What are the Best Schools in Denver

Are you looking for the best schools in Denver for your kids to attend? Denver takes education very seriously, and there are many different institutions throughout the metropolitan area. No matter what part of Denver you’re moving to, there are great choices of public, private, magnet, charter, and college prep schools to give children the highest chances for living decent lives. It’s better for you to move close by a good school, than to send your child further away. To help you decide where your children will succeed most, we’ll list some of the very best institutions in the metropolitan area. Then, all you have to do is find a Denver moving company to help you relocate.

School Districts of Denver

There are a total of eighteen school districts in the metro area. They span through all ten city counties and have over 162 public schools. Depending on the district you’re closest to, you’ll have access to some of the top institutions listed in the city. Each district has a list of institutions in the area with specific goals for students, varied fields of study, and offers for families. For example, Denver public schools welcome all families, especially those living in urban communities and single-family homes. This sector has become very popular over time and is even referred to as “the city in a park.” During your relocation process, you should add finding a good school district to your moving to-do list.

Free Preschools in Denver

For your toddlers, finding the right preschool to enroll them in is not hard at all. There are plenty of excellent choices, but there are a lot of them that are funded through the Denver preschool program and they’ll help you pay for tuition. You can easily find preschools that are a part of the program throughout the best neighborhoods to live in Denver.

Denver Preschool Program

The DPP will help you find and pay for preschool for your children. It’s funded through tax dollars to help give your kids the chance at the greatest start in their academic careers.

The Best Elementary Schools in Denver

This may or may not be the first time your little ones have a full day of being in a classroom, and it can be very stressful for them, especially if you’ve just moved to a new home – even kids have a tough time with moving stress. They have to get used to a new neighborhood, but they also have to go into a new environment with a bunch of people they don’t know. Choosing the right elementary school for your kids is crucial for their development, and you want to give them the greatest chance possible.

Colorado Academy Private School

Located in the suburb of Lakewood, CO, Colorado Academy is considered one of the very best private schools in Denver. For K-12, the students are given everything that Jefferson county has to offer. They offer many great programs, such as arts, athletics, summer programs, academic programs, and much more. These programs are run by excellent staff and administration who take their role very seriously. There is a 6:1 student to teacher ratio for the 1,000 students enrolled.

Cottonwood Creek Elementary School

A part of the Cherry Creek school sector in Arapahoe County, Cottonwood Creek is one of the area’s best elementary schools in Denver. It has a total of 635 students, all K-5 with a 19:1 student ratio. They have excellent staff and offer tutoring and summer programs for your children. As a result of the excellent education, the students have exceptional math and reading proficiency.

The Top Middle Schools You’ll Want Your Kids to Attend

When relocating to the best Denver suburbs, you’re going to find the top middle schools for your pre-teens. This can be especially hard for your kids going into the sixth grade. They’re going through a significant transition as they begin to discover new things about themselves and the world around them. Give them the highest chance of becoming the greatest they can be with the right institution.

Peak to Peak Charter School

Located in the community of Boulder, CO, a suburb, Peak to Peak Charter school is considered the top public school in the area. They have excellent academic programs, and dedicated staff and administration focused on making every aspect of the institution a great experience. For the 1,500 students enrolled, there is a 21:1 student to teach ratio.

Challenge Middle School

In Aurora, one of the best Denver suburbs for families, Challenge School is among the top middle institutions in the Cherry Creek area. They have excellent academic programs for students and the top public middle school teachers in the state. The superb staff has resulted in the entire student body having exceptional proficiency in both math and reading. There are currently 527 students with an 18:1 student to teacher ratio.

Excellent Denver High Schools

Teenagers can be moody, intelligent, challenging, and above all, filled with the need for independence. It won’t be long until they’re out on their own, looking for the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals. To ensure that they have the highest chances to get into a good university or college, they’ll need to be enrolled in the best high schools.

Cherry Creek High School

Right in the neighborhood of Cherry Creek, this institution is considered to be the best public Denver, Colorado high school. CCHS has 3,720 students enrolled, a 94% graduation rate, and a 21:1 student to teacher ratio. Many programs are offered to students, and parents genuinely have a love for the institution.

Kent Denver High School

Located in the neighborhood of Englewood, Kent Denver is the top private high school in the state. There are currently 732 students enrolled, and it has a 100% graduation rate with highly trained and dedicated staff. The student to teacher ratio is 8:1, so teachers can give more of their time to their students. There are great programs offered, and most students go off to excellent universities.

Universities In Denver

For those with kids who have graduated K-12 and are set to start their college careers, the city offers many different institutions for higher education – many of them are relatively close by and practically right up the street. Pretty soon, they’ll need to learn how to pack books for moving to a campus. Here is a quick listing of colleges and universities your kids can attend:

  • University of Denver – Private non-profit four-year institution
  • Metropolitan State University – a 4-year institution
  • The University of Colorado in Denver – a 4-year institution
  • Regis University – Private four-year institution
  • Johnson & Wales University at Denver – Private non-profit four-year institution

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