Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Denver

If you’re moving to Denver with dogs, you already know that the city loves pets. There are many dog-friendly restaurants in Denver where you can sit and enjoy good drinks and good food. Having a pet with you there isn’t against the policy, so you can have your furry companions when you want to go out. Here is a guide to some of the most dog-friendly places in Denver.

Where Are Dogs Allowed in Denver, Colorado

When it comes to pets, specifically dogs, Denver loves its furry community and has plenty of locations. There are great dog parks, trails, pet stores, and outstanding pet-friendly restaurants for your pups to enjoy. So if you’re moving with pets to another part of Denver, Colorado, you and your furry companions are in for a pleasant surprise.

Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard Has a Dog Menu

If you’re looking to take the edge off of some of the recent moving stress, you and your canine companion can get some great grub from this restaurant. With the address in Berkeley, one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals, Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard has great menu options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has ample outdoor seating for you and your pup to enjoy.

The Best Fast Food Place for People and Pets

There are five different locations throughout the best neighborhoods to live in Denver, and all of them allow pets with plenty of outdoor seating. You can enjoy some of the great menu options like their guacamole bacon burger or their tomato and pesto breakfast sandwich. You can even order your pup one of their PawBender treats – a cup of vanilla custard topped with doggie treats and peanut butter.

Good Times Burgers and The Pawbender

Your dog can enjoy some of GTB’s nice PawBender treats for free when you bring it in during the month of July.

Forest Room 5

For lovers of the outdoors and good grub, of course, Forest Room 5 is the perfect spot for you and your canine companion. They have a great selection of food and drinks, like their fantastic Forest Room sliders (both Kobe beef and vegetarian.) It’s a great choice to enjoy a night out on the town or just stop by and bring your pup for lunch. It’s located in Highland Park, which is considered one of the up and coming neighborhoods in Denver.

Experience the Outdoors of Denver, Colorado Inside

This restaurant has a great indoor arrangement and an even better outdoor space. It’s made to look like you’re in the wilderness at a campsite. It’s excellent for your pup as they get to go around and sniff and enjoy the pleasant surroundings while you can eat, drink, and enjoy yourself on one of the most dog-friendly patios in Denver. You can easily make a reservation on their Facebook page, and they’ll even answer any of your questions.

Black Shirt Brewing Company

The Black Shirt Brewing Company is not only one of the best Denver breweries, but also a great restaurant where you can get all kinds of great food and drinks. This brewery is located in the neighborhood of Cole north of downtown. You can even bring your pup to the outdoor patio they have.

Great Drinks, Great Food, Great Music, and Dog-Friendly

The Black Shirt Brewing Co. specializes in red ales, IPAs, porters, and saisons. They also serve appetizers and salads. You can even make your pizza with several different toppings. While enjoying your pizza appetizers and beer, you can listen to many of the live performances. Your pup can come along and share in the joyous atmosphere on the patio or just relax at the outdoor beer garden.

Share Some Good Times with Your Pooch at The Watering Bowl

Located in Washington Virginia Vale, near the city center, the Watering Bowl is a great location to enjoy some good grub and good drinks. You can also bring your furry companion for some fun and plenty of treats. You can try some of their cool bar foods like their green chili pizza or Philly cheesesteak burrito. If you’re in the mood for drinks, you can go in during their “yappy hour” for an all you can drink experience that lasts until closing hours. If you don’t have any plans for relaxing in your moving to-do list, add this to your list.

So Many Activities and Options for Your Pup

The Watering Bowl is excellent for your canine companions as they get to run around and enjoy the dog park attached to the patio. They can even relax and have fun, and you can even use the pool area with the family. They even have “hot dog” birthday parties, weddings for your pooches, and who can forget the bark-mitzvahs to celebrate your pup’s Jewish right of passage – to that, we say mazel-paw! You can see many of these parties on their Facebook and twitter pages, and maybe yours will be included.

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