How to Have a Cost Effective Local Move

When you are moving on a tight budget, it is only natural that you will be looking for good ways to reduce the moving cost.

First and foremost,when you are moving, you need to sit down and think about how much money you can afford to spend on your move. Even if you are planning on moving by yourself or to hire professional packers and movers, it is still going to cost you some money. Everything comes to mind that you may need to buy and there is always more and more stuff that you will add to your moving packing list, but let’s try to help you keep those costs to a minimum. If you are moving somewhere nearby it means you can save a lot of valuable time and money. If you are moving long distances, there are still ways to save money. Good planning is definitely the key for saving money and having a good and well organized move.

No need to buy packing material

Things like cardboard boxes and old newspapers can be very useful to you during the process of moving. If you have lived in the area you are moving from for a very long time, then you can look for the boxes in nearby shops and stores. You most likely know the people who work there and they are mostly willing to give you those for free rather than throwing it away in the dumpster. By taking the boxes and old paper you help them clean the workplace and you help yourself save money and make it easier for yourself to move.

  • Old newspapers can help you a lot if you pack things like plates, glasses, some vases and valuable paintings. All that stuff you want to save from scratching you can wrap in old newspapers and provide some good protection.

If you have planned the move several months in advance and you are thinking about your budget, then you may have some old magazines or a wrapping paper that will help you in protecting your belongings. Duct tape is also never enough to prevent all those boxes from tearing.

  • Extra tip – use your suitcases and garbage bags for packing. Also, for protection of your fragile items you can use your blankets, towels, socks, old t – shirts.
metal boxes

Ask your friends and family to help you!

Are you a good friend? Well then you are lucky because these people you have been helping all these years and maybe some close family living nearby are the same people who will be your packers and movers in time needed. Gather a couple of good friends, let each of them bring an empty box, newspapers and duct tape, let them arm themselves with good will and be of good help to you. Maybe you can squeeze in some beer and some barbecue just for them. Of course, ordering pizza is also a good way to thank them for their help.

woman with boxes

Make a moving packing list

Making a moving packing list is similar to making a moving inventory list, but on this list you will just list the items that you will pack and move with you, but also you will list the items you need to buy and services you need to pay.

One thing that can save you a lot of money is the cancellation of your internet, phone, and cable on time. Most of the utilities are easy to cancel so keep that in mind when you want to save some money next time.

  • By decluttering your home first, you will save yourself some time and money as you will learn in the text below.

Declutter by selling things you don’t need

You are moving on a budget and you got all that stuff that you do not need any more? You can improve your budget by selling everything you don’t need anymore, but also you will make it easier for yourself to pack, because you will only pack things that you will take with you to the new place.

Little things you don’t need and you know that they will be helpful to others, such as toys your kids have outgrown and maybe you too, you can sell them at a yard sale. You will make some money and stack up your budget, and people who visit your yard sale will ,for sure, be satisfied.

One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure.

Other things you really don’t need and you can’t sell them, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and other wardrobes, donate to those in need and donate them to charity. You can actually do this all year long so you will avoid stockpiling in your home. I do this every time the winter is over and I go through my spring and summer clothes, whatever I can find that I will definitely not wear again – it goes to charity.

couple surrounded by boxes

Search for discounts online

If you are a person who is up to date with technology and if you use the internet every day, then you must have come across a site that provides coupons or monitors discounts on all branches of the Internet. Therefore, if you are not able to organize the people around you on time and get everything you need to move, it may be best to look for some coupons or discounts for some budget movers or hire movers, but with some discounts.

Some companies will offer you a discount if you make a reservation with them, so make sure to contact several different moving companies and see which one offers a better deal. Even if they don’t mention the discount, you can always ask for it, it doesn’t hurt to try.


Unplanned repairs

As the move day is getting closer, and you are on a tight budget you start to notice the holes in the walls that are bigger than you remember, carpets are dirtier, furniture is torn and you need to fix all these so you can leave your old home nice and shiny for the new tenants.

All of these problems you can solve by yourself and it will be cheaper than calling some professional cleaning, painting and carpeting services. You can learn how to do some small repairs on the house just by watching youtube videos.

Those friends and relatives who will help you with the moving can also help you with tidying up the place. You can make some lunch from the leftovers from the fridge and empty it because the fridge will need 2 days to defrost so you can move it. Buy some beer and have a good time with your friends on that day.


Schedule your move on time

If your budget gives you a chance to rent a moving truck or even hire the whole crew of professional packers and movers, you need to do it as early as possible.

Just scheduling a date many months in advance can save you a lot of money. Planning ahead is a very useful thing and should be used more often not only to help the budget in this case but you will have plenty of time to deal with other things related to the move itself.

And if you are flexible on moving days, consider moving during the winter. Winter is the cheapest time for hiring moving companies and the prices are low and cheaper for you. Also, if you want to save even more, schedule your move for a weekday not a weekend.

person holding pen

Moving with your own vehicle

If you have a bigger car and you are moving very close to your current location it is a very good way to reduce costs. The money you made from yard sales and selling of the items you didn’t need any more can be very helpful in these situations.

You can pack and move the smaller items with your car and by doing that you will lower the time professional movers will spend on your move. Professional movers can move only the bigger furniture with their truck. Bear in mind that most professional and licensed and regulated moving companies have a three hours minimum charge for the job they do.

  • So, for example, if your move should take six hours in total, you should definitely transport everything you can with your car before the move day, so when the move day comes it should only take exactly three hours for the professional movers to disassemble, transport and assemble the bulky items you have.
a man with a van

Estimate how many trips you need to make to transport your smaller items and boxes and is it cost effective to do it that way? If it is not, if you calculate that you will spend more money on the gas, then you should just leave everything to professionals.

If you are only moving the big furniture, there is always the option to rent only the truck large enough to fit everything and to do it yourself. You will still need help to load and unload the furniture, so bear that in mind. If you are lucky enough to have a friend that owns a truck, it will not only be an easier move for you, but your wallet will also be very grateful.

Hiring a professional moving company

There is always an option to hire apartment movers. This will save your precious time, and in some cases – money. Things will be where you imagined and in one piece. Your partner will be grateful to you for not having to do anything but just talk about where the items should be placed and all this will be done professionally, quickly and efficiently and in an instant you will be in your new home ready to enjoy and relax with your family.


Some moving companies charge by the hour and some by the weight and size of things. With these tips, decide which option is more cost effective for you.

If you are still calculating and thinking about your options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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