Best Companies to Work for in Denver

Looking for a job opening in one of the best companies to work for in Denver can be a crucial part of a relocation, even a local one. There are a few things to consider when going through job listings, such as what amenities the employer is offering, what the community is like, and what their policies and principles are. Here are a few things you should be aware of when looking for jobs.

When planning to relocate, securing a workplace beforehand will ensure your move goes without any problems. As soon as you land some job offers, book local Denver movers to help you out with your move. Otherwise, start looking for jobs immediately after you settle in your new home.

What Are the Best Companies to Work for in Denver?

According to BuildInColorado, when talking about top companies to work for in Denver, we consider employee reviews for ranking a specific company. Both the compensation and employee benefits have an equal weight of 50% in ranking a business. Employees across different departments have different wages, so a median salary is entered when comparing a particular company to all other database entries. Many new smaller businesses have offices in some of the affordable Denver suburbs since these are much better for early on. This means that living in Downtown Denver doesn’t guarantee an opening in a tech company in your area.

Work Benefits and Company Size

Benefits play an equal part in making some employers highly-rated. Different jobs can provide varying employee benefits, and all of these carry different weights. Let’s have a look at some generalized categories:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Planning and Stability
  • Flexible Working Environment
  • Diversity and Culture
  • Professional and Social Impact
  • Perks and Discounts

It’s also important to point out what distinguishes small and mid-sized firms. Smaller businesses have fewer than 100 employees overall, while mid-sized ones tend to have about 101-500 in total. The size of a company can also serve as a criterium for ranking. Now, let’s check out some of the best companies in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding area.

#1 Sumo Logic Specializes in Data and Cloud Technology

Local/Global employees: 60/766

Located in one of the best Denver neighborhoods for young professionals, Sumo Logic is the leading cloud data analytics platform. Over 2,000 enterprises rely on the company to develop, collaborate, operate, and secure their app on a cloud-scale. Its machine data cloud-native analytics technology provides real-time intelligence continuously. Their offices are conveniently located close to some Downtown Denver restaurants. With excellent public transportation in the area, you won’t even have to use the RTD app.

This technology firm provides several benefits, including excellent health insurance, dedicated diversity inclusion, a documented equal pay policy, and a dedicated game room.

Here’s a short interview with the company’s CEO talking about its incredible trading debut.

#2 Conga Provides Software Development Work in Broomfield Colorado

Local/Global Employees: 275/510

Conga helps businesses improve their practices by digitizing their documents and data.

Founded in 2006, its services include automating and simplifying documents, data, reporting, and contracts. Besides creating efficient organizations, Conga has more than a decade of software development experience, providing paid apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Some of the advantages of working here include a 401(K) retirement plan, performance bonus, paid volunteering time, flexible working hours, job training, mentorship programs, and more.

#3 HouseCanary in Boulder Analyzes the US Residential Real Estate

Local/Global employee number: 22/134

Located in one of the best Denver suburbs, HouseCanary uses data analytics to predict the state of the US residential real estate market in the future. Its platform gives precise, accurate forecasts of over 100 million residential properties for 36 months in advance. Their primary service is offering innovative insight that helps people make smarter decisions.

When looking for a good work benefit or two, HouseCanary provides a 401(k) plan with Principal Financial, company-sponsored family events, and a $3,000 year-end bonus and stipend for continuing education.

#4 Boom Supersonic Provides Much-Needed Energy in Aerospace Industry

Local Employee number: 146

One of the up and coming neighborhoods in Denver is home to Boom Supersonic, one of the top companies in Denver. The Denver-based startup aims to bring back supersonic flight with its airliner Overture. The design is committed to leading industry standards of speed, sustainability, and safety, with flights being twice as fast as any current commercial airplane.

Why Are Jobs at Boom Supersonic So Exciting

Besides many other amenities, Boom Supersonic is the first manufacturer committed to carbon-neutral flight test programs. It also aims to implement sustainability into its entire program. Founded in 2014, this fairly new Colorado manufacturer’s community has contributed to over 220 air and space programs.

#5 Bonusly Provides an Excellent Working Environment

Local/Global employee number: 36/48

Bonusly is there to provide solutions for creating high-performance, engaged teams. The community here believes that the success of a business, whether new or old, is determined by the people on the team. At the center of any company are its policies, principles, and the community. Bonusly encourages experimentation, learning, and engagement.

Jobs Here Include This:

The employer here wants their employees to have secured finances for significant life events like having children, meeting or exceeding the average market rates for core compensations. These include:

  • Equity and salary,
  • A Health/Vision/Dental benefit,
  • 401(k) plan with an unlimited vacation policy,
  • Two-week minimum family leave,
  • An annual budget for continued education, development, and wellness.

Bonusly Is One of the Companies in Denver That Still Hire Despite COVID

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, the economy has suffered plenty of casualties, with many businesses either furloughing their workers or freezing any further hiring. On the other hand, this company is an example that shows that new jobs can still be created even during a recession.

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