Best Moving Dates To Save Money

You have decided to move, and now it is a matter of determining when. Finding the best time to move can be a little overwhelming depending on several different factors – some even out of your control. Perhaps you don’t have much choice in your move dates because it is corporate relocation. Inclement weather, moving costs, work, or school schedules, and many more situations can make any move stressful. Hiring all seasons movers will be only one of your tasks on your to-do list.

Or maybe you are in no hurry to move, allowing you time to research the most cost-effective and convenient approach. Either way, taking into consideration timing aspects, down to the best time of day to move, can help alleviate stress and in some instances, save you money. But in terms of convenience and cost, planning on when you move is just as important as how and where you move! Here are a few things to consider when planning the best time to move into a new home:

When is the best time for your upcoming date?

When Is Peak Moving Season & Why?

On average, roughly 46 million Americans move each year, and nearly 62% of those moves take place from April through September. Professional local movers see the most business during April through September, and they are the busiest during the summer months of June, July, and August. Not coincidentally, these are months when most families are taking breaks from work and school. Some families go on vacation, while some families move. 

A long period of time, free from outside obligations and commitments, moving in the summer gives you and your family the freedom to truly focus on relocating and then adjusting to a new neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, plenty of families schedule their moves for the summertime. 

While the high demand often means higher local movers’ rates, the convenience of a summer move may be worth it. If you are planning your move ahead of time, do your best to avoid these months, as this is also the most expensive time of year to move since all seasons movers are in higher demand. Instead, try to move during the fall, winter, or early spring months like October through March.

Choose the right time and the right packers and movers for your upcoming relocation!

It is the dead of winter. To move or not to move?

The answer depends. Winter moves can be messy and cumbersome, from dicey weather conditions affecting the roads and travel to moving your belongings in/out of trucks along pathways covered in snow, ice, or sleet. But if you are up for the unpredictable challenges that may arise with a winter move, it can pay off with the help of trusted and reputable all seasons movers


This isn’t their first time around the ice rink. Professional movers understand what it takes to make a move successful even under less than ideal conditions. Moving in the winter requires a great deal of prep, such as making sure loading areas are clear of snowbanks, salting, and shoveling walkways/driveways, protecting floors from the wintry outdoor elements, and keeping a close eye on the weather. 

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Most professional local movers can help you navigate these steps, and since winter months are considered off-peak season, moving in the winter is generally less expensive and offers greater flexibility with scheduling. 

Bottom line

Moving in the summer is best if you have children in school and want to minimize the disruption. However, if competitive pricing and flexibility with scheduling are at the top of your list, choose the off-season: early spring, late fall, or winter. If you are planning a DIY move, early spring and late fall are your best choices, while extreme weather conditions should be considered when planning a move in the summer or winter. And if you want to hire the best all seasons movers in Denver read more ABOUT US HERE!

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Should You Move House On The Weekend?

On paper, moving on the weekend might sound like a good idea. After all, you will already have time off work then, and two whole days should be more than enough time to get everything packed, transported, and unpacked, right? 


Weekends are usually the least popular moving days and for good reason. For one, all seasons movers will usually be more expensive on these days (no person likes having to work on the weekend). Leaving yourself with just one day to unpack can also leave you rushed, exhausted, and in no mood to head to work the next day. 

Another important disadvantage of weekend moves is that utility providers and banks will usually be closed, which could cause problems getting everything set up at your new home. It can also be expensive to hire tradesmen on the weekend, in case you arrive at your new home and find that something needs to be immediately repaired or replaced.

If you can avoid moving on weekends!

What Else Can You Do To Save Money When Moving?

Denver Professional Movers will always offer you the best deal we can, but if you want to make your move even more budget-friendly, there are some things you can do on your own. In addition to your move date, there are three main “you” factors that impact the cost of your move: how much stuff you have, how prepared you are, and the location access points. Here is how you can help get the price of your move down:


The less stuff you have, the less your move will cost, as professional packers and movers will have less stuff to move. Simple as that. Because most people end up moving a whole bunch of things they don’t need or want anymore, a simple way to get a cheaper move is to get rid of some of the first. We suggest you consider donating some of your items to a charity that will help people who need them more. 

Be Prepared 

We all know time is money. That means the best way to save money when moving is to save time. The more prepared and organized you are, the faster your move will go. Always label everything accurately and have things ready and gather where they are easy to pick up and load. Want to go at super-speed? Our Denver packers and movers always offer packing services as well as furniture assembly, but if you do these things on your own, your move will cost even less.

And to read more about saving money when moving, click HERE and read our blog regarding that topic. 

Time is money!

Tips For Choosing Your Moving House Date

To help you narrow down your options, here are our tips for choosing your moving date while not spending more money than you should:

Prioritize – make sure you do what is best for you and your family’s personal needs. Whether you are moving with children or pets, it is important to prioritize what needs the most attention and when. If moving during the school holidays is easier for your children, then consider that as a start for your moving date.

Flexibility is Key – it is important to remember that not everything pans out the way you think it will. Plans change, dates get canceled, you have to go with the flow and try to work with what you have.

Stay Organized – plan ahead and organize your duties into a checklist so that you don’t forget any important tasks. Give yourself the time you need to complete everything by your chosen moving date. And make sure to hire professional movers on time! To save you some time, we preparedTHE ONLY MOVING TO-DO LIST YOU’LL NEED FOR YOUR LOCAL RELOCATION, so read it carefully!

Check Availability – if you are moving with the help of all seasons movers or family and friends, ask them about available dates beforehand to give you a variety of options. If you are using professional packers and movers, the date change could even mean a variation in cost.

Consider Time of Day – it is usually better to move as early in the day as possible. If you move in the morning, you have the entire day to unpack and settle into your new home. The time of day can also affect traffic and the length of the journey, as well as how many breaks you allow yourself. The longer you have to complete the job, the more patient and considerate you can be.

Consider Storage Solutions – you may have to arrange additional services with your professional packers and movers that could affect the timeline of the move. One possible service may be furniture storage during your house move. If you realize you have an excess amount of furniture that needs moving, you may want to rent a storage unit before your moving day to make the process easier and more efficient. Don’t forget to factor this into your timeline to ensure the additional items are packed up and stored before your moving date.

Make sure to pay attention to our tips for choosing the moving date!


When it comes to planning a moving day, one of the most common questions that tend to pop up is exactly which day of the week is best for getting the bulk of the work done. You might ask whether there is a day when:

  • All seasons movers are less expensive
  • There is less traffic on the roads
  • It is easier for people with full-time jobs to make the most of their time
  • Banks and utility providers will be able to handle potential problems faster

While there are accurate answers to all of these questions, the essence of a successful move will always, ultimately, come down to good planning

The more you consider these elements in advance, the more freedom you will have to make the right decisions. For one, you will want to be sure that you can actually get a slot with your professional packers and movers on your chosen day, so don’t wait until the day before to make your booking! 

Taking just a little bit of time to put effort into the minor detail of determining the date and time of your move can make a huge difference once the big day comes. 

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