The 5 Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver You Have to Visit

You’re new in this neighborhood and thinking about where to celebrate your fresh start? Raise your glass and celebrate in one of the best restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver. There’s nothing more rewarding than having dinner in some modern, hype place with your new friends or coworkers. It’s time for you to relax and enjoy your time meeting other people. We’re bringing you a list of the places where you should be seen.

Here Are the Best Restaurants in Capitol Hill Denver Neighborhood

These five dining places offer different experiences for every taste. From new-age cuisine in Mizuna and healthy french like meals in Potager, you’ll enjoy this gastronomic travel through the restaurants near Capitol Hill Denver.

If you’re looking for dog-friendly restaurants in the city, there are a few options, so make sure to check that list before you choose a cozy place to enjoy afternoon coffee with your four-legged friends. Take a look at this video for more ideas about places where you can grab a coffee, eat a burger or pizza.

Dive Into the Best Wine and Dine Experience in Mizuna

This exquisite concept of a food laboratory, created by Frank Bonnano, gives you a somewhat different eating experience. Capitol Hill restaurants in Denver have one bright classical star in their crew, and you should consider Mizuna as the first choice for a fancy dinner with friends. Mizuna has a special place in real food lovers’ hearts because here they can taste different dishes from the menu every month and enjoy old recipes in a modern and refreshed way if you’re open to such twists.

We’re suggesting you order delicious beef Wellington and as for the dessert you should enjoy in Warm Chocolate Cake. Before booking your lunch or dinner in this amazing place, you should check the museums in Denver, and after the visit, you could take a walk through the parks in Denver and have a fun day. Now, let’s see some other Capitol Hill Denver restaurants.

Healthy Meals for French Like Cuisine Lovers

Potager is one of the most interesting Capitol Hill Denver restaurants. Long before the farm-to-table movement, this place served the most delicate dishes, with the healthiest ingredients picked on the local farms. The seasonal menu brings a touch of New American cuisine, with a french twist.

There should be some wine when there are delicious meals on the table, too. Potager has the finest selection of white, rose, and red wines. This restaurant is the gist of the slow life concept. After having a delicious meal in Potager, you should explore the city more and visit some cool places in Denver. You could also enjoy some fun and free things in the city. Let’s go to another gourmet location.

Best Places to Try Delicious Italian Food

Once in a while, all we need is a good meal full of delicious carbs. In Difranco’s, you can have this and much more. Mediterranean cuisine brings us different types of salads, antipasti, sandwiches, and of course, the most memorable meal among everything – pasta. Difranco’s serves a casual and warm atmosphere, in which you’ll enjoy, as much as you’ll enjoy fresh seasonal ingredients from their pasta meals. Authentic lunch and dinner ideas from Italy are waiting for you in this very home-like place.

Those carbs were delicious, and if you want to burn them, there are amazing hikes near Denver, where you can take a walk and enjoy the beautiful nature. Or, if you don’t want to do that, you can continue your night out by visiting a nearby bar or some of the  Denver breweries.

A Short Guide for Eating and Drinking Like an Italian in Capitol Hill

For those who enjoy exploring the most delicate Italian recipes, we also suggest visiting Luca. This is where you’re going to enjoy real Italian food that tastes incredible and just like in an authentic Sicilian restaurant. Try some of these delicacies:

  • House Buratta,
  • Meatballs,
  • Wild Mushroom Fusilli,
  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Monkfish,
  • Pizza Margherita.

Broadway Market Denver: 9 Food Vendors in One Place

This concept of various meal choices brings you meals prepared by some of the most famous chefs in the city. Broadway Market has everything from ramen, sushi, New York-style pizza, and even more – Argentinian, Mexican and Korean food. If you’re a young professional, who’s checking restaurants near Capitol Hill Denver CO, and you’re looking for a place where you can hit the happy hour in Denver, this is a great choice.

If You’re a Meat-Eater You Have to Try Illegal Burger

Who doesn’t like a juicy piece of meat made of quality ingredients? You know that feeling when you enjoy the first bite of a burger, and your brain sends you a signal that is so good that it should be almost illegal?

This is it – the yummiest burger in downtown Denver. They proudly state that their patties are made with fresh beef grown naturally, with no antibiotics or growth hormones in it. One thing that makes their burgers delicious is the unique combination of tastes you can try here; grilled pineapple with jalapenos, pickles mustard with hickory-smoked bacon. If you’re more into a chicken, they have a perfect combination of avocado, bacon, and lettuce with it, for you.

Need More Ideas Where You Can Eat Burgers? Check Out These

Here is a shortlist of few more places where you can eat great burgers:

Before eating those yummy burgers, you can also grab a drink in the best rooftop bar in Denver. Maybe, after this, you’ll think about getting a car to visit all these excellent places. Do you need a car in Denver? Here’s something to think about.

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