A Quick Guide to Getting Around Denver

Transit options in an area are some of the most important things to consider when relocating to another part of a metropolis. Luckily, you’ll be getting around Denver, Colorado, without any difficulties. Even if you don’t own a car, the local transit system provides numerous alternatives. From buses and trains to taxis and going on a bike ride, here’s all the information you need to navigate the city from your new neighborhood.

Is Denver Easy to Get Around?

Considering how developed Denver’s transit is, we can safely say you’ll be able to get almost everywhere without significant problems, no matter which part of the metropolis you’re relocating to. The best way to get around Denver, Colorado, is the Regional Transportation District (RTD) light rail routes. The system also operates the local buses, but it’s more challenging to plan a route this way. By navigating the streets, you’ll get a better feel of some up and coming neighborhoods in Denver. Going on foot is also a great option, with many cool places in Denver located within walking distance from one another.

Can I Live in Denver Without a Car?

You might be wondering how to get around Denver without a car. You probably won’t need one to get to most places in and around the city. Driving is a good option if you’re planning to go on some of the best hikes near Denver in the nearby Rocky Mountains. Relying on other forms of transportation is better if you want to avoid expensive parking and endless jams.

The RTD App Can Guide You Through Denver, Colorado

As with any big metropolitan area, navigating Denver’s streets can prove tricky, even for locals. This is where the RTD’s system comes into play. By downloading the RTD App, you’ll be able to track specific transportation options, their departure and arrival times at a particular stop, and much more. Most importantly, there are more of these apps, and some are even completely free. For additional information, you can always look up the Trip Planner. The video below describes the future of rapid transit in the city and its current routes and location.

RTD Runs the Denver’s Light Rail

The system’s nine lines service 53 stations across both downtown and the best Denver suburbs. The first trains depart just before 4 am and continue to run till around 2 am, although this varies on different routes. The ride has varying costs depending on how far you’re traveling.

How Much Does It Cost to Ride the Light Rail in Denver?

The city area is divided into several zones. Rail Fare Zone C marks the city’s outskirts, while Zone A represents the center. A one way trip within a single zone or two costs $2.60, but traveling farther will cost you up to $4.50. If you’re primarily going to rely on the light rail for transportation, purchasing a ten ticket book is a better deal. Depending on the zone, it can cost from $23.50 to $40.50. Another great option is to get a day pass: $5.20 for travel within a zone or two, or $9, depending on the suburbs included. A five-day pass costing from $26 to $45 will get you unlimited traveling to just about anywhere. You can purchase these online or from vending machines found at each station. Just remember, your one-way ticket will be automatically validated as soon as the purchase is completed.

The Airport Rail Enables Easier Transportation

Commuting from Denver’s International Airport (DEN) to the center is fairly simple. One-way tickets cost $10.50, and there are some discount options. To get here, take a train from Union Station. Departings occur every 15 minutes between 6 am, and 8 am, and each 30 minutes afterward. Including the Union Station, the line serves eight stations in total.

You Can Get a Free Trip on One Bus Route

Over 125 bus routes are operated in the city and the nearby area, running almost 24h/day throughout the year. A one-way ticket costs from $2.60 to $4.50, depending on whether it’s for a local (one or two zones) or regional line (three zones). You’ll pay your fares in cash when boarding, but make sure you have some spare change, as the drivers won’t pay you back the excess if you overpay. If you’re going to be using the bus frequently, purchasing a ten ticket book is a good deal, costing between $23.50 and $40.50 depending on the zones. There’s also a free bus route from the 16th Street Mall, which connects the Civic Center Station to Union Station. A bus is available every few minutes, with departures starting at 4:59 am on a weekday, 5:30 am on Saturday, and 6:30 am on Sunday.

Book a Taxi, Uber, or a Lyft

If you don’t have a car, these are good alternatives for getting around the area. While you can hail a cab from the street, it’s better to arrange one in advance or find one outside a major hotel, where they tend to group up. The start costs $2.50, with each mile adding $2.25 to the meter. Additional passengers also add to the total, $1 per person. Uber and Lyft also operate in the area, so download their apps to arrange a pickup. These are a great option when planning to have a few drinks at local Denver breweries, as you’ll be unable to drive anyways.

Walking or Riding a Bike Is a Good Way of Getting Around Denver

Miles of paths dedicated to bikes make biking a very popular option in the city. For example, follow the 15-mile long path from Cherry Creek State Park to Cuernavaca Park. If you don’t have a bike of your own, you can rent from a local bike shop or pick one from Denver’s bike-share program. Going on foot is another good way to go about in the area. Walking a bit after visiting one of the Downtown Denver restaurants is healthy and a great way to immediately burn some of the calories.

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