5 Capitol Hill Denver Bars You Should Visit

You need to relax with your friends and catch up about everything in one of the Capitol Hill Denver bars. We’ll help you with this guide to find the coziest places where you can celebrate your move and start a new life in the most vibrant Mile-High City neighborhood.

Here It Is: A List of 5 Capitol Hill Denver Bars Where You Can Grab a Beer, Snack, and Enjoy

We all love to have our local bar where we can have a drink with friends after work, and in these bars, we feel like in our living rooms. The best feeling ever, right? These five bars will grab your attention, each of them in a different way. From Charlie Brown’s Bar and Grill, where you can listen to piano music, all the way to City O’ City, where you can eat vegetarian food and enjoy their two-hour-long, happy hour with some exciting drinks in their bar.

If you’ve been through moving stress during your relocation, it’s the right moment to take some time for yourself and explore the local bar scene. It’s one of the best and fun things to do in Denver Colorado, and if you don’t know where to go, it’s time for a relaxed evening in one of the bars from our list. Let’s go.

Charlie Brown’s Grill and Bar – Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Charlie Brown’s has a long and vibrant history incorporated in its narrative for more than 80 years. Its story includes one judge (Ernest A. Colburn), one hotel (Colburn hotel, a part of Denver’s local chronicle), many stories from the prohibition period of American history, and one famous American novelist (Jack Kerouac). Once upon a time, Jack used to drink a lot in this bar. Neal Cassady, who inspired him to write a novel, “On the road” was there with him.

Don’t Skip These Couple of Things in This Capitol Hill Restaurant

You don’t want to miss great piano performances in Charlie’s that you can hear from 6 PM every day. Also, this bar is famous for its karaoke nights, when the atmosphere gets happy, easygoing, and relaxed.

There’s a great selection of wine, beers, cocktails in this bar, and everyone can find something for himself to enjoy in this friendly place. You can also grab a bite of the delicious food they offer here. You can try Mexican, Greek, and Italian food in this place. Check their other specialties from the menu and working hours on their website.

Hudson Hill – the Classiest and Most Charming Place on Our List

This classy but not uptight place became a favorite bar for many Capitol Hill’s inhabitants’ afternoon chitchats. They love this restaurant and bar because of its modern look. Hudson Hill is one of those places where you can spend a whole evening in great friendly conversation with your nearest and dearest.

What to Drink or Eat in One of the City’s Best Bars

Before you go out for a drink with your friends in this bar, you might want to eat something. Check some of these best downtown Denver restaurants and enjoy your dinner there.

What you shouldn’t forget to try in Hudson Hill is one of their signature cocktails, everything from ‘Copycat’ with smoked black tea, vodka, and ginger, to ‘Passionfruit Jungle Bird’ with Campari, lime, and vanilla. We also recommend these cocktails from their selection:

  • Rye Classic,
  • Apollo Kid,
  • Johnny Thunders,
  • Suavecito.

Visit their happy hour from 4-7 PM from Monday to Saturday, and check their website for more information.

City O’ City – Healthy Choices Even When You Drink Cocktails

One thing that you’ll feel in this place for sure is a beautiful, healthy atmosphere that is a part of their concept and their menu as well. The staff is always friendly and ready to help you choose the most delicious drink or meal for yourself. Whether you want to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner here, there are many organic, gluten-free options for you to choose from.

Try Some Cool Non-Alcoholic Cocktails During the Happy Hour From 3 to 6 PM

Let’s talk about non-alcoholic cocktails over here. They can be the right choice for those who want to go out for a drink with friends, and they don’t drink alcoholic beverages. One of those cool cocktails is called ‘New fashioned’ and has lyres American malt, orange peel, and spiced syrup.

Don’t worry; they also serve regular cocktails, and you should try some of those. For example, ‘Hibiscus resistance’ sounds like an exquisite combination of hibiscus tea, Rittenhouse rye, honey or agave, cinnamon, and lemon.

Lala’s Wine Bar and Pizzeria – a Place Where You Eat and Drink Well

Just like every Italian trattoria, Lala’s has fantastic food that you’ll enjoy very much. You must try their Napolean-style pizza and pasta because they taste so good. And what tastes so good combined with pizza or pasta? Wine, of course. Make sure to check on their website, special offer for Sunday supper.

Every Wednesday, at Lala’s, there’s a girl night, where you can take your girlfriends for a glass of Italian Prosecco and have a lovely night out. Wines are available by the glass, you can also take a ⅓ or ⅔ of the bottle, so you can mix and match your food and different kinds of wine.

Lowdown Brewery + Kitchen – Have a Beer With Your Crew

This is a neighborhood brew-pub where you can hang out with your buddies, drink a beer or two, and talk about sports, politics, or cars. The Guys who opened this pub have 25 years of brewing experience. LowDown Brewery has many things to offer, and the staff’s favorite is a beer called ‘Selfish’ that belongs to the Pale Ale kind of beer.

What Else You Have to Try in This Pub?

They offer a bit different food than you would expect in a brewery. They have a seasonal menu made of fresh ingredients from local farms, and they offer pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and more. In case you’re craving meat, and you’ve been wondering where to try the best burgers in Denver, take a look at our list.

No Matter How Good of a Driver You Are, Leave Your Car at Home Before You Start Bar Hopping Around Capitol Hill

It’s important to be responsible and not to drive when you drink an alcoholic beverage. You can always take a walk after a couple of drinks and not put anyone in danger. On the other hand, if you drink one of those non-alcoholic beers or cocktails, you’re free to go and have a safe ride. If you still don’t have a car, and you’ve been wondering, do you need a car in Denver? We got all the information you need to know about this topic.

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