Best Denver Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in 2020

There are more than a couple of options to choose from for driven people moving locally in Denver. From beautiful botanical gardens of Chessman to the hip places of Lower Highlands, it’s isn’t easy to decide which part of the city you’ll want to call your new home. This is why we have assembled a list of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals.

Downtown’s Central Business District

Downtown is the central commercial, financial, and entertainment district in Denver. It is divided into two regions: Lower Downtown (LoDo) and Central Business District (CBD). As the name suggests, CBD is very much business-oriented and offers many opportunities for budding professionals. Many young people, attracted by favorable job prospects, regularly come here, which is why you should be aware that apartment rents in this area rise every year. Since the district is job-oriented, there’s plenty of restaurants, shops, bars, and more. Another great thing is that you can avoid chaotic traffic with everything being just a few steps away.

LoDo With Its Beautiful Vintage Charm

LoDo is the second region of Denver’s downtown and is one of the city’s oldest areas. If you choose to move here, you’ll notice the ancient architecture that was preserved and restored to have a more modern feel to it. Become a resident of LoDo and benefit from the many excellent job opportunities. Besides the beautiful old architecture you’ll be surrounded by, there are many places to socialize, too. After a long day of work, you can relax in Wynkoop Brewery, the first brewpub in Colorado.

More Affordable Than LoDo Is North Capitol Hill

If you want to live in a more affordable and quieter area than LoDo, be sure to choose North Capitol Hill. This neighborhood, also known as Uptown, offers plenty of job opportunities for young professionals. The majority of the population are young adults whose age is between 22 and 39. If you move here, you’ll be able to visit the very center of the city more often. But remember that, aside from its vicinity to the center, North Capitol offers plenty of charming places, such as City Park and rows of restaurants on 17th avenue.

Five Points: Denver’s Stylish Neighborhood

If you want to live in Denver’s trendiest neighborhood, make Five Points your home. This once industrial part of the city is now crowded with great charming restaurants, bars, and breweries. If you like this place but still want to be away from the noise, you can choose a more traditional area in the south. You’ll find older homes that are available for rent, and your household expenses will not be significant. If you are not satisfied with the current neighborhood you live in, consider moving to Five Points. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself just how lovely Five Points is.

The Artsy Vibe of Capitol Hill

If you are a young professional who enjoys art galleries and museums, Capitol Hill is just a perfect place for you. The mixture of old homes and new apartments offers plenty of art galleries and six different museums, including the famous Art Museum. The only thing you need to know is that rents are a bit higher here than in some other neighborhoods on the list – a little over $1,000. But, if you move here, we promise you’ll get your money’s worth. Besides the abundant cultural life, there are plenty of places to dine and stroll along the beautiful Governors Park.

Highlands as an Affordable Mix of Urbanism and Tradition

If you want a more affordable place but with the same urban and vibrant cultural life our previous entry boasts of, search no further than Highlands. It doesn’t matter if you are more into a laid-back vintage style or a hectic type of living, Highland offers both modern condos and traditional suburban houses for rent. One of the best restaurants in Highland is Root Down, where you can relax and chat over a meal. This place also offers a couple of street fairs and farmers markets where you can enjoy sunny weekends.

Lower Highlands (LoHi) as a Spiritual Rebound

Lower Highlands or LoHi is a relatively new area. It’s close to downtown, so for some, that might be its most significant appeal. Aside from that, it’s also a neat little place for lovers of super unique eateries and other store outlets. Perhaps the best example is Avanti Food & Beverage To Go. Don’t let that little “to-go” confuse you. The complex is huge, with multiple restaurants found on its main and rooftop levels. It seems a perfect place to both explore dishes you have never seen before and organize personal or professional celebrations.

Cheesman Park Is Perfect for Outdoor Types

Our last entry is the most pleasing to the eye as well as your wallet. Yet, low rent prices are far from the only reason you should move to Cheesman Park. The park, after which the area got its name, is so picturesque you’ll wish to make it the location of all the most important events in your life. But apart from that, it is also just a perfect place to spend time outside, and its history carries an intriguing ghost story you’ll want to check out. The peaceful and quiet aura is also present throughout the entire neighborhood. If you feel like you would benefit from such a living environment, we suggest you look up real estate in Chessman Park right away.

That’s It for the Best Denver Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

It’s clear this city has a lot to offer, and whichever neighborhood you decide to make your new home, you’ll not live to regret it. Check out all the areas we have listed in our article, compare them to your budget and personal interests, and decide where to start your new professional adventure. Once you do, don’t forget to contact Denver Professional Movers to ensure your move is as smooth as possible. Among the many services we offer are packing and residential moving services.