Donate Clothes in Denver

Are you cleaning out your closet for a new season or decluttering ahead of local relocation and want to know where you can donate clothes in Denver? We’ve made a list of best places to drop off clothing donations in Denver, so you can focus on your moving to-do list, so you’re ready to go when your Denver movers come knocking.

Where Can I Donate Clothes in Denver?

There are many programs and clothes donation bins in Denver where you can drop off your unwanted clothing and give back to the community. Who is the best organization to donate clothes to? Scroll down for more information on cool places in Denver where you can donate your gently used clothes.

Who Will Pick up Donations for Free?

If you are busy trying to figure out how to pack glasses for moving or can’t find the time to drive your things yourself, some organizations will pick up your donation for free, while you can order the best burger in Denver or some other best takeout in Denver and enjoy the privacy of your home. You can even organize a pickup online at Pick Up Please or contact any of these organizations:

  • AMVETS – AMVETS collects donations for local American veterans and their families. Fill out the form online, pack the boxes, and leave them outside for AMVETS volunteers to pick up.
  • Goodwill – This beloved charity will pick up things you wish to give away and put them to good use.
  • Habitat for Humanity – Habitat for Humanity organizes free pickups once a week and works with those affected by homelessness.

Can I Donate Damaged Clothes? Yes, Some Organizations Would Thank You for Those, Too.

If you are stuck with a bunch of garments that aren’t in good enough shape to be worn by someone, but you still feel like they can serve a purpose – you have options. These garments usually end up recycled and the proceeds also go to a good cause:

  • Red Apple Recycling – RAR helps many humanitarian causes, including helping schools with little funding to become the best schools in Denver. They accept garments in all conditions.
  • USAgain – You may have noticed their green and white recycling bins – they’re all around the city. They help various causes like people in need and the environment.
  • Some clothing stores – Some clothing stores like H&M and Levi Strauss will accept your old garments and have them recycled, and in some – you’ll even get a discount.

1.  Dress for Success – Give at-Risk Women a Leg Up

If you want to be a part of someone’s success story, give to Dress for Success. This charity collects gently used clothing, shoes, even accessories, and unused makeup, and gives them for free to at-risk women on the way to getting a job. If you are a woman with a suit you won’t wear – help fellow women break the glass ceiling and aid them in their quest for success. Contact them for more information or to schedule a drop-off.

2.  Donate to Clothes to Kids and Make a Child Happy

Clothes to Kids charity helps children from low-income and crisis families. They have them over at their boutique and let them choose the clothes and shoes so they can be ready for school just like the kids from the best neighborhoods in Denver for families. They accept new or gently used items appropriate for school, and the items should be clean, and ready-to-wear upon delivery.

Information on How Clothing Is Accepted in the Boutique in 2020

Due to COVID19, Clothes to Kids are extra careful and they put safety first, so they have developed a new delivery method for 2020. They now accept donations on Friday and Saturday between 9 am and 3 pm. The method is the following – you pull into the loading zone, wait for a volunteer, and empty the items into one of their bins. Then the volunteer will take it. They also recommend you take the things out of the plastic bag and take the bag with you, to reuse it.

3.  Denver Rescue Mission – Standing With the Less Fortunate

These non-denominational Christians have made it their mission to stand with a fellow human in need. So, among other things, they collect clothes and shoes for those affected by poverty and homelessness in the community. They accept donations at their loading dock on weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. For more information on what they need most at any given moment, visit their website.

4.  Volunteers of America Colorado – the Mission

Volunteers of America Colorado is a charity with over 50 community service programs to support the most vulnerable among us. One of those programs is The Mission and it provides meals, clothing, job assistance, and many more. They accept donations from 9:30 am to 6 pm. For more details on how to deliver and what they need most, visit their website.

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