Affordable Denver Suburbs You Should Consider Moving To

Denver is young, hip, and desirable. Unfortunately, moving to an affordable area Downton means sacrificing something, leading many to be on the hunt for affordable Denver suburbs.

We all wish for spacious houses in a safe neighborhood with great schools – but not everyone can afford that lifestyle. Luckily, there are many affordable suburbs in the city’s immediate vicinity that are excellent places to start a new life.

Where Can I Live Outside Denver?

As with most major cities, the hippiest and most urban neighborhoods tend to be closest to the city core. The same goes for the Colorado capital; the city centre area is dominated by the culture, the energy, the arts, and of course – the food. The 16th Street Mall is an European-style pedestrian strip surrounded by lush green park spaces and filled with numerous street food vendors, shops, cafes, and restaurants. But if you have been on the lookout for a new place to live, and you are taking into account the “affordability ratio” – you might want to look for places outside the central area.

Here are some of the best affordable pockets on the outskirts of the Mile High City with thriving communities and great schools.

Arvada: Area Closest to Downtown Denver

Located on the west side of Downtown, Arvada offers award-winning schools served by Jefferson County Schools, a bonafide arts scene, and a 20-minute drive from the city’s bustling heart. The Arvada real estate varies from newly built communities with charming properties to recently developed condo apartments at affordable prices. Residents enjoy a low crime rate, family-friendly neighborhood, and an easy commute to the city, which means they get to enjoy all the things to do in Downtown Denver without the hustle and bustle.

Average Rent Price: $2,200

Average Home Price: $442,64

A Shopping Destination in Arvada

Olde Town Arada has become a destination for locals and visitors alike. Attracted by a diverse array of shops, boutiques, and only the top-rated restaurants, visitors are delighted by this vibrant and growing district.

Westminster: A Sprawling Suburban Community

With something to offer for everyone, Westminster keeps attracting those looking for great family activities like visiting the Butterfly Pavilion and boating around the Stanley Lake Regional Park. The district consists mostly of smaller “starter homes,” but there are also communities of custom quality. The school district is served by Jefferson County Schools, schools that are generally well-rated for test scores. Westminster is a family-friendly town loved for its affordability and desirable surrounding amenities.

Average Rent Price: $2,075

Average Home Price: $392,318

A Great Italianate House in Ranch Setting

The Bowles House was built in 1871 by Edward Bruce Bowles, known for bringing the Colorado Southern Railroad. This brick Italianate house is known for rural ranch setting and costly features like rounded windows, rooftop cresting, and an elaborate front porch. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Bowles House remains one of the most famous Italianate styles in the Westminster district.

Fort Collins: Your Average College Town

Take a minute and envision your future neighborhood – an abundance of outdoor amenities, only the best from the cultural and arts scene, and a highly educated population? In that case, this is definitely one of the best Denver suburbs for you. The location of Colorado State University, Fort Collins is about an hour north of city proper, and it is a thriving high-tech center for students and business people alike. For anyone who dreams of an array of dining and shopping destinations, more than 600 acres of parks, and affordable houses – Fort Collins is the place to go.

Average Rent Price: $1,750

Average Home Price: $413,108

One of the Important Places in Colorado

Horsetooth Reservoir was developed nearly a century ago to acquire the water reserves and deal with the needs of crop-bearing farms around Fort Collins and nearby districts. Today, this unique rock formation is the place to enjoy beautiful lodgings and a plethora of outdoor activities like boating, fishing, sailing, and mountain biking.

Aurora: The Largest Affordable Neighborhood in the Metropolitan Area

With the convenience of the suburbs and easy access to the city’s downtown, it is no wonder that Aurora is one of the fastest-growing home development areas in the state. It also happens to be one of the best Denver suburbs for families. Affordable, newer homes are perfect for young couples who want top schools served by Cherry Creek and an easy commute to the city – it is about a 25-minute drive.

Average Rent Price: $1,975

Average Home Price: $353, 868

The Recreational Hotspot

Aurora Reservoir, once a distant recreational place, today is where locals and travelers flock here to scuba dive, rent canoes, or participate in scuba diving expeditions. No matter if it’s fishing, sunbathing, or boating, Aurora Reservoir is year-round family fun.

Lakewood: A Relatively Young Suburb

Easily reached by light rail service, this western suburb has one of  the best views of the Rocky Mountain foothills with excellent access to Bear Creek Lake Park and other natural wonders. Thanks to its excellent location, the area has grown since it was incorporated in 1969. An average resident in Lakewood enjoys a thriving arts and cultural scene in Lakewood Cultural Center with the entire district devoted to galleries and studio spaces. Aside from cultural offerings, Lakewood has excellent schools and affordable homes. Considering that this suburb offers excellent housing options, cultural offerings and diverse outdoor activities, Lakewood has emerged as one of the most sought-after suburbs that attracts visitors from surrounding areas.

Average Rent Price: $1,195

Average Home Price: $444,730

Lakewood Heritage Center

This is a 20th century history park, museum, and festival experience that brings the Lakewood community together. It includes over 15 historic buildings with permanent exhibits, an outdoor amphitheater, and a festival area. Located in beautiful Belmar Park, it gives locals an opportunity to enjoy historic landmarks, activities for adults, children, and families year-around.

Lakewood Heritage Center’s “A 20th Century Journey”

One of the most popular exhibitions at the Center has been attracting visitors since 2019.

Move With the Best Denver Moving Company

We hope you learned a thing or two about life in these thriving communities outside Denver. Considering the median home value and current rental prices, there are many affordable Denver suburbs that could fit any lifestyle and age.

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