Guide to the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Denver in 2020

You live in Denver, so you are already familiar with its abundant cultural life, beautiful architecture, breathtaking views, and astonishing parks. Each district is distinct, offering something for anyone’s lifestyle, budget, or age. If you want to move to another corner of the city, follow our list of best neighborhoods to live in Denver and see which one is just perfect for you.

Downtown Has Something for Everyone

Downtown is the most prominent financial, commercial, and entertainment district in the city. It is divided into two regions: the Central Business District (CBD) and Lower Downton (LoDo). CBD is one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals because it’s completely business-oriented. However, if you are more of a night owl, LoDo is the place you are looking for. The nightlife scene is vibrant, and you’ll always find plenty of spots for socializing, like restaurants, pubs, clubs, and live music venues. Average residents of LoDo are young party-goers, so this is a spot where the city never sleeps.

Uptown: The Hippest Neighborhood in the Whole of Colorado

North Capitol Hill, better known as Uptown, is Denver’s trendiest and hippest district. It’s the oldest area in the town filled with old Victorian houses and turn-of-the-century architecture, which gives Uptown unique charm. These buildings are being restored and complemented with skyscrapers and contemporary condo developments. Walking down 17th Avenue, you’ll find plenty of bars, restaurants, and boutiques. The neighborhood brims with 20 to 30-something hipsters and urban, artistic families. Crime rates are low, so it’s also a great place to raise children.

Capitol Hill and Its Art Galleries

What more could any genuine art lover want than to become a resident of the Capitol Hill neighborhood? Besides offering the quickest commute to the CBD, this place abounds in art galleries and museums, including notable Art Museum. Also, everything is only a short distance away. If you need to get to a cafe or a restaurant, be sure to download the walkscore app and calculate the walkability of any location. The only downsides of this place are high-priced condos and apartments and a relatively high cost of living, so just make sure the area is within your price range.

Cherry Creek Is a Shopping Heaven

If you are a shopaholic, search no further than Cherry Creek. This district is the most celebrated shopping center between Chicago and San Francisco. Besides the stellar shopping, the Creek offers amazing international cuisine and vibrant art scene. If you move here, you’ll be able to go to the annual Cherry Creek Art Festival. The current crime rate is meager, so its the place to raise a family, which makes Cherry Creek one of the best places to move to.

Find the Best Furniture Shop at Cherry Hill

As mentioned, Cherry Creek is famous for shopping. Therefore, if you move here, you’ll find plenty of unique shops with a variety of extraordinary household items. Some of the best furniture and home decor for your bedroom can be found in Lulu’s Furniture & Decor. This beautiful shop offers combinations of various styles, often blending vintage and classics with more contemporary forms. With them, your new home will blossom.

Five Points: A Neighborhood With a Rich Jazz History

One of Denver’s first suburbs was Five Points, and it remains one of its most popular places. It is popular for its rich jazz history of much of the 20th century. The heritage is celebrated today by the annual Five Points Jazz Fest. Public transportation is efficient and reliable, and rent is affordable in Five Points. If you want to live in the more vibrant and hip part of this neighborhood, be sure to check out the apartments close to Larmier Street. You’ll find both historical buildings and new apartments turned into art galleries, tattoo shops, and cool bars.

Mural Hunting in RiNo

River North Art District, or as locals call it, RiNo, is another urban and hipster-like district. The name itself suggests what this district is about. Things like artisan shops and galleries can be found here, but this district is most famous for its street art. Local artists filled the walls of RiNo with some of the most innovative and colorful murals, which show clear elements of the expressive art form. If you move here, you’ll become a resident of one of the apartments situated in old warehouses and factories.

The Quiet and Safe Atmosphere of Washington Park

Washington Park is one of the most appealing places to live in. There is an excellent reason for this. The area sprawls over 165 acres of grass, trees, lakes, and running paths, so it’s one of the most picturesque spots in the city. There’s also plenty of pubs, coffee shops, and restaurants where you can chat over a drink or a meal. Besides this, the area is family-friendly with its quiet and safe environment. Additionally, there is a prestigious elementary school in town for your children – Bromwell Elementary.

Some More Green Neighborhoods in Denver

We have to notice that nowadays many cities around the world are mainly urban and lack more greenery. Thankfully, Denver’s districts have a lot to offer in this respect. Along with our previous entry, below is a list of other places in Denver that are rich with nature and safe and healthy for raising children.

  • Cheesman;
  • Lincoln Park;
  • City Park West.

That’s It for the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Denver

And those are the main city’s areas popular to relocate to. If you are in need of a reliable local moving company in your area, contact Denver Professional Movers. We are ready to assist you in your move with our services, some of which include packing and residential moving services.