How to Get the Best Denver Jobs in 2021

The state capital is the largest city within an 800-mile radius, so it comes as no surprise that it has one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates. Despite the global recession, plenty of excellent Denver jobs keep entering the market, but the employment competition is only getting more intense. The good news is that this guide will help you learn everything you need to make a good resume, rock the interview, and increase your chances of landing the perfect gig.

Relocating to one of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver will bring you closer to the action and give you more opportunities to expand your business network. Hiring even cheap movers in Denver will make the process much more comfortable, as you’ll have a lot more time to focus on other things on your moving to-do list.

The State Capital Offers Plenty of Opportunities for Those Who Want to Work

A recent Wall Street Journal article ranked Denver’s job market as the third-best in the US, at least among the places with over one million residents. The capital is only one of Colorado’s five cities that have managed to rank on their list, with Boulder taking the top spot for those under a million residents. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as tech giants such as Google and numerous start-up companies opened their doors in the city and its suburbs. The whole metropolitan area is brimming with opportunities, which means you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding all kinds of work.

What’s the State of the Current Job Market?

At just 2.5%, Colorado had the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in the US before the global COVID-19 pandemic had started. By the end of April 2020, unemployment has skyrocketed to a whopping 12.20%. Fortunately, it has been reduced to 8.40% as of January 2021. Although the Colorado Business Economic Outlook (CBEO) for 2021 shows that the state won’t fully recover from the losses brought on by the pandemic, it’s expected to recuperate a third of the estimated job losses. That’s around 40,500 listings, spread out over nine different industries.

What Fields Have the Largest Growth at the Moment?

The CBEO projects that the leisure and hospitality industries will experience the largest gains, with over 19,000 new positions, a 7% increase from 2020. Transportation, trade, and Denver utilities are expected to gain around 15,000, or a 3% increase from the last year. Finally, several other industries, from the private education and health sector to natural resources and manufacturing, are expected to see raises of about 0.5% to 2% each. Of course, you should never take these numbers for granted, as one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in Denver is sure to have an opening in your desired field.

Update Your Resume With New Information

Before you can apply for any position, you’ll need to update your resume. If this is your first time applying, you can find many useful CV templates online, most of which will cover several crucial sections:

  • Education – While you’ll often need more to get the gig, having the right education will help you a lot during the application process. Graduating from the top universities and best schools in Denver is almost a guarantee you’ll get to the interviewing phase.
  • Experience – Having an abundance of experience in the field you’re about to apply will put you ahead of many other applicants. Not only will you have a better chance of getting to the next phase, but you may also negotiate a bigger starting paycheck or even a higher position.
  • Additional skills – Knowing how to handle various useful skills may give you an edge over other applicants who have similar educational backgrounds and experience levels.

Focus Only on Things That Can Help You Get the Position

The key takeaway is to only use information that can help you get the position you applied for. If you have a lot of experience in a field that has nothing to do with this job opening, it might be better not to emphasize it or even leave it out of your resume altogether. Cramming your CV will only distract the employer from the things that matter, and they may even give off the impression that you can’t tell what’s important. That’s why you need to cut down your resume to a maximum of two full pages.

You Can Find a Variety of Denver Colorado Jobs Through a Simple Search Online

Since the market is filled with all kinds of opportunities, and we’re still in a global pandemic, it might be better to start your search online. Fortunately, there are several excellent websites you can use when scouting for work:

  • LinkedIn – One of the best social networking services on the market today. It’s a perfect form of free marketing, as it allows you to connect with a large group of professionals offering either full-time or part-time work.
  • Indeed – The website aggregates results from all other websites, allowing you to find a position that matches your interests quickly.
  • Connecting Colorado – A website that only lists state-specific openings.
  • USAJOBS – A federal government website with extensive employment information and listing.
  • Craigslist – Postings for all kinds of work.

Networking 101 – Having the Right Contact Will Put You Ahead of Your Peers

While you may think that going through the listings is a perfectly acceptable way to find the best jobs in Denver, Colorado, a significant number of openings never see the light of day. It’s not uncommon for employers to redistribute these new spots among their close contacts and known associates. They also encourage employees to suggest third parties for positions within the company if they have the necessary skills.

Having a contact in HR or the hiring department is an excellent way to get a good gig at one of the best companies to work for in Denver. The best thing about networking is that it gives you the opportunity to get the job before it reaches the market, eliminating most of the peer competition. If you don’t have any close connections to someone in high places, you want to learn where you can meet the people in play (in a non-stalking way, of course).

The best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals often have lectures and meetups where you’ll have a perfect opportunity to get to know the people from your field, which, in time, will allow you to build a strong network of contacts. Who knows, maybe you’ll hear about an opening over a drink at one of the excellent rooftop bars in Denver. If you’re an introvert, who’s not sure how to network, check out the video below.

Relocating to the Suburbs Will Give You New Employment Opportunities

If you’re living in Downtown Denver, but you can’t seem to find any good opportunities, you might want to consider relocating. After all, employment is one of the most common reasons to move, and some of the best Denver suburbs have numerous excellent companies that are regularly recruiting. While you may be losing access to some superb food delivery in Downtown Denver, the suburbs are filled with new employment opportunities.

Of course, if you don’t want to move for work, you won’t have to, as getting around Denver is easier than ever before. You won’t even have to drive, as the city’s public transportation system is very easy to follow. All you need is an RTD app, and you’ll be good to go. In case you do decide to move, start looking for Denver moving companies right away.

Preparing for the Interview Can Help You Land Better Denver Jobs

Many people apply for positions that are way above their current level of experience, so it’s no surprise that often, only 10% of all applicants get to the interviewing stage. If you do get called in for an interview, you should try to learn more about the employer and the position you’re applying for. Looking up some of their past projects or knowing about their customers will give the impression that you’re already invested in the company, making you a serious candidate. Engage with the interviewer and ask them things you’d like to know about the company and their business, but leave the salary and potential raise talk for a later date.

You Want to Avoid Drinking the Night Before the Interview

While a single drink may help you relax, it’s never a good idea to spend the evening before the interview at one of the best happy hours in Denver. The risk of suffering a massive headache is bad enough, but the late-night drinking session will also leave you feeling exhausted in the morning. All in all, you won’t be nearly as presentable for the interview, which can leave the employer with an impression that you’re not serious about the position. Overall, it’s very unprofessional, so it’s better to postpone the tour of the Denver breweries after you get hired.

You’ll Get Plenty of Rejections on Your Job Search in Denver

Don’t take it too personally if you get passed over for a position. Sometimes the employer has a clear picture of what they’re looking for, so perhaps they just found someone who fits their ideal profile a bit better. Still, if you get passed over the same position at ten different companies, maybe it’s time you work on your presentation skills. Hiring a career coach and doing mock interviews can significantly boost your confidence and point out any flaws in your approach.

Expanding Your Resume Will Increase Your Chances of Landing a Position in the Future

It would help if you were to focus on expanding your resume, and volunteering is an excellent way to get into a particular career path. While it will significantly reduce your overall budget, you can always move to one of the more affordable Denver suburbs until you get back on your feet. Look if a company you’re interested in has an internship position and start from there.

Learn More About Your Rights as an Employee

Now that you’ve managed to find a job in Denver, you should learn more about your rights as an employee. Fortunately, Colorado laws protect you from various violations that may occur in the workplace, and some of the more important rights include:

  • Freedom from discrimination – Under the state’s Job Protection and Civil Rights Act, employees have the right to work free from any form of discrimination. This also means that employers also need to provide appropriate workplace conditions for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals.
  • Safe working conditions – Every employer needs to follow the safety regulations set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The organization’s guidelines cover various issues across numerous professions, with the goal of keeping the workplace safe. In case you do get any work-related health issues, the employer is obliged to cover your medical bills.
  • Minimum wage and paid overtime – The state has a minimum wage law, and since January 1st, 2021, the minimum rate has been raised to $12.32 per hour or $9.30 for tipped employees. If you’ve worked over 40 hours in one workweek, you have a right to overtime pay, which is worth 1.5 times the regular rate.
  • Lunch break – While the employees don’t have to take the 30-minute lunch break, the employer does have to offer it. However, unless the nature of your work prevents you from leaving the workplace, they’re not obliged to pay you for it. So if you were looking forward to eating the best burger in Denver, you’d need to stay half an hour longer to finish your shift.
  • Bathroom breaks – While the lunch is not paid, the law states that you get a 10-minute rest for every four hours you’ve worked.

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