List of the Best Denver Suburbs for Families in 2020

If you are searching for the most suitable place to raise your children in the Colorado capital area, take a look at some of the best Denver suburbs for families. Maybe you are already living in the renowned Mile High City, but a real metropolis might not suit your needs when it comes to a healthy environment for your kids. That’s why moving locally might be a solution to your problems. We did the research for you and we can tell you that in Denver’s suburbs, you won’t have problems with expensive parking, insane traffic, and most importantly, you’ll have a quiet and safe neighborhood where your kids can happily spend their childhood years.

What Are the Best Denver Suburbs for Families

Denver, the proud capital of Colorado, is a city that can offer a little bit of everything for everyone. Apart from incredible restaurants, coffee shops, and abundant cultural life, you’ll find amazing suburban areas as well.

Denver’s suburbs are family-friendly and can offer a lot to young people looking for a safe place to raise their children. With its 300 days of sunshine and plenty of green areas, you’ll have a chance to spend a lot of time with your children outdoors. Besides, the cost of living is relatively affordable, and crime rates are low. Read more about these suburban places in Denver and decide to live in the one that suits you best:

  • Castle Pines
  • Centennial
  • Greenwood Village
  • Columbine Valley
  • Littleton

The Serene Environment of Castle Pines

Castle Pines Village is located about 25 miles south-southeast of the Colorado State Capitol and remains one of Denver’s most popular places for young people who are starting a family. Even though it’s fairly far away from downtown, the breathtaking natural setting with spectacular views of Pikes Peak and Mount Evans has allured young parents for a long time. You’ll appreciate the Douglas County School District, ranked as one of the best of its kind in the region. Most importantly, the area has a low crime rate which is especially important for raising offspring. If you are looking for a great restaurant in the area, be sure to visit Pino’s Italian Kitchen & Bar and enjoy Italian cuisine with your family.

Buying a Home in Castle Pines Will Require Deeper Pockets

The picturesque setting of Castle Pines is complemented with homes of exceptional designs. That means, however, that you’ll need to set aside more money for this investment. However, there are alternatives, and you can find some more affordable suburban homes in the northern area of Castle Pines.

Centennial: The Safest Place in Colorado

We can say that Centennial is a suburb with the vibe of a big city. You’ll find everything from breathtaking nature surrounded by a gorgeous mountain to sidewalk restaurants, cafes, and stores. Centennial has also been ranked as one of the safest neighborhoods in the US, according to financial news site 24/7 Wall St. The cost of living is reasonable, and you can enroll your children in the most excellent schools in the area. Check the video below to see for yourself how beautiful this spot is.

Greenwood Village: The Finest of the Suburban Areas

Much of Greenwood Village was once farmland that has been transformed into a vibrant commune that respects its rural heritage. Become a resident of Greenwood Village and be astonished by a safe and welcoming environment. Many of the locals are families raising their young children, and the place offers many outdoor activities in its vast park areas. Westlands Park was featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine and even received an award of “Top of the Rocky Top Playground” by the Rocky Mountain News.

Greenwood Village Offers Educational and Fun Activities for Kids

If you settle in Greenwood Village with your family, you’ll enjoy many of its educational and fun events for children. This family-friendly and friendship-building community organizes many activities for kids, such as pottery painting, where they can meet new friends and practice their talents.

Small and Peaceful Columbine Valley

Even though many of Columbine Valley residents are retirees, you’ll find this one to be a quiet little neighborhood where you can enjoy raising your kids. The rural atmosphere, plenty of parks, low crime rates, and highly rated public school attract young parents to this place as well. Columbine Valley also has many great restaurants and cafes, where you can spend your time with friends and family.

The Unique Homes of Columbine Valley

Some of the most beautiful and unique homes in Colorado can be found in Columbine Valley. Their country-like architecture will give you the feeling of living in French Provence. What makes these homes attractive is the use of natural materials like stone and wood, and many have a stone fireplace. Both exterior and interior seem effortless in design, but they are planned carefully and are something in between elegance and rustic.

Littleton Is a Great Place for Young Families

Littleton is the last suburb on our list, and it has a lot to offer. With its friendly neighbors, plenty of parks, extraordinary local shops, and incredible restaurants, Littleton is an excellent place for young families. It also enjoys easy access to Denver’s downtown. Therefore, if you are in the Tech Center, you’ll be able to commute to work relatively quickly. To get an insight into Littleton’s rich history, be sure to visit the fantastic exhibition in the Littleton Historical Museum.

Littleton Is Among the Finest Colorado’s Neighborhoods When It Comes to Public Schools

The question of a good public school is the most important to young parents. Littleton Public Schools received the highest academic accreditation by Colorado’s Department of Education. Settle down in this fantastic place and enroll your children in some of Colorado’s best schools like Littleton Academy or Wilder Elementary School.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on Denver’s best suburbs. Hopefully, this list helped you decide which one is suitable for you to start a new adventure with your family. Also, be sure to check our list of best neighborhoods to live in Denver in 2020, where you might find a peaceful and safe district to move to with your loved ones.

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