Party Mode On – Denver Nightlife, Bars and Clubs You Have to Visit

The Colorado capital is the second-largest city in the Mountain West region, making it an urban entertainment and cultural center. As the population grew, so did the Denver nightlife, now featuring incredible amenities that can suit just about anyone. If you’re looking for a place to go out once you move here, this guide will show you only a small fraction of all the fun opportunities you’ll experience in the capital.

If the exciting night activities are the main reason why you’re relocating here, take a look if the places that interest you are still open. Numerous establishments had to close or change their work hours due to the pandemic. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, check when each venue is open before heading out. Fortunately, there are plenty of cool places in Denver that are still operating.

Does Denver Have a Good Nightlife?

Many Denver moving companies claim that people have various reasons to move to the Colorado capital, the most common ones being its incredible daytime activities. However, numerous things to do in Denver nightlife are also responsible for making it an attractive destination, especially among the younger population. Some of the top neighborhoods for young professionals in Denver, such as Lower Downtown (LoDo) and Capitol Hill, are also home to a wide variety of unique late-night opportunities.

Is Denver Dangerous at Night?

Since the state capital is the largest metropolitan area within an 800-mile radius, it’s not surprising that people wonder if it’s safe to walk around at night. Although it’s quickly growing in size, most of Denver’s neighborhoods are still relatively safe even during nighttime. If you’re not traversing one of the safest communities in Denver, avoiding less populated areas in the evening is highly recommended. Keep to the main streets and sidewalks, and you shouldn’t run into any problems. Fortunately, getting around Denver is easy even during late hours, as cabs and public transportation run throughout most of the night. Just remember to install an RTD app before going out.

The Bar Scene Is an Integral Part of Denver Nightlife

If you’re asking, “What is there to do in Denver at night?” you must not have heard about the city’s extensive bar scene. Most of the time, you’ll be able to find a spot to hang out even if you’re not living in Downtown Denver. Numerous dark lounges, casual watering holes, and quirky speakeasies guarantee that you’ll never get bored of exploring new venues.

Downtown’s Scene Has Everything From a Casual Grill to Sophisticated Hotel Lounges

It’s no surprise that Downtown’s scene has some of the city’s top bars. We recommend you start the night at 54thirty Rooftop, one of many excellent rooftop bars in Denver. Located on the 20th-floor of Le Méridien Hotel, the lounge offers an incredible view of the city in an open-air environment. Next up is Howl at the Moon, one of the livelier bars with a party vibe, perfect for having a few drinks before hitting the clubs. For a more casual outing, stop by Appaloosa Grill. Besides some excellent spirits, the employee-owned establishment serves great American comfort fare. It also features some of the best no-contact food delivery in Downtown Denver.

If you’re looking for a spot with a more sophisticated interior, check out the Death & Co located inside The Ramble Hotel, this Colorado branch of the famous New York venue offers a variety of drinks, so take the time to explore its extensive cocktail list. You can also stop by Union Lodge No.1, a charming speakeasy that serves 19th-century-inspired cocktails in a prohibition-inspired ambiance.

You Can Find a Good Bar Near You Even if You’re Not in the Center

Although Denver’s central districts have the most bars, you can still find good establishments in many up-and-coming neighborhoods in Denver. Take a look if you have some of these venues near you:

  • Williams & Graham – This prohibition-era speakeasy is one of the top places you’ll find in Highland. The spot offers excellent handcrafted cocktails, but it also has a wide selection of desserts and small plates.
  • Hudson Hill – One of Capitol Hill’s finest lounges, Hudson Hill is serving breakfast and coffee by day and beer, wine, and cocktails at night.
  • The Monkey Bar – This low-key unpretentious hangout in Lincoln Park features a jukebox and numerous games such as pool, darts, making for an overall easygoing atmosphere.
  • Occidental – Another Highland venue whose extensive menu offers everything from beer and cocktails to one of the top burgers in Denver. The location features a punk-theme decor, and there are some throwback arcade games as well.

Since they were built during the prohibition, many speakeasies had secret entrances. Some of them still have them today, so take a look at how you can enter a few of these interesting venues.

Remember to Book a Table When Visiting Some of Denver’s Most Popular Clubs

Clubs may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Denver Downtown nightlife, but there are all kinds of places where you can dance till the morning. Some of the best nightclubs in Denver are part of the SoCo Nightlife District. The family business runs five unique venues, so you’ll definitely find something that suits your interests. The Church is a renovated chapel turned dance hall with several rooms, all with different music, while Milk is a nod to Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

Finally, Club Vinyl spans four levels with excellent dancefloors and outdoor seating. The best thing is that once you buy a ticket for one, you’ll gain access to all other places too. These venues are all pretty popular, so you may want to book a table and bottle service in advance. If you had fun, remember to tip the hosts, and you may get even a better spot next time.

The Best Nightlife in Denver Is Not Always in the Center

The city’s landscape is so diverse that you’ll be surprised to find out you can find a good nightclub almost anywhere. For example, although the Civic Center is known for housing numerous Denver museums, it’s also home to La Rumba, a club all about Latin dance. As everyone can enjoy this type of music, the venue attracts a diverse crowd across all categories. Don’t worry if you’re not good at dancing, as you can come back for a lesson almost every night.

If you’re looking for something entirely different, check out the Grizzly Rose in the North Washington community. The music venue is often used for public events such as concerts but doubles as a country saloon and nightclub. Besides the country-inspired interior, the place features a mechanical bull and live music six days a week.

LoDo and Other Central District’s Neighborhoods Have Excellent Breweries

The central district is the perfect place to visit if you want to try some of the city’s excellent beer. Start your tour at the Great Divide Brewing Co, one of the top breweries in Downtown Denver. The intimate, lively spot offers some of the locals’ favorite craft brews like the Imperial Stout, the “Yeti,” or the Farmhouse Ale “Colette.”

The Rock Bottom Brewery‘s award-winning brands include everything from White Ale and IPAs, to various Red and Dark Ales. The outdoor area often hosts live gigs during summer, while the indoors have several pool tables for those who prefer a more quiet environment. You can even get some growlers to go, and in case you get hungry, the trucks out front serve some delicious foods.

Featuring an industrial-style interior, the Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery is the perfect spot to try unique and exotic brews. Try out their grapefruit Radler, Belgian Tripel, or the Salted Nut Roll Stout.

There’s an Excellent Brewing Company in Every Direction

We barely scratched the surface with Denver breweries. While the city center has some excellent breweries, you can also take a look at these next few brewing companies:

  • Little Machine Beer – Located in Jefferson Park, this brewery is known for serving very diverse craft beer in an energetic industrial setting.
  • Coors Brewery – The famous company’s production site in Golden is one of the world’s largest breweries.
  • Avery Brewing Company – This Boulder family-run business produces several great ales and lagers.
  • LowDown Brewery – Besides excellent housemade brews, this Capitol Hill establishment also offers some tasty comfort foods.

Numerous Restaurants Run Late Into the Night

While most establishments have snacks or smaller bites on their menus, there are plenty of Downtown Denver restaurants where you can soothe your hunger even after most of the bars have closed for the day. Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox‘s enormous multilevel venue serves excellent cuisine till 1:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays. After having a delicious meal, you can also enjoy some of the bar’s excellent cocktails.

Illegal Pete’s chain of Mexican restaurants works even further in the night on weekends (until 2:30 AM). When it comes to burritos, tacos, or any other specialties, you won’t find better Mexican takeout in Denver. They even do food deliveries, very neat for those that want to avoid waiting in line to order. Finally, if you want a good old American burger at 2:00 AM any day of the week, you can have it at Cherry Cricket Ballpark. The restaurant also offers delicious mac and cheese and jalapeño poppers.

Experience Some Excellent Cuisine on an Eating Tour

If you’re a foodie interested in experiencing the city’s various cuisines, you might want to go on one of the excellent food tours. While daytime touring is much more diverse, the nighttime itineraries also have several places that you can visit. For example, the Weekend Brunch Party Buss Experience is one of the more unique tours, as all your food will be served on the bus, eliminating the need to wait in lines.

We Barely Scratched the Surface With Fun Late Night Activities

Since Downtown Denver is the city’s main entertainment district, it’s no surprise that it offers the largest variety of activities in the state. The opportunities are endless, so the choice is only up to you and your personal preferences. Take a look at what else you can do here besides drinking, eating, and partying:

Explore the City’s Comedy Scene

Did you know that the Colorado capital has a developed stand-up comedy scene? If you want to spend an evening watching some hilarious sketches, the Lion’s Lair Lounge is the perfect place to do so. While it starts at 10:00 PM on a Monday, the comedy show is one of the top free things to do in Denver. If you can’t make it to the party, the Bug Theater has excellent performances with plenty of guests last Saturday of every month. The RISE Comedy is also a perfect place for stand-ups, improvs, and even classes. We also have to mention Downtown’s Comedy Works, a stand-up bastion for both up-and-comers and veterans alike.

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