Where to Find the Best Takeout in Denver

Unpacking after a relocation can take some time, and you’re starting to get hungry. Since you’re in no mood to cook right away, you go online and look for the best takeout in Denver. Because the coronavirus pandemic is still going strong, plenty of restaurants and bars have takeouts, so you don’t have to go out to eat if you don’t feel safe. Here are some excellent restaurants where you can get meals on the go.

Italian Food Delivery in Denver CO

If you’re in the mood for some Italian food, there are several restaurants spread out through some of the best neighborhoods to live in Denver that have what you’re looking for. There is something for everyone, from soups, pasta, and pizza, to wine and desserts such as gelato and tiramisu.

You Will Never Run Out of Options

There are plenty of restaurants that offer Italian takeout during the pandemic. Here is some of the best delivery in Denver:

  • Chow Morso offers the ultimate experience with a selection of added provisions such as dry pasta and asparagus bunches. You can pick up the order curbside without entering the restaurant. They deliver Tuesday – Saturday from 4 pm – 8:30 pm, and you can order online.
  • Odyssey Italian Restaurant is now offering its Monday night’s special throughout the week during the shutdown. You’ll get a free baguette and a Caesar salad by ordering pasta for $8.95. Open six days a week (closed on Tuesdays) 4 pm – 10 pm. Check the menu here.
  • The Tavernetta experience can’t be replicated with takeout, but you can rarely experience cuisine like this at home. The service is available daily from 5 pm – 8:45 pm.
  • Cattivella is located in one of the up and coming neighborhoods in Denver. It has plenty to offer, like salumi-topped pizza and well priced Italian wines. The service is available from 3 pm – 8 pm on Tuesday-Saturday. Check the menu here.

Best Takeout in Denver for Those Who Love Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisine is very popular in America. There are a few really good Denver food delivery places where you can order delights from the East. For starters, you can check out Uncle Ramen, where you can order many types of ramen, duck, spicy chicken, Tokyo ramen, and many more. There’s also canned and bottled sake. Both locations offer meals on the go.

Some Businesses Offer Meals for Very Low Prices

With many people being severely financially affected by the ongoing pandemic, it’s heartening that some business owners go out of their way to help those in need. Zoe Ma Ma is one of these businesses offering weekly specials that include a meat sauce (chicken curry and pork) with fresh vegetables and rice. The meals are sold for whatever the customer can afford. Check the restaurant out on social media.

Best Delivery Food in Denver With a Taste of America

When looking for takeout, the most popular option is usually anything involving meat and fried specialties. Some of the best Denver takeouts will give you a taste of the southern delicacies:

  • AJ’s Pit Bar-B-Q offers ribs, briskets, beef, and everything meat-related, with plenty of great side dishes, like baked beans and the amazing cornbread. Check out the menu here.
  • Noble Fry-It is one of the Downtown Denver restaurants. Formerly known as Noble Riot, now serves buckets of fried chicken that come with a sauce and potato salad. Check what else they have to offer here.
  • Welton Street Cafe offers deep-fried chicken with other Southern side dishes like collard greens, beans, and rice. An average meal with two side dishes will cost you around $20.

There Are a Few Options for a Good Drink During COVID-19

Many Colorado residents love craft beer. Even with the ongoing pandemic, some local Denver breweries such as Ratio, Emporium, and Woods Boss made sure that they are listed as essential businesses in order to stay open. Many breweries have their brews in a can, but the costs vary from company to company. Check their social media’s latest posts about the pricing and delivery options. Finally, not that you have everything you need for a moving away party, you will alleviate that moving stress in no time.

Mexican Restaurant Delivery in Denver

Mexican dishes are known for being spicy hot. The most popular foods include burritos, tortillas, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tacos. When it comes to Mexican delivery food in Denver, Hoja is known for its breakfast burritos. They say that their Triple Double burrito is an experience on its own that will make your mouth perceive flavors in a completely new way. Furthermore, it costs only $9. La Calle Taqueria Y Carnitas prides itself on its tacos, but you can also get things like birria, menudo, and tortas. They prepare several different types of meat which you can buy by the pound.

How Should I Handle the Food When I Order In

During the ongoing pandemic, many people have completely transferred to online food delivery. The following video explains how to handle your order when it arrives at your doorstep.

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