. For more information click HERE .