Do You Need a Car in Denver, Colorado?

There are numerous advantages to having a car, but with good alternatives, you might not require one after you relocate. If you’re wondering, do you need a car in Denver, it all depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences. Let’s go over some details about driving and other transportation and commuting options in the area.

Do You Need a Car in Denver?

Having a car is always useful. For example, if living in one of the best Denver suburbs for families, having a ride of your own might be necessary, especially if you have small children. Renting one is always an option, but when looking for a rental, don’t forget to check the airport, since downtown has only a few rental agencies. Furthermore, to experience some of the best hikes near Denver, you’ll have to travel outside the city limits.

Can You Live Without a Car in Denver?

Living in Denver without a car is not impossible. You might be wondering, How do people get around in Denver without a car? Even when living in affordable Denver suburbs, most of the city’s locations can be accessed through public transportation. Other popular means of commuting include biking and walking. It’s also good to rely on these other options if you want to save some money since a rental and parking can get expensive.

Does Denver Have Good Public Transportation?

With the continued development of the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) systems, getting around Denver is becoming more comfortable and more accessible. The system operates many forms of local transportation, including the light rail system and buses. By using an RTD app, and there are many of these, you’ll be able to see departure times and stations along a specific route. Another great perk of using transit is that it’s convenient for moving with pets. Just make sure that they’re sitting on your lap and are not blocking the aisle. Now let’s go over some of the most important information about the transit.

The Light Rail Allows for Easy Transportation to the Airport

The RTD has nine lines servicing 53 stations citywide. The trains start departing at 4 am and continue to do till about 2 am, which can be different for any specific route. Rides have varying costs that depend on the distance traveled, with the city being divided into several zones. When traveling within a single zone or two, a one-way trip will cost $2.60, while you’ll pay up to $4.50 if you go further outside. There are even day pass options and ten ticket books if you’re frequently traveling. You can also register online for a monthly pass to save up some money. Denver’s International Airport (DEN) is the fastest way of getting out of Colorado. A one-way ticket costs $10.50, with trains leaving Union Station every 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day.

If You Chose to Travel by Bus, You Might Require a Guide at First

With over 125 routes in the city and nearby areas running almost non stop, buses are one of Denver’s most important transportation systems. The ticket costs are the same as trains, with ten ticket books costing $23.50 to $40.50. However, you might need a guide since the bus routes can be confusing, so if you require any help, you should refer to the Trip Planner for more information. Unlike the light rail, there’s a free bus route. Departing from the 16th Street Mall, its course covers the Civic Center Station and Union Station.

Other Options for Commuting Besides Public Transit

While driving is quite popular here, as traffic worsens, it’s a good idea to check out some other forms of transportation. Furthermore, you want to avoid driving if you’re going to visit some of the best Denver breweries. Two of the most popular alternatives include biking and going on foot.

Explore the Area on Foot

Sometimes it’s better to explore your new neighborhood on foot. How else are you going to run into some of the cool places in Denver? This also enables you to navigate the streets much better early on, and it’s also quite healthy. If you’re living in the center, this option is especially viable.

Biking Is a Healthy Alternative to Transit in Colorado

What makes this option so attractive are the locals’ biking paths. Miles of trails are scattered throughout the area, and there’s a 15-mile long path going from Cherry Creek State Park up to Cuernavaca Park. In case you don’t have a bike, you can get a rental from a bike shop or find one through a bike-sharing program. If you want to know more about the local biking culture, check out this video.

Top Places for Living if You Don’t Have a Car

While the public transportation system makes it easier for suburbs to commute without using a car, downtown neighborhoods still have the most options. Whether you’re planning to use public transportation, go on foot, or ride a bike, here are some neighborhoods to consider calling home when you don’t want to use a car:

  • Capitol Hill is one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals. Being close to the downtown area allows you to finish plenty of errands without stepping into transit.
  • Downtown is a pretty obvious choice, and the region’s transportation hub Union Station is just around the corner, being one ride away from anywhere you want to be. Looking for some of the top Downtown Denver restaurants is also easier on foot.
  • City Park West is one of the up and coming neighborhoods in Denver. It has decent bike lanes, making it an excellent choice for cyclists. Hopping on Denver’s B-cycle (local bike-sharing system) will get you quickly anywhere you want.
  • Cherry Creek is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver, with its shopping center and numerous restaurants within walking distance.

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